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DAY SIX have grown to be one of the best known and top progressive metal bands in the Netherlands. Day Six makes progressive rock, heavily influenced by various other musical genres like symfo, funk and every now and then even jazz. In addition to these influences, the band doesn't shy away from experiments with sounds and samples.

The band has been compared with established bands like RUSH, PINK FLOYD and DEEP PURPLE, as well as more recent groups as OPETH and DREAM THEATER.

In October 2003 Day Six released their debut album ETERNAL DIGNITY in the Netherlands. Every sound and instrumentation to be heard on this album has been carefully considered and the result is definitely something for the band to be proud of! When performing live, Day Six go a step further by using the same samples that can be heard on the album. The performance itself is one
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DAY SIX Eternal Dignity album cover 4.04 | 3 ratings
Eternal Dignity
Progressive Metal 2003
DAY SIX The Grand Design album cover 4.44 | 8 ratings
The Grand Design
Progressive Metal 2010

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DAY SIX The World Beyond Earth album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
The World Beyond Earth
Progressive Metal 2002
DAY SIX Promo 2005 album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Promo 2005
Progressive Metal 2005

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DAY SIX The Grand Design

Album · 2010 · Progressive Metal
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Seven years after their solid debut The Netherland's DAY SIX are back and better than ever. I think it's the way they contrast the atmospheric sections with the heavy passages that really does it for me more than anything else here. We get lots of samples and i really do like the singer's voice. There's even some guest sax on one track. But this is all about Prog-Metal people and these guys do it as good as anyone. It's tough to even pick out my top three tracks just because this is so consistant. If i had to pick out one track though it would be the 16 1/2 minute epic called "Inside". This one is a monster and the mood and tempo does change often. Without question this is album is a must for Prog-Metal fans.

DAY SIX Eternal Dignity

Album · 2003 · Progressive Metal
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DAY SIX are a Prog-Metal band out of The Netherlands and this is their debut from 2003. The liner notes and pictures are all done so well, and speaking of liner notes they thank SUN CAGED, NOVACT and other bands in them. There is an Egyptian theme throughout this album which is clear from both the lyrics and pictures. The music is excellent and it's in that typical Prog-Metal style. I like the way they use the synths to create atmosphere. One song that is diferent from the rest is "Dark Tower" which comes off sounding BLACK SABBATH-like with that dark and heavy sound. They also slow it down some to give it a doom-like vibe. Yet even in this song like most of the album there are plenty of tempo and mood shifts. I highly recommend this one and their followup from 2010 is even better.

DAY SIX The Grand Design

Album · 2010 · Progressive Metal
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Time Signature
Massive metallic wall...

Genre: progressive metal

Day Six are a progressive metal band, and "The Grand Design" certainly delivers progressive metal.

But we ar not dealing with the flamboyant sort of progressive metal associated with the likes of Dream Theater. Day Six are progressive in that they experiment with the juxtaposition of various different moods through combination of soft and heavy parts and generally make use of complex song structures without their music ever being complicated. They also draw on the psechedelia of the progressive rock of the 70s in a fashion that reminds me a bit of Alrune Rod.

This results in a dark and slightly pyschedelic type of heavy but catchy mushc which one can easily lose oneself in. Thus, I think that "The Grand Design" has something in common with Psychotic Waltz, Thine and Opeth (minus the death metal elements, of course), all of whom also draw on the darker types of psychedelic progressive rock.

In addition to these elements there are some heavy and groovy guitar riffs and a lot of clean guitar parts with atmospheric keyboards, and there is even some midnight sax on "Lost Identity" which works brilliantly. In addition, the bans also seems to draw a bit on the alternative rock and metal of the 90s, as there are some solos that sound inspired by Tom Morello and riffs that sound inspired by Alice in Chains.

This sounds like a mishmash doomed to fail; actually my original review of this album on got a comment from a user who argued that "The Grand Design" just sounds like a long messy jam session with no structure at all. That's not my experience of this album. I think that all of these elements really add up well together, the the result is a dark type of progressive metal which fans of early Psychotic Waltz, I think, would appreciate.

Recommended to fans of progressive metal, gothic metal, and 70s progressive rock.

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Colt wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Day Six have been around for some time, previously named "Peanuts". Eternal Dignity is still rated in my highest rated Prog Metal albums of all time.


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