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Movie · 2010

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Disc 1:
1. Start
2. The Suburbs
3. Finding Our Way
4. The New Guy
5. Assuming Control
6. Terminally Unhip
7. Drinking The Milk Of Paradise
8. Making Modern Music
9. The Gilded Cage
10. New World Men
11. The Yoda Of Drums
12. Ghost Rider
13. The Return
14. Revenge Of The Nerds
15. End Credits

Disc 2 Bonus Material:
1. Being Bullied And The Search For The First Gig
2. Reflections On Hemispheres
3. Presto And Roll The Bones Rap
4. The Rush Fashion
5. Hobbies On The Road
6. Rush Trekkies
7. Pre Gig Warm Up
8. "Best I Can" With John Rutsey - Laura Secord SS - Spring 1974
9. "Working Man" With John Rutsey - Laura Secord SS - Spring 1974
10. "La Villa Strangiato" - Pinkpop - 1979
11. "Between The Sun And Moon" - Live At Hartford - June 28th 2002
12. Dinner With Rush At A Hunting Lodge
13. "Far Cry" - From The Snakes & Arrows Tour
14. "Entre Nous" - From The Snakes & Arrows Tour
15. "Bravado" - From The R30 Tour
16. "YYZ" - From The R30 Tour


- Geddy Lee / vocals, bass, keyboards
- Alex Lifeson / guitars
- Neil Peart / drums, percussion
- John Rutsey / drums

+ various interviewees

About this release

A career spanning documentary film with narration, live clips and interviews.

DVD and Blu-Ray release date June 29th in the USA and July 5th in the UK.

Thanks to Pekka for the addition and progshine for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Prog legends Rush finally given credit in brilliant Rockumentary.

"Beyond the Lighted Stage", a fantastic tour de force of Canada's finest power trio, is irresistible. The band take us on a journey from their early roots to the high impact tours of the 80s, right through to present day live shows. The live performances are only sporadically sprinkled in the movie as it is more concerned with the band's opinions and their influences on rock artisits, many of which are interviewed with gushing praise over the trio. We hear how Peart struggled with personal loss, and how Geddy and Alex met and how their friendship escalated into an unbreakable bond that has never been broken. The early years are of particular interest as the band seem to be emotionally overcome revisiting their past. The film takes the viewer through the memories and it is a powerfully moving experience. There is brutal honesty that draws the viewer in and provides a true picture of the rock scene with all its glory and power, and the inevitable disappointments and betrayals that occur from those that exploit the product, not in favour of the band's interests. The fiery razor editing is exceptional, it really is a polished production, from the general music choices to the exceptional juxtaposition of visual and commentary.

There are some real gems of information here and there that even the most stalwart Rush addict may not have known. It is great to hear the personal life stories and the best parts of tours are featured, with loads of adoring fan footage, as is the norm in these rockumentaries. We hear from fans, families, roadies and producers - little people to the giants of rock all give an opinion on how important the band has become over the years. There are comments from Jack Black, always a scream, and metal icons such as Alice Cooper, Kirk Hammett, Mike Portnoy and Gene Simmons who have their own take on how influential the band is for them. The quintessential Rush albums are mentioned chronologically and certain songs and gigs that empowered the band to super stardom. Time does not allow every album to be mentioned in detail but at least it whets the appetite for newcomers to the band, God bless their souls, and it is a potent reminder for those who have grown up with their powerhouse prog rock since the 70s.

The special features include a plethora of concert footage, rare takes and a lot of fun goodies to revel in such as pre gig warmups, Rush Trekkies and dinner with Rush at a Hunting Lodge, fly on the wall style. There are extended sections of interviews unseen in the movie and some various humorous anecdotes as can be expected from Rush. The menus look very special and the overall packaging is glorious. Look no further if you want to explore the enigmatic Rush machine.
Really isn't much to say about this. In short, this DVD is great. So much information, really cool stories, and just a spectacular coverage of the Rush legacy, which was apparently much more than I thought. Hidden stresses, conflicts, and intricacies of running this growing giant are easily pointed out in really great interviews with parents, fans, and the earliest supporters. Really great sample videos of really early performances make it a must too. Honestly, this album got me even more into Rush than ever before. I was basically a Rush noob before this! So much great info. Very, very highly recommended. 5+ stars.
I'm a Rush fan, no doubt, no wonders, no nothing, I love them, period. Just said that:

First: A very funny movie!

Second: Sam Dunn really knows how to make documentaries, once I liked Metal: A Headbanger's Journey I was pretty sure he was a right choice to show Rush like they deserved in this Beyond the Lighted Stage.

Third: Affirm and shows to the world that Rush is one of the greater, interesting and full of integrity bands that showed its face on this Planet.

A perfect movie for this July 13, the 'Rock Day'.

I think this few words can't shown exactly how I loved to see this doc and I'm pretty sure I'll see it at least dozen times again, but I hope my 5 stars show how I love it!!

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