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Album · 1994

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1. Davidian (4:55)
2. Old (4:05)
3. A Thousand Lies (6:13)
4. None But My Own (6:14)
5. The Rage to Overcome (4:45)
6. Death Church (6:32)
7. A Nation on Fire (5:33)
8. Blood for Blood (3:40)
9. I'm Your God Now (5:50)
10. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies (2:45)
11. Block (4:58)

Total Time: 55:37


- Robb Flynn / Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
- Logan Mader / Guitars
- Adam Duce / Bass, Vocals (backing)
- Chris Kontos / Drums

About this release

Roadrunner Records, August 9th, 1994

The limited edition digipack contains the bonus track "Alan's On Fire" (Poison Idea cover) (04:00).

Another special edition came in a black jewelcase with the Machine Head logo on it.

Also released as limited edition 2CD with the bonus disc "The Demos" featuring the following demo tracks (taken from the band's 1993 demo):
1. Death Church (06:18)
2. Old (04:23)
3. The Rage To Overcome (05:04)
4. A Nation On Fire (04:46)
5. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies / Fuck It All (06:54)

Also released in Vinyl Format through Roadrunner Records in 1994.

A Re-Release of the Vinyl Version was issued in 2007 on 180 g black wax.

Thanks to UMUR for the updates


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Burn My EyesBurn My Eyes
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Burn My EyesBurn My Eyes
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Burn My Eyes" is the debut full-length studio album by US, thrash/groove metal act Machine Head. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in July 1994. Machine Head was formed in 1992 by former Forbidden and Vio-lence guitarist Robb Flynn (who is also the lead vocalist in Machine Head), guitarist Logan Mader, bassist Adam Duce, and drummer Tony Costanza. With that lineup Machine Head recorded their 1993 demo, which eventually got them signed to Roadrunner Records. Before recording "Burn My Eyes" Tony Costanza was replaced by Chris Kontos. Upon release "Burn My Eyes" was an almost instant success and with 400.000 copies sold, it was the best selling debut album released through Roadrunner Records until the release of Slipnot´s debut album in 1999.

While main songwriter Robb Flynn came from a Bay Area thrash metal background, the times they were a changin´ in the early 90s and especially Pantera and Sepultura (with "Chaos A.D. (1993)") had brought a more groove oriented element to thrash metal music, and with "Burn My Eyes", Machine Head followed suit.

The music on the album is at it´s roots thrash metal, but it´s far from the sound of 80s thrash metal (except for the fast thrashy riff on "Blood for Blood") and features hard edged groove oriented riffs and rhythms, raw and shouting hardcore influenced vocals, and the occasional alternative metal leaning. The latter is mostly heard in the clean vocal sections. The material on the 11 track, 55:37 minutes long album is of a consistently high quality, although tracks like the iconic album opener "Davidian", "Old", and "Death Church" are among the highlights.

The musicianship is on a high level on all posts. Machine Head are a tight unit, delivering precision playing, but never to a point where an organic approach is forgotten. While all involved are skilled musicians, I´ll give a special mention to drummer Chris Kontos, who´s relatively inventive playing style and impeccable sense for grooves carry the music far. The vocals by Robb Flynn are the only minor issue I have with "Burn My Eyes". They undeniably suit the music well, but he just doesn´t have a very powerful voice and his clean vocals aren´t that interesting either. He makes it´s work with what he´s got though, and that deserves some praise.

"Burn My Eyes" is a very well produced album featuring a powerful, heavy, and detailed production. It´s one of the most well sounding Colin Richardson productions, and considering his vast number of high quality production jobs, that says a lot. "Burn My Eyes" is through and through a high quality release, that to my ears is just short of being a masterpiece, but a 4.5 star (90%) rating is still well deserved.
The early 90's was an odd time for metal. With most of the previous decades heroes being driven underground, going through a phase of substandard releases, or shamelessly trying (and failing) to latch onto the grunge scene that was taking the world by storm, heavy metal needed some fresh new faces to take the reins and steer the genre to pastures new.

With groove metal bands like Pantera standing tall, hardcore heroes like Biohazard bludgeoning their way into the action, and later bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit taking the music in totally different directions, there was one band that fused elements of all these subgenres together, and so with the immortal lyric of "let freedom ring with a shotgun blast" did Machine Head burst onto the scene.

With some very fat, grooving riffs, plenty of middle-finger attitude and hard-hitting lyrics, Machine Head exemplified metal in the early 90's, when fans were care-free and passionate, ravenous for the next headbanging anthem. And there's plenty of 'em here! 'Old', 'The Rage to Overcome' and 'Davidian' (one on the bands best songs), are all reasons why Machine Head would be one of the bands to usher heavy metal into the post-grunge era of modern music.

