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Album · 1999


1. Warheart (4:07)
2. Silent Night, Bodom Night (3:12)
3. Hatebreeder (4:20)
4. Bed of Razors (3:56)
5. Towards Dead End (4:53)
6. Black Widow (3:58)
7. Wrath Within (3:53)
8. Children of Bodom (5:13)
9. Downfall (4:33)

Total Time: 38:10


- Alexi Laiho / vocals, lead guitar
- Alexander Kuoppala / rhythm guitar
- Janne Wirman / keyboards
- Henkka Seppälä / bass
- Jaska Raatikainen / drums

About this release

Spinefarm, Nuclear Blast. May 4, 1999.

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siLLy puPPy
CHILDREN OF BODOM caught the metal off guard by doing the unthinkable of mixing neoclassical power metal with elements of death metal, thrash metal and even atmospheric black metal with its debut “Something Wild.” The band found its own distinct sound right out of the gate and one that would launch the band as one of Finland’s greatest metal sensations having topped the charts with four albums in a row but that would come later. At this stage in 1999, bandleader / guitarist / lead vocalist Alexi Laiho was still nurturing that perfect stylistic fusion that wouldn’t totally gel until the band’s third album “Follow The Reaper,” however this sophomore effort HATEBREEDER ramped up the energetic level a bit as well as brought he Mozart inspired neoclassical shredding closer to the forefront.

Originally this album was supposed to be titled “Toward Dead End” but midway through the recording process that began in 1998, the band members decided the title should be changed and the winner was HATEBREEDER which continued the band’s career long tradition of featuring the Grim Reaper on the album cover with a different primary color schematic in this case the distinct green background. The band released the single “Downfall” two weeks before the album’s release which hit #1 on the Finnish charts and propelled the album to gold status in the band’s homeland but at this point CHILDREN OF BODOM hadn’t quite become the international sensation that it would become despite touring with bands like Dimmu Borgir in support of the debut.

HATEBREEDER pretty much followed in the footsteps of “Something Wild” only with more attention to the neoclassical Mozart inspired melodies along with faster tempos, heavier metal rampage and an increased focus on the technical shredding tradeoffs of Laiho’s guitar and Janne Wirman’s keyboard heft. The album was also praised for the unique vocal style that could be described as existing somewhere between the guttural growls of death metal and the raspiness of black metal. The vocals in tandem with the primary power metal style infused with elements form many metal subgenera continued CHILDREN OF BODOM’s unique format that would bring them into the international limelight as the millennial odometer geared closer to a new century.

While CHILDREN OF BODOM’s style is pretty much present on all their releases, it’s all about the subtleties that differentiate them. HATEBREEDER provides a transition where the neoclassical elements would become more prominent although not as in your face as they would become starting with “Follow The Reaper.” The beauty of CHILDREN OF BODOM is that the band caught the melodic vitality of 80s heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest only with the power metal heft of bands like Helloween and Iced Earth along with the darker elements of the more extreme corner of the metal world in both atmosphere and thematic presentation. Overall HATEBREEDER is an excellent consistent flow of one satisfying energetic track after another that features some of WIrman’s most unique keyboard contributions, a trait that would only amplify on subsequent releases.
Children of Bodom basically do with death metal what Bal-Sagoth do for black metal: namely, they make catchy, cheesy power metal with an aesthetic borrowed from their chosen extreme metal style to produce a fusion of the two styles. Hatebreeder is an enormously catchy and accessible listen, and is a nice gateway drug for power metal fans wanting to acclimatise themselves to death metal shrieks or for death metal fans who want to explore a bit more cheese in their metal, but for me it tends to fall between two stools a little and doesn't scratch my death metal itch, my power metal itch, or "weird cheesy genre mashups" itch for that matter.
Hatebreeder was the second full-length studio album by the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Children Of Bodom. It was released in 1999, and remains one of the fan’s favourite records, containing tracks that no concert would look right without.

