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2.75 | 42 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 2001

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Machine Man (5:35)
2. One On One (6:44)
3. Hell Is Home (6:18)
4. Jekyll And Hyde (3:19)
5. Close To You (4:28)
6. Devil Digger (4:45)
7. Bloodsuckers (6:18)
8. In Between (5:41)
9. Feed On Me (5:28)
10. Subterfuge (5:12)
11. Lost And Found (4:57)
12. Cyberface (6:45)
13. Metal Messiah (5:13)

Total Time 70:44


- Tim Owens / vocals
- K.K. Downing / guitars
- Glenn Tipton / guitars
- Ian Hill / bass guitar
- Scott Travis / drums

- Don Airey / keyboards

About this release

Released by SPV, July 31st, 2001.

Japanese Edition has the following bonus track:

14. What's My Name (3:45)

Digipak Edition has the following bonus tracks:

14. Rapid Fire (with rerecorded vocals) (3:53)
15. The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (with rerecorded vocals) (4:09)

Australian Edition has the following bonus tracks:

14. What's My Name (3:45)
15. Rapid Fire (with rerecorded vocals) (3:53)
16. The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (with rerecorded vocals) (4:09)

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Judas Priest's fourteenth album Demolition from 2001 is the album that, for me, represents the band's all time low. Out of the group that I consider their lesser albums (Point of Entry, Turbo and Nostradamus being the others) this is the only one that I'd consider truly avoiding. It's the second and last album to feature Tim "Ripper" Owens on vocals before the return of Rob Halford but like with the previous album Jugulator Tim isn't the reason for me why his two albums with Judas Priest aren't up to standard. I actually like Jugulator to a point. Demolition however is a different story.

You see Jugulator is a good album based on its own merits. Of course Priest without Rob up front will always be wrong to some listeners but if you pretend for a moment that everything from Rocka Rolla through Painkiller didn't exist or was by a different band, Jugulator wouldn't have been a half bad debut. It's strong groove metal sound is very un-Priest to me but that's the point I think, it doesn't sound like they tried to clone themselves. On Demolition though while the groove element is still present Judas Priest seem to be trying to push back towards the more traditional metal sound that most of their work fits in. Like Tim being here instead of Rob though that isn't really the reason why Demolition doesn't cut it for me, the simple fact of the matter for me here is that absolutely none of the thirteen tracks stand out as being up to standard (even when only comparing to Jugulator) and as an approx 70 minute record, it's quite a drag. I almost never listen to this album these days either as a fan of Judas Priest or of Tim Owens singing.
It is hard for me to get used to Judas Priest with Tim "Ripper" Owens as their lead singer, but this album is actual quite decent. It is much better than Ripper's debut album, Jugulator. Tracks like Hell Is Home, Jekyll and Hyde, One On One, and Bloodsuckers are all actually quite good. It seems that touring and playing live together during the four years between Jugulator and Demolition gave the guys time to gel as a band and the result is a more cohesive album. This album does a really good job of merging the classic Judas Priest sound with the more modern thrash sound of the 90's. I do like this album well enough, however, it is not quite worthy of the 4 and 5 star ratings of the classic albums from their peak, it is close and worthy of a 3 and 1/2 star rating. Following this release, I would have to get used to Ripper Owens screams within other bands as Rob Halford returns to the fold on the next album.

Time Signature
Machine man...

Genre: amalgamated metal

Priest with a modern edge, this album integrates elements from thrash metal, nu metal and classic Priest metal, and things work well most of the time.

The opener, "Machine Man", is essentially a thrash metal song along the lines of Annihilator's darker and more aggressive tracks, while "One on One" is more of a traditional metal track which, however, seems inspired by RATM's brand of alternative metal (in that the band uses a lot of guitar-created sound effects). "Jekyll and Hyde", which is my favorite track, is more of a power metal track, although it contains more heavy and dark parts than usually associated with that genre. "Subterfuge" is more of a nu metal inspired groovy affair, while "Feed on Me" is in the same vein as "One on One", and "Bloodsuckers" sounds like very early thrash metal. "Cyberface" and "Hell Is Home" are quite heavy tracks, but not as memorable as some of the heavier track on, say, "Painkiller". "Closy to You" is a ballad, which, I think, sounds just as horrible as some of GnR's ballads from "Use Your Illusion" (things improve a bit when the distorted guitar solo kicks in) - "Lost and Found" is another ballad, which works better, perhaps, but is equaliiy unmemorable. "Metal Messiah" is another nu metal sort of track, and not a bad one at all, while "Devil Digger" sounds more like Judas Priest playing 90s metal.

Most people do not consider this album to be among Priest's legendary albums, and it certainly is not one of the best Priest albums, but cetainly not the worst either.

Ripper does a good job on this album like he did on 'Jugulator', and I am sure that a lot of metal fans will appreciate this album for what it is.

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