The album does plod along at times and comes across as repetitive, which is why it only gets a three-star rating from me. Robert Flynn's vocals suit the music perfectly, although the overuse of harmonics (and in particular, stabs in the music with harmonics filling the gap) does become a tired trick after hearing it in the third or fourth song. But overall this is a solid debut, and 'Davidian' is easily one of the finest metal songs to come out of the 90's, so it's a damn good album just for that.

This is the now iconic phrase that is shouted in the opening track of Machine Head's debut album, Burn My Eyes. While I can't say I'm a fan of really much of any Machine Head's output, they started out strong and had the makings of rivaling Pantera and Meshuggah in the realm of killer groove metal bands. While Machine Head would fall victim to the whiny side of nu-metal (and later Metalcore with some of their more recent stuff to a certain extent), their debut is packed with pummeling grooves and gruff vocals delivered with much conviction.

Burn My Eyes came onto the blossoming groove metal scene in 1994, when Pantera, White Zombie, Sepultura, and Fight were delivering fist-pumping punishing groove metal and Meshuggah were beginning to make their transition from tech thrash to tech groove. Burn My Eyes fits right in, while mixing some Alice in Chains-esque alternative metal and Fear Factory-esque industrial elements to make themselves stand out among the crowd. For every crushing powerhouse like opener "Davidian", there will be a more dreary segment in another song. There's a perfect balance here between pure aggression and melancholic AiC-esque passages, something that wouldn't be reached again until Sevendust's 1997 debut. The opening song and "Block", the former being my favorite on the album, never let up with their crushing riffing while most of the other songs mix the styles up. "A Thousand Lies" and a "A Nation on Fire" are the best examples of this and favorites of mine.

For me this is Machine Head's best album and one that I don't think they'll ever top. It's crushingly heavy, but at the same time can be quite melodic in a way that doesn't come off as whiny like their later albums suffer from. If you're a fan of Pantera, Alice in Chains, and especially Sevendust I can only highly recommend this album. Certainly a classic groove metal album. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!
Machine Head’s debut album Burn My Eyes was released in 1994 and became and Roadrunner Records’ fastest-ever-selling-debut for a time. The album was a refreshing mixture of thrash and groove riffs, with a unique singer and a superbly unique and instantly identifiably style. Call it Post-Thrash or Groove Metal if you like, Burn My Eyes is a terrific metal album in general regardless of how you choose to categorize it.

Burn My Eyes is one of those absolute classic albums that makes it into everyone’s lists of best ever metal albums, in the same league as Vulgar Display/Demanufactue/Chaos AD, like all the best almost-accessible but blisteringly heavy 1990s metal.

I have had this album for a very long time, at least a decade and as such have listened to it countless times. One thing has always remained constant over all those years, the opening track ‘Davidian,’ is amazing! I will often claim that it is the single best Machine Head track to date. Sometimes I’ll claim it is the best by a slim lead or other times, by a wide margin. Regardless, if you are intrigued by the idea of getting into Machine Head then make it your business to hear that song at once.

If you’ve only heard newer material, it may surprise you when you hear how different Rob Flynn’s voice is. Back in 1994 he didn’t do any of the clean or rap style vocals found on later albums, but even his normal voice is hugely different too, which may surprise some. What else may surprise you is the sheer aggression to be found on the cd, the album is ferocious to a degree practically unparalleled in the rest of the band’s discography.

At first; you may dislike Burn My Eyes at a gut level, it may seem unusual and you won’t understand how it attained such a revered status. The thing is that Machine Head are really unique, to the point where sometimes it sounds like they are ‘Playing Wrong.’ If you find this to be the case, stick with the album and you’ll be rewarded with a serious grower. It may seem odd on first inspection, but some of the riffs, a lot of the tonal choices and the majority of the song structures are really atypical for metal bands and this results is a wonderfully unique album that stands completely alone in musical history.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned ‘Davidian,’ the concert favourite ‘Old,’ and my personal favourite song ‘The Rage To Overcome,’ which contains both on of my favourite ever riffs and arguably Machine Head’s best guitar solo. Overall, I think Burn My Eyes is a really strong and singular album which deserves its place on best of lists and greatest album countdowns. The album still forms a significant chunk of the band’s live repertoire, which speaks volumes for both its own quality and the devotion it inspires in the fans. I can’t recommend Burn My Eyes enough.

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