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After Forever (named after a Black Sabbath song) were a Dutch symphonic metal band formed in 1995. Previously the band had gone by the name Apocalypse and played cover songs of Iron Maiden and The Cult. After becoming After Forever the band initially played death metal until female vocalist Floor Jansen joined and the style they become known for began to develop. After Forever's music has at various times also includes influences from gothic metal, power metal, and progressive metal. The band released their first demo, entitled Ephemeral, in 1999.

In 2000 After Forever released their first studio album, Prison of Desire. It was quickly followed by Decipher in 2001, but with some line-up changes. The band's line-up was not destined to remain stable even after this and main composer and founder Mark Jansen (harsh vocals/guitars) left the band after the two albums, citing creative differences as the reason for
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AFTER FOREVER albums / top albums

AFTER FOREVER Prison of Desire album cover 2.91 | 13 ratings
Prison of Desire
Symphonic Metal 2000
AFTER FOREVER Decipher album cover 3.81 | 19 ratings
Symphonic Metal 2001
AFTER FOREVER Invisible Circles album cover 3.68 | 19 ratings
Invisible Circles
Symphonic Metal 2004
AFTER FOREVER Remagine album cover 3.50 | 12 ratings
Symphonic Metal 2005
AFTER FOREVER After Forever album cover 4.06 | 28 ratings
After Forever
Symphonic Metal 2007


AFTER FOREVER Exordium album cover 3.63 | 7 ratings
Symphonic Metal 2003
AFTER FOREVER Hi Five - Female Fronted Metal album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Hi Five - Female Fronted Metal
Symphonic Metal 2007

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AFTER FOREVER Ephemeral album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Symphonic Metal 1999
AFTER FOREVER Wings of Illusion album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Wings of Illusion
Symphonic Metal 1999

AFTER FOREVER re-issues & compilations

AFTER FOREVER Mea Culpa album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Mea Culpa
Symphonic Metal 2006

AFTER FOREVER singles (9)

.. Album Cover
3.16 | 3 ratings
Follow in the Cry
Symphonic Metal 2000
.. Album Cover
2.83 | 2 ratings
Emphasis / Who Wants to Live Forever
Symphonic Metal 2002
.. Album Cover
2.17 | 2 ratings
Monolith of Doubt
Symphonic Metal 2002
.. Album Cover
1.50 | 2 ratings
My Choice / The Evil That Men Do
Symphonic Metal 2003
.. Album Cover
3.50 | 1 ratings
Digital Deceit
Symphonic Metal 2004
.. Album Cover
4.00 | 1 ratings
Being Everyone
Symphonic Metal 2005
.. Album Cover
3.00 | 1 ratings
Two Sides / Boundaries Are Open
Symphonic Metal 2006
.. Album Cover
4.00 | 1 ratings
Energize Me
Symphonic Metal 2007
.. Album Cover
4.00 | 1 ratings
Equally Destructive
Symphonic Metal 2007

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Demo · 1999 · Symphonic Metal
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Until the quality because it is a "Demo" (1999) is not bad. The songs that make up the "Demo" later made ​​part of the first album, "Prison of Desire", released a year later (2000).

"Ephemeral" reflects its name, so fleeting that when you start to like it, has ended. It has only three minutes long. "Jack Driessen" on the keyboard creating a melancholy sound, while "Joep Beckers" awakens his drum.

"Black Tomb" also has its beginnings in arrangements based soft keyboard and guitar fingerings that do not linger in distorting. The way to "Floor Jansen" singing evokes an oriental sound (1:47 / 2:11). For those who just wanted to hear the sweet voice of "Floor", is surprised with the throaty vocals (3:00 / 3:12), followed by an instant hardcore (3:54 / 4:20), returning then that sound oriental.

"Tortuous Threnody" is another amazing song sequences with their riffs. "Gommans / M. Jansen" on guitars and guttural rock. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the sound created by them. Amid the calm brought by the voice of "Floor", two guitar solos played at the same time create a harmony so nice to hear. For those who never heard the album "Prison of Desire" and listen to this "Demo", hear the entire album containing these tracks and more.

"Inimical Chimera" concludes what is undoubtedly one of the best "Demo" ever produced by a band. There is no way to say "After Forever" is a copy of any other band's style, for although every band in the world suffer some kind of influence of another, yet what they have built here is not something conventional.

It is an enhanced sound. Voices, guitars, bass, keyboard and drums. If the "Demo" is all about, then what about the album "Prison of Desire"?

