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Album · 1993

Filed under War Metal


01. Intro: Elders of the Apocalypse / Blood upon the Altar (2:30)
02. Blasphemous Attack (2:01)
03. Gods of War (0:26)
04. Intro / Atomic Nuclear Desolation (0:42)
05. Nocturnal Slayer (2:22)
06. Emperor of the Black Abyss (3:20)
07. Intro / Blasphemy (3:42)
08. Intro / Necrosadist (2:41)
09. War Command (0:46)
10. Empty Chalice (1:44)

Total Time 20:14

Bonus tracks:

11. Ross Bay Intro (1:07)
12. War Command (0:41)
13. Demoniac (3:08)
14. Intro (0:35)
15. Weltering in Blood (2:37)
16. Ritual (3:33)
17. Nocturnal Slayer (3:08)
18. Blasphemy (3:55)
19. Intro / Blasphemous Attack / Guitar Effect Outro (2:55)

Total Time 41:53


- 3 Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity / Drums
- Caller of the Storms / Guitars, Effects
- Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds / Vocals
- Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer and Vaginal Commands / Bass, Backing Vocals, Effects

About this release

All versions include the demo "Blood Upon the Altar" to compensate for the album's short running time.

1993: Released on CD and LP by Osmose Productions
2001: Digipack reissue by Osmose Productions
2007: LP reissue by Osmose / Ordo Decimus Peccatum
2007: LP reissue as a double 45 rpm vinyl by Osmose / Nuclear War Now!

Thanks to Vehemency, adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
BLASPHEMY may have been one of the more influential bands of the early years of extreme metal by crafting the first example of what would be called war metal, war black metal or bestial black metal but they were hardly the most prolific band around. The band formed all the way back in 1984 in Vancouver, BC, Canada but didn’t even release the first demo until 1989 and the debut album “Fallen Angel Of Doom” until 1990. It took three years to record the followup GODS OF WAR and then it was only slightly over 20 minutes long. All re-releases have included the demo “Blood Upon The Altar” tagged to the end to make it a full-album’s length.

GODS OF WAR doesn’t deviate too much from what was laid down on the debut but did find a new bassist joining Satan’s team with Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer and Vaginal Commands. As far as i know i think BLASPHEMY initiated this trend of ridiculous stage names within black metal and the core metal subs that would catch on. One of the main reasons for a delay in a sophomore release was the souring of relations with the Wild Records label which despite “Fallen Angel Of Doom” selling fairly well, failed to pay any royalties to the band for it. The band sought out a new label and ended up on the well established Osmose that had already found success with bands like Samuel, Massacre, Immortal and Pan.Thy.Monium.

Focusing more on the grindcore influences of Repulsion and the hardcore punk of Discharge, BLASPHEMY crank out an even more intense slap in the face of aggression with GODS OF WAR. As succinct as the playing time is the album runs on full throttle for its brief 20 mintute tirade. The guitar riffs are on fire as they whiz up and down the scales with Morbid Angel inspired squealing solos and heavier percussive drive that makes GODS OF WAR sound like a true soundtrack for the battle field. Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds’ guttural growls are more diverse this time around despite never approaching intelligible and the overall song structures are more varied with slow churning doom riffs finding a place amongst the buzzsaw down tuned chugging riffs.

Just as they were getting started, BLASPHEMY took a hiatus in 1994 and wouldn’t regroup until 1999. The band has always been a bit unusual but remained so for even as they got back together have still never released another studio album to date, however they have released a few live albums as well as a couple more demos. GODS OF WAR takes BLASPHEMY to the next step but it’s rather disappointing that it was cut off in the middle of the album and then never has found resolution. Perhaps it all lends an air of mystery around the band that debuted the wonderful world of war metal, which i guess is fitting since the music is just as unstable and ready to collapse under its own weight. Nevertheless, GODS OF WAR is the perfect followup even if it’s way too short.

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