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Album · 1990


1. You Can't Bring Me Down (5:50)
2. Lost Again (5:16)
3. Alone (4:24)
4. Lovely (3:45)
5. Give It Revolution (4:22)
6. Get Whacked (4:23)
7. Send Me Your Money (3:24)
8. Emotion No. 13 (3:43)
9. Disco's Out, Murder's In (3:07)
10. Go'n Breakdown (4:38)

Total Time: 42:57


- Mike Muir / Vocals
- Mike Clark / Guitar
- Rock George / Guitar
- Robert Trujillo / Bass
- R.J Herrera / Drums

About this release

Full-length, Epic Records, July 3rd, 1990

Re-released July 16, 2001 by Axe Killer along with "The Art of Rebellion" as "Back to Back Collection"

There were videos made for "You Can't Bring Me Down", "Alone" and "Send Me Your Money".

Thanks to UMUR, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

You say the revolution will not be televised? Suicidal Tendencies beg to differ! This album finds the band having evolved far from the skate punk of their debut and so deep into crossover thrash territory that, depending on exactly where you draw the line, they risk busting out the other side into straight-up thrash territory, with Mike Muir's vocals retaining a bit more of a hardcore punk style to them as a reminder of the band's origins.

As far as what kind of thrash we're looking at... imagine if peak-era Anthrax (singalong moments and all) went substantially darker with their lyrics, and you'll be somewhere in the right region. On the whole, a hell of a fun album. I'd say any thrash metal fan will find plenty to enjoy here, but if you come at crossover thrash from the hardcore punk end of the spectrum, you may need to adjust your expectations accordingly.
Suicidal Tendencies - Lights...Camera...Revolution!

'Lights...Camera...Revolution!' is the fourth studio album by thrash metal/hardcore punk band Suicidal Tendencies. Suicidal Tendencies is a band I've known about for quite a few years now, but for whatever reason never checked them out until this year. While I have listened to quite a few of their albums since finally checking them out, none of the albums I heard I find to be as great and solid as their fourth offering right here.

One thing I love about Suicidal Tendencies and some other thrash acts such as Anthrax, are their sense of humor. It's difficult for me to not laugh a bit when listening to songs like 'Lovely' with lyrics like: 'Screwed up people everywhere, but I ain't got time to care. I feel lovely, lovely...Ha! La la lovely, oh-oh..'. Not only are the lyrics funny, but the mix of thrashing guitar and the funky bassline make this a real treat. The song 'Send Me Your Money', while having a good message, is pretty funny just hearing vocalist Mike Muir singing 'Send me your money' with his unique voice. Speaking of 'Send Me Your Money', the song starts out with a very catchy bassline before the catchy hop of the guitar enters in. Like with 'Lovely', this song has some pretty catchy bass throughout.

My favorite song on the album though is the song 'Lost Again', which is pure thrash goodness. It's crunching guitar and Muir's punk-y vocals fit perfect. The end of the song changes, with a bit more of a jumpy beat. Muir has a very unique voice, fitting very well with the pulsating guitar. His voice has a punk-y edge to it, but I suppose you could also compare him to a more melodic Dave Mustaine tone. It's honestly hard to explain how is voice sounds, he certainly has one of the most unique voices I've heard.

Overall, if you want some fun thrash metal, this is a perfect album to satisfy that need. Hope you found this review helpful.

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