AFTER FOREVER Digital Deceit

Single · 2004 · Symphonic Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
With the launch of the concept album "Invisible Circles", the band decided to launch a "Single" to promote the record.

They selected four songs and added an interview. "Digital Deceit" which gives its name to "Single" is the first track. A strong composition with a more direct sound. "Floor Jansen" is highlighted by the timbre of the voice switch as they change the characters existing in the album. The guitar riffs, the bass is in contrast to explode in the technical quality squandered by "Floor Jansen."

"Eccentric" with its tone of bitterness because of the lyrical context, where there is neglect and indifference of parents for their daughter. "Lando van Gils - Keyboardist" helps with your chords and creativity to the sad mood of the lyrics.

"Sins of Idealism" is presented by the bass of "Luuk van Gerven." Again "Floor Jansen" stands alternating singing techniques as a mother and daughter who plays in their dialogues. "Bas Maas" and "Sander Gommans" move the music with their riffs, while "Lando van Gils" is instructed to elevate the drama with his synthesizers. "André Borgman" little required, complete the team.

"Blind Pain" already allows "Andre Borgman" build your name in the band. "Sander Gommans" is responsible for vocals screaming. With rhythmic passages, fast, heavy, this song is a spectacle.

In short, this "single" beautifully expresses the power existing in the album "Invisible Circles" and each track serves to demonstrate the technical quality of its members. Recommended.

AFTER FOREVER My Choice / The Evil That Men Do

Single · 2003 · Symphonic Metal
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In the same year launched the "Ep - Exordium" containing "The Evil That Men Do", also released a "Single" containing the same music.

Some "Singles" are only for the most devout fans who wish to own the entire discography of your favorite band.

The "Single - My Choice / The Evil That Men Do" is a good example. It comprises two versions of a song "My Choice", the regular version and the acoustic version. There's also "My Pledge of Allegiance # 1" from the album "Decipher", plus an interview about sixteen minutes.

For a fan this "Single" can be a gift but for those who do not have much appreciation, is an unnecessary release.

AFTER FOREVER Monolith of Doubt

Single · 2002 · Symphonic Metal
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This "Single" is composed of four songs. Originally the four tracks should belong to the album "Decipher", but withdrew in the final production the song "For the Time Being," which later served as a bonus.

There is no difference of version of "Monolith of Doubt (single version)" placed here and the existing version on the original album. This song was chosen for a propaganda and dissemination of the band.

There is not very plausible explanation for having taken "For the Time Being" from the album "Decipher", placing it as a bonus only in certain countries. Space would be easy for her ... "Mark Jansen" at the height of his screaming vocals, choirs ... why?

One of their songs most used in "Singles" with so many possible versions that would to record a "Ep" only with them. "Imperfect Tenses (Orchestral version)" is launched with the only difference between parentheses. If you are a fan of the band, it's worth, but now if a listener looking for some sound to hear, the "Single" is unnecessary.


EP · 2003 · Symphonic Metal
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"Exordium" was released in 2003, one year after the excellent "Decipher" and a year before the disputed "Invisible Circles". It represents the transformation experienced by the band's sound more symphonic albums in the "Prison of Desire" and "Decipher", a reality for more heavy since then.

"Line of Thoughts" is an instrumental track that serves as an introduction to "Beneath."

By introducing already see a difference, if before the album began with corals, pompous arrangements, as in "Mea Culpa" and "Ex Cathedra", now break with "Mark Jansen" was final. Corals and pompous arrangements were taken by him to the band "Epica".

"Beneath" is more direct, without many gadgets. In some ways it was a preview of what would be the band's subsequent album...

"My Choice" has one of the best lyrics of the band. "Is it not the choosing That makes the life we live so intricate?" At issue is a ballad sound.

"Glorifying Means" rescues that dueling vocals between "Floor Jansen" and "Sander Gommans" without "Mark Jansen" since left the band. His absence is needed for this "EP", the orchestral arrangements could have given a more elegant to "Exordium," beyond their screaming vocals.

A version of "The Evil That Men Do - Iron Maiden," the voice "Floor Jansen" was very good. The liveliness imposed by it in the interpretation made ​​this song became one of the highlights of "Ep". The instrumental music performed well.

"One Day I'll Fly Away - Randy Crawford," another remake, terminating the "Ep." The end result is higher than expected.

The "EP" created a good expectation of what would come from the band, the result would be "Invisible Circles" that while not being either, it was sign of musical maturity. "Exordium" is recommended even for those not a fan of the band, worth checking out this new phase of the band and their remakes.

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