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3.79 | 31 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1999

Filed under Power Metal


1. New Allegiance (0:54)
2. The Fourth Legacy (4:55)
3. Silent Goddess (4:15)
4. Desert Reign (1:39)
5. Nights of Arabia (5:26)
6. The Shadow of Uther (4:45)
7. A Sailorman's Hymn (4:05)
8. Alexandria (3:53)
9. The Inquisitor (4:35)
10. Glory (3:42)
11. Until Kingdom Come (4:11)
12. Lunar Sanctum (5:57)

Total Time: 48:23


- Roy Khan / vocals
- Thomas Youngblood / guitars
- Glenn Barry / bass guitar
- Casey Grillo / drums

Guest musicians

- Miro / keyboards, orchestral arrangements
- Thomas Rettke / backing vocals (on #5, #8 & #11)
- Dirk Buirneberg / additional drums
- Robert Hunecke-Rizzo / additional drums
- Sascha Paeth / additional guitars
- Rannveig Sif Sigurdardóttir / female vocals (on #7)
- Cinzia Rizzo / female vocals (on #5)
- Farouk Asjadi / flue, additional percussion (on #4)
- Andre Neygenfind / double-bass (on #5)
- Simon McTavish / flues

- Fallersleben String Quartet / string sections

About this release

Release date: December 22nd, 1999
Label: Noise Records

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Released in 2000, 'The Fourth Legacy' is the album which saw Kamelot rise to prominence as one of power metals most popular bands of the new millennium. Following on from 1998's 'Siege Perilous', which saw the debut of vocalist Roy Khan, the band's sound was starting to incorporate a heavy use of keyboards, which added some exotic and middle-eastern touches to the music.

The production has been massively improved upon as well, and it's this which has ushered in a new era for Kamelot. With a polished sound which does justice to the atmosphere and sense of storytelling the band are trying to set, 'The Fourth Legacy' is their best release to date. The musicianship is also much more confident than before. With faster, galloping riffs intertwined with some interesting keyboard melodies, the group are certainly headed in the right direction in all aspects but one...

Unfortunately, the compositions themselves are still a mixed bag. While there's some instant classics in the form of 'Until Kingdom Come', 'The Fourth Legacy', 'The Shadow of Uther' and 'The Inquisitor', the rest are fairly average at best. Certainly not anything overly memorable when compared to the bands later output.

'The Fourth Legacy' is a huge leap forward from the bands prior work, and while it still has its flaws, they're mostly overshadowed by the huge improvements in production and musicianship. At best, I could only say it's a decent album, but better things are definitely on the horizon.

Members reviews

New allegiance

Power Metal is certainly not my preferred type of music but Kamelot is not your regular Power Metal band, at least not on The Fourth Legacy. This wonderful album presents an interesting form of symphonic Power Metal infused with Folk, World-Music and Prog influences without coming across as overblown or bombastic. The music of Kamelot has indeed little to do with that of the often cheesy European Power Metal bands. The Fourth Legacy is a dark, serious and quite eclectic affair which shows a band not afraid to branch out into unknown territory but at the same time confident in their chosen direction. The powerful yet passionate vocals of Roy Khan help give Kamelot their own musical identity.

The album opens with a short, expressive instrumental called New Allegiance that leads into The Fourth Legacy in which the line "new allegiance" features in the chorus. The title track is a rather conventional melodic Metal number. Silent Goddess is a bit heavier and also introduces some new sounds into the picture like piano and female(-ish?) backing vocals. Dessert Reign is another short instrumental that introduces the superb Nights Of Arabia. Here the World-Music influence is at its strongest with the predominant far-eastern sounds giving this section of the album a highly appealing oriental sound and feel. The wall of sound is impressive with a high attention to detail without ever coming across as cluttered.

The Shadow Of Uther is another excellent song. The Uther in question is, of course, Uther Pendragon, famous from the legend of King Arthur that has inspired countless of Prog and Metal bands. To go along with the theme of the song there is more of a Celtic/Folk feel to this one with fiddle playing a part - very effective! After this Metal onslaught the time is perfect for a folky, acoustic ballad and this is exactly what we get next with A Sailorman's Hymn. Not many Metal bands can create such delicate ballads and the presence of this lovely piece contributes greatly to making The Fourth Legacy a varied and diverse album. Glory is another exquisite acoustic ballad with a medieval feel that could have been a Blackmore's Night song with the acoustic guitars reminding me of Ritchie Blackmore's playing. Slight Celtic touches return again on other songs, particularly on Until Kingdom Come which features some nice instrumental breaks. The album closes with Lunar Sanctum which is one of the more progressive and less Metal tracks on the album. It constitutes a fine ending to a great and interesting album.

I have not yet heard all of the albums by Kamelot, but among the ones I have heard The Fourth Legacy is my favourite.

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