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siLLy puPPy
Although SLINT is much more known for their second groundbreaking album “Spiderland” which paved the way for the whole plethora of post-rock acts that followed, their oft snubbed debut TWEEZ hardly gets an ounce of recognition and serves as merely a footnote in comparison with the behemoth followup that is universally recognized as the veritable intermediate that connected Talk Talk’s initial post-rock innovation with the army of followers who diversified the sound. TWEEZ is NOT a post-rock album in any way shape or form, but that does not mean it is of no interest. In fact, i exercise a reverse polarity with the majority in regards to the two SLINT albums finding the debut the more interesting of the two. True “Spiderland” is influential and all but for me that doesn’t mean it is the best at its game. I much prefer the Sigur Ros, the Mogwai, the Godspeed! You Black Emperor, well you name it. If it came after “Spiderland” i probably like it more as that album was a mere blueprint and not the be all end all that it is made out to be.

TWEEZ on the other hand is one of the most unique post-hardcore albums i’ve ever heard. It truly resonates on a musical frequency that no other album ever has. It exists on some strange bandwidth of sonic expression that i have never encountered. It is a strange little album that at times reminds me of Jane’s Addiction’s “Nothing’s Shocking” era mixed with the typical post-hardcore, noise and math rock of the early 90s sometimes bringing Sonic Youth to mind, sometimes more punk inspired bands like NoMeansNo and sometimes just a plain old alternative rock band that for some reason brings Camper Van Beethoven to mind as an example or even like a pre-grunge band well before the Nirvana 90s. The guitars are highly distorted, the bass and drums fairly regular and the band seems to find a way to walk the line between disturbing dissonance and melodic funky beats. The attitude is more of a punk band but the music reels you into a more alternative rock mode. There are times it also reminds me of Jimi Hendrix with riffs and feedback fuzz, there is also a kind of black metal filthiness to the sound and the signals are definitely set to a very mixed grab bag! My kinda weirdness!

TWEEZ is not an album i sought out. I was only marginally impressed with “Spiderland” finding it a decent listen but not something that shattered my concept of originality but TWEEZ does seem to do that. This album found me! This is a short album at only 29:31. I understand why the lover’s of the proto-post-rock “Spiderland” do not give this debut album enough love. It is nothing like that more subdued release. This album is filthy, aggressive and unapologetic. It’s a hitherto unexplored form of neo-punk that really hits me in the right way. Personally i would have loved to hear this sound develop but i can’t say that i’m sorry SLINT moved on to the post-rock territory that allowed all those wonderful bands that i love these days to follow. I probably won’t convince too many that this debut album is actually better than “Spiderland” but in my world i find myself really excited to listen to TWEEZ, much preferred to the more influential followup. All i can recommend is not to write this album off just because of the low rating. If you have any interest in raw and dirty indie rock and post-hardcore then this is an album you won’t regret checking out.
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siLLy puPPy wrote:
14 days ago
Thanks! I wrote the Slint years ago when i started writing reviews! Was surprised to see them added here! I often am on the reverse polarity of everyone else and prefer the more experimental albums over the more "normal" ones. I have never heard of Silence Kit. Thanks for the tip. I'll chem em out.
15 days ago
Nice review. I do prefer Spiderland but I also completely agree about Tweez not getting an ounce of recognition in comparison. Regarding Mogwai, I am a fan and seem to prefer the albums that most of their fans don't hold in highest regard (at least the fans that I've spoken to). My favourites of theirs are The Hawk is Howling and Mr Beast. While on the topic of post-rock, have you heard the album Pieonear by the Russian band Silence Kit? An underrated gem which no one seems to know about. Could well be up your street.


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