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4.34 | 20 ratings | 4 reviews
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Album · 2001

Filed under Death 'n' Roll


1. Chief Rebel Angel (4:40)
2. I for an Eye (3:07)
3. Bringer of Light (4:02)
4. Ensemble of the Restless (2:35)
5. Out of Heaven (3:35)
6. Young Man Nihilist (2:43)
7. Year One Now (1:54)
8. Fractures (3:33)
9. When It Hits Home (2:22)
10. City of Ghosts (2:32)
11. About to Die (2:12)
12. Mental Twin (3:14)

Total Time: 36:34


- LG Petrov / Vocals
- Jorgen Sandstrom / Bass
- Alex Hellid / Guitar
- Uffe Cederlund / Guitar
- Peter Stjärnvind / Drums

About this release

Music for Nations Records
September 3rd, 2001

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Riffs, riffs everywhere!

One of the creators of the death'n'roll subgenre (the kind of music I need to listen more), Entombed shows in this Morning Star why they were the masters of their game. In this album one can listen an almost perfect blend of death, thrash and stoner/doom metal, with exciting riffs, great production and the awesome vocals of the late Lars Göran Petrov. I just can imagine now how these songs would sound alive - and I am not talking about seeing mere live videos!

I don't know what the long term fans thinks about Morning Star, but for me it's a class A album with no fillers. It helps the facts it's short, the listener will always return to this release wanting more. I can't recommend enough!
If "Uprising" is Entombed's tribute to Motorhead, "Morning Star" is the greatest Slayer album that never was - just a nonstop, crushingly heavy, relentless, thrashy and sludgy metal masterpiece that still manages to be head-banging groovy.

The vocals and instruments are both heavier and harsher than the several previous album. Lyrics on the surface sound like boilerplate anti-Christian (not atypical in death metal), but lots of them are really just movie quotes. The rhythms are tight and chugging, crisp snappy drumming, spirited raw vocals, ripping guitar solos - Morning Star has a lot to offer, and is possibly the best release from this consistently great band.

Favourite tracks: Chief Rebel Angel, I for and Eye, Year One Now, Fractures, City of Ghosts, About to Die
Entombed return to full-on death metal with this absolute monster of an album, outstripping even their first two albums for sheer aggression. With excellent production standards and supremely pissed off vocal delivery from LG Petrov (and with often obscene lyrics to match), the band sound angrier than a dozen Mayhems. Their technical delivery is nothing to sniff at either; the crystal-clear production which would otherwise show up a lesser band's slip-ups instead reveals them as an extraordinarily tight unit.

Anyone who fell in love with Entombed's first two albums but lost touch with the band during their "death and roll" period will find this a brilliant return to form, which comes recommended to death metal fans in general.
This is an out and out classic album; the kind of record frequently described as things such as a ferocious and snarling beast.

Entombed's first three albums are classics and will be fondly remembered and held in high regard by metal fans the world over. Now; Seven albums in, they have their newest classic album.

The album opens up with 'Chief Rebel Angel,' an energetic song full of Devil's Advocate references, which opens up with an eerie acoustic twang and some keyboard before bursting out into one of the coolest metal songs of the last twenty years.

The album doesn't let up their; from the crushing 'I For an Eye,' to the explosive 'Young Man Nihilist,' and the slow and sinister sounding 'Mental Twin,' this album is a vicious collection of well planned, well produced Metal... full of catchy choruses, brilliant guitar solos and crunchy riffs.

The album is able to hold your attention with a good mix of tempos, serious and tongue in cheek lyrical styles and an unusually clear production job. Morning star simply put is perfectly formed and as heavy as they come.

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