This was back in the band’s most Neoclassical sounding days, and before they added the slower grooves with 2005’s “Are You Deat Yet?.” The sound on this record is blistering high speed Power Metal sounding music full of virtuosic keyboard solos and dual guitar melodies, but played with the savage ferocity of a particularly nasty Thrash Band, with little touches of European Death Metal in there, and Black Metal influenced harsh vocals topping it all off. Basically, imagine At The Gates playing Helloween or Stratovarius covers and you’ll get a ballpark idea.

The album has a very enjoyable clear production job (that doesn’t feel overproduced) and the music and lyrics are a bit more serious and tasteful than on later Bodom records. There is nothing in the way of filler, the whole album is just track after track of savagely performed, yet entertainingly cheesy, virtuosic Metal.

Highlights include the opener ‘Warheart,’ as well as ‘Downfall,’ ‘Silent Night, Bodom Night’ and ‘Bed Of Razors.’

Overall; if you want some speedy double kicks, lots of impressive shredding and keys and the fun parts of Power Metal played with the ferocity of Kreator, then Children Of Bodom are something you may be interested in. If you do check out and enjoy Children Of Bodom, then Hatebreeder is really worth trying. It’s a succinct, consistent, high-energy blast of Bodom and I’d highly recommend it.
Bodom can be a bit touch and go for me. At times their music is great...I have to admit they have some great songs and great albums (with Are Youd Dead Yet? being my favourite), but also they can be a bit meh....especially now a days where their so predictable and the songs you've heard before. But back in the late 90's...this was way ahead of its time. Now they're are alot of bands who sound like this today, and you can say Bodom may have been their biggest influence...with this album being the zenith of influence.

Bodom's sound was slowly progressing through the years, and this thir 3rd album, really shows them at what I believe to be one of their most strongest eras.

When listening to this album, the influences were quite noticable, e.g. Emperor, Carcass, At The Gates, In Flames etc., but to be honest, they weren't too noticable, and sounds of these bands only happened every once in a while before hitting you in the face with the Bodom signature power. The instrumentation is also amazing, with Alexi's guitar playing being note perfect with Janne's key playing, showing some amazing technical abillity throughout.

The songs on this are classics and really will stand the test of time. This is a classic metal album, but I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece, although I have to's pretty close to one in my opinion.

1. Warheart - Wow what an opener. Amazing intro. Just a kick ass in your face metal song. 10/10

2. Silent Night, Bodom Night - Great arrangement with great guitar and keyboard interplay. Great chorus. 10/10

3. Hatebreeder - Quite black metal with a load of interesting twists and turns. 9/10

4. Bed Of Razors - Great melodic arrangement. Full of nice interesting instrumental sections. 9/10

5. Towards Dead End - The intro that every metal fan has learnt how to play on guitar (I should know...we were all 15 once haha). It's just a classic metal song, and I love it. 10/10

6. Black Widow - Great symphonic stabs. Pretty kick ass, but meh, not as good as the rest. 8/10

7. Wrath Within - Great intro...again a bit meh. 8/10

8. Children Of Bodom - The self titled song that all cheesy bands should have. Great main riff and arrangement. Packed full of amazing guitar work and instrumental sections that will make you quiver...with delight...I hope. 9/10

9. Downfall - I love the mood changes throughout. Nice arrangement too. 9/10

CONCLUSION: I'm not the biggest Bodom fan, but I have to admit, this album is amazing.

Members reviews

1967/ 1976
Children of Bodon is a simply band to describe in this "Hatebreeder": classic Speed Power Metal with Death Metal/ Thrash Metal arrangements for music and classic Death Metal for vocals (great growls). In my opinion this album is more good for open minded Power Metallers that for open minded Death Metallers.

Interesting is the fact that I don't have a preferred song because all the songs are at the same plan, for me. Tight rhythmic alternate with neoclassical passages setting, thanks to growl voices Nordic atmosphere, snow and forests with lakes.

The production and mix are great, for this great album. Also for true "Defenders of The Faith"!

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