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NWoBHM • United Kingdom
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Christian rock band from Stockport, Greater Manchester, formed in 1978.

Steven Wright (vocals, guitar), Charlie Wilson (vocals, guitar), Steve Harrison (bass), Phillip Wright (drums).

Charlie Wilson is more recently to be heard playing with Force 3; http://www.force3.co.uk/
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100% PROOF 100% Proof album cover 1.00 | 2 ratings
100% Proof
NWoBHM 1981
100% PROOF Power and the Glory album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Power and the Glory
NWoBHM 1983

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100% PROOF New Way Of Livin' album cover 3.00 | 2 ratings
New Way Of Livin'
NWoBHM 1980

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100% PROOF 100% Proof

Album · 1981 · NWoBHM
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siLLy puPPy
Not sure why this is lumped into the NWOBHM category. This is basic hard rock through and through and a blatant ripoff of what early Bon Scott AC/DC boogie rock sounds like with some Bachman-Turner Overdrive and other 70s hard rock influences as well. 100% PROOF was a Christian band that preaches the usual dogma that religious zealots find necessary to save our souls from an eternity in a lake of fire but without the finesse that other better bands have done. The song “The Loner” is a specific tribute to Bon Scott warning us against following his footsteps and tales of woe or else....

This album and group exhibit everything I hate in music. First of all they have no original talent but because they have an established theology and ideology it gives them free reign to rip off another group's music that they don't agree with and with an arrogant talentless swagger at that. It would be far more effective if they delivered something fresh and original to deliver their message but because they've elevated themselves to the cult of the holier-than-thou they think they can simply get away with this. If you want good Christian metal go straight to Stryper for something easily digestible and if you want some real talent that is more hardcore head straight to Horde instead of this 100% crap.

100% PROOF New Way Of Livin'

EP · 1980 · NWoBHM
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Time Signature
Old way of livin'...

Genre: NWoBHM

Nothing new here. THis is pretty much run-of-the mill hard rock, with a few exceptions though.

The first track "New Way of Livin'" is a straight AC/DC style heavy rocker akin to "Let There Be Rock" or "Whole Lotta Rosie". While it contains some nice riffage, it becomes quite repetitive and boring, simply because it is too long. IT would have worked better had it been 2:50 minutes and not almost 5 minutes. "Lookin' In" is more of a mixture of punk (a la OI) and ska music, and, while that could have worked well, I do not find it that convincing in this particular case. "What's the Cost?", like "New Way of Livin'", is a pretty average rock song. It's not bad, but there's nothing new or interesting about it either. The final track is an instrumental, which contains some nice twin-guitar melodies and some interesting changes, but it also makes my chees-o-meter go up a couple of times.

While the music is okay hard rock music, the lyrics annoy me. It's not so much because they are Christian, but because they are so preachy and brodering on being missionary lyrics, and unfortunately that makes this album remind me of the missionaries from various Christian groups that knock on my door and stop me in the streets, trying to convert me.

Maybe it's the absence of lyrics that makes the instrumental my favorite track on this album.

Recommended to fans of hard rock and traditional heavy metal as well as NWoBHM aficionados.

100% PROOF New Way Of Livin'

EP · 1980 · NWoBHM
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Surprisingly better than you might imagine, the title track to this EP kicks off with a slice of AC/DC style boogie, clearly inspired by Whole Lotta Rosie.

Until the key change, there's a convincing drive, and the full NWoBHM warmth and freshness you'd expect, and really, it's only the odd mentioning of Jesus that gives the game away and lets you know that this is a Christian Rock band - it's in no way as overt or saccharine tainted as bands such as Stryper.

Coming in at the best part of 5 minutes, it is a bit long though.

The second track, Lookin' In is a surprising change in style, with a little OI punk attitude and a surprisingly ray of sunshine in the predominant major keys with almost Carribean flavours that suggest Reggae music.

Flip the EP, and the quality is maintained, with a heads-down, A minor rocker entitled What's the Cost?. The mid section changes tempo and ambience suddenly, with light drifts of keyboard floating underneath the melodic solo, before the predictable change back to the original riffage for some speedier soloing, which is maintained call-and-answer style until, yes, a second guitar solo.

Littered with Chuck Berry Licks, you're not going to hear anything earthshaking here - but as you explore the inner sanctum of the NWoBHM, you get to know that in many cases, the predictability is the whole point!

The EP finishes off with a remarkably tuneful instrumental, starting down-tempo, with some extremely tasteful guitar playing - and some twin-barrelled stuff, reminiscent of Thin Lizzy; I'm put in mind a little of the Lynott classic Parisienne Walkways. A nice tempo change roughly two minutes in is a cool touch, with some finger-bleeding widdly-woo on the lead guitar - you know the score, minor pentatonic, string bends and stuff - but a great technique is on display, with really accurate playing for the tempo.

All in all, a very accomplished first EP from 100% Proof, which is well worth a listen.

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