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Album · 1973

Filed under Proto-Metal


1. Search And Destroy
2. Gimme Danger
3. You're Pretty Face Is Going To Hell(Hard To Beat)
4. Penetration
5. Raw Power
6. I Need Somebody
7. Shake Appeal
8. Death Trip


- Iggy Pop / vocals
- Ron Asheton / bass
- Scott Asheton / drums
- James Williamson / guitar

About this release

1973 - Embassy(UK)
1973 - CBS(UK)(Europe)
1973 - Columbia(US)
1976 - Columbia(US): reissue
1977 - CBS(UK): reissue
1977 - Embassy(Netherlands)
1988 - Columbia(US) CD
1997 - Legacy(Europe) CD: remastered
1997 - Legacy(Canada)(US) CD: Iggy Pop remix, remastered
2001 - SMM(Germany) CD: Iggy Pop remix, remastered, Digipak
2007 - Sony(Japan) CD: CD sized album replica, remastered, limited edition
2010- Sundazed(US) LP
2010 - Legacy(Europe) CD: alternate cover, bonus CD, bonus tracks, Digipak, remastered
2010 - Columbia(US) LP: reissue, 120 gram
2010- Columbia(US) LP: reissue, 180 gram, limited edition

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"Raw Power" is the 3rd full-length studio album by US hard rock act The Stooges. The album was released through Columbia Records in February 1973. After the original Stooges lineup broke up after the release of their 2nd album "Fun House (1970)", Iggy Pop and guitarist James Williamson relocated to London after meeting David Bowie, who helped them get a deal with Columbia Records. After unsuccessfully searching for a bassist and a drummer, Pop and Williamson asked original Stooges members Scott and Ron Asheton to fly over to London and become members of the band again. Ron Asheton who had originally been the band´s guitarist, switched to bass. The band were still completely out there on drugs though and after/during touring in support of the album The Stooges split for a second time.

While the cover artwork depicts Iggy Pop in a sort of glam outfit, the music on "Raw Power" is anything but glam influenced. This is filthy and raw rock´n´roll delivered in an absolutely caustic fashion. Highly aggressive and adrenaline pumped, it´s no wonder "Raw Power" is almost universally hailed as one of the seminal proto punk albums. Iggy Pop sounds positively mad on the album. One moment on the verge of an emotional breakdown and the next commanding and aggressive. I don´t know if he didn´t shoot up for a couple of days before recording the album, but this sounds almost scary at times. Tracks like "Search and Destroy", "You're Pretty Face Is Going To Hell(Hard To Beat)" and the title track were definitely among the most aggressive sounding music released up until then. The band haven´t completely forgotten their jamming psychadelic past though and there are longer jamming type parts on the album too (and a couple of eerie and dark power ballads in "Gimme Danger" and "I Need Somebody"), but the tracks are generally shorter and more edgy than the earlier material by the band. The feeling that the music threatens to beat you to a pulp is not exactly diminished by the ultra raw sound production. If anyone thought the sound on the first two albums was raw, take a listen to this one.

Ultimately "Raw Power" is not the most consistent album and there are tracks that aren´t as great as the best ones on the album, but when the band hit the right notes, they do it with such conviction and fierce energy, that I´m left completely in awe. It´s not an easy album to rate but a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating isn´t all wrong.
A jaw-breaking, teeth-rattling kick to the head from a band who at the time had been written off by just about everyone (save David Bowie, whose intervention allowed this masterpiece to be created in the first place), Raw Power combines Iggy in his wildest mood ever captured on tape with the devastating guitarwork of James Williamson to create a proto-punk masterpiece that deserves its reputation as one of the loudest and heaviest albums ever. At points reaching breakneck speeds (as on Search and Destroy), the band go for the throat and don't let go until the closing note. Even slower songs, like Gimme Danger, ooze with barely restraint violence - often violence against the self. 100% essential listening.

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