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Album · 1999

Filed under Sludge Metal


1. Supercollider (06:37)
2. Set In Cinders (01:59)
3. Taint And Abandon (02:30)
4. Inside My Spine (02:22)
5. Threshold (00:38)
6. Black Snake (02:40)
7. Damaged IV (03:13)
8. How Much Lost (06:29)
9. Last Of The Final Goodbyes (04:51)
10. Almost Blue (05:14)

Total Time 36:33

2002 reissue:

1. Supercollider (06:25)
2. Set in Cinders (02:08)
3. Taint and Abandon (02:30)
4. Inside My Spine (02:12)
5. Xtoone (01:37)
6. Threshold (02:48)
7. Black Snake (03:10)
8. Damaged IV (06:31)
9. How Much Lost (04:47)
10. Last Of The Final Goodbyes (03:28)
11. ...Who Doesn't Even Know Yet? (05:30)

Total Time 41:06


- Daniel Gorostiaga / bass
- Ryan Weinstein / guitars, vocals
- Henry Wilson / drums
- Anthony Vialon / guitars, vocals

About this release

CD released 26th January 1999 on Man's Ruin Records (MR140).

CD reissued 2002 on Hydra Head Records (HH666-073).

12" blue or clear vinyl LP released 21st April 2017 on Fair Warning (WARN-004).

Recorded at Tapeworm Studios in Miami in the summer of 1998.

Remastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Studios in Austin Texas, Fall 2016.

Thanks to Stooge for the addition and 666sharon666, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Metal Music Archives Reviewer's Challenge: Album selected by aglasshouse.

With some albums you only need to take a glance at its artwork or the artist's logo to make a reasonable guess about what sort of music it is. With albums like Supercollider, the third album by American metal band Cavity, I'd have guessed wrong if I hadn't already been told. You can no more judge an album by its cover than you can a book. I'd have guessed at something in the post-grunge line looking at either the original cover or the 2002 reissue over, but I'd have been dead wrong. But then who could have guessed that this rather unassuming and (in my view) interesting style of cover would be hiding some heavy, semi-doomy, sludge metal?

The 2002 version of this album also brought some changes to its tracklist, adding in two extra ones, Xtoone and ...Who Doesn't Even Know Yet? For some reason the original final song of the album, Almost Blue, was removed in this edition of the album. It's this version of the album that I have listened to. The album has however had another reissue, this time on vinyl, in April 2017 which restores the original 1999 tracklist.

Cavity aren't a band who mess about with their song-writing. Their main focus is heavy, fuzzy riffs. Vocals play a prominent role as well, but their do seem secondary to the guitars. They aren't a showy band though; there isn't any lead guitar to speak of in their music and their writing style tends towards a short track duration. Tracks two (Set in Cinders) through six (Threshold), don't even hit three minutes. Just heavy riffs, with the occasional added bit of full-on doom slowness. I'd also say it has a few stoner metal moments, a genre that some of the band's other albums seem to be more heavily associated with. Here it's just flavour though, like with the doom metal. Supercollider is otherwise a straightforward sludge metal record, out to do one simple job: make those riffs as heavy as possible.

I think they do a pretty decent job at that, but with that said, if you're listening to albums looking for a lot of variation then you won't find too much of it here. As I said before, Cavity aren't a flashy band, so the closest thing you'll get a change of pace with is probably Inside my Spine where the vocals are harsher and more traditional growling rather than the hardcore shouts and raw singing used elsewhere. Xtoone's style also stands out as a bit different but as I said before, this song doesn't exist on the original 1999 version of the album and my honest opinion is that its rather throwaway, so it beats me why the 2002 version added it.

Cavity don't play a style of music I listen to very often but as far as my taste in sludge metal goes they certainly display a raw kind of charm that as a metal fan I find difficult not to smile about. 4 stars.

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