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Album · 2007

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Hour I (3:26)
2. The Game Of Life (4:04)
3. We Were Born To Fly (3:59)
4. The Future Never Dies (4:03)
5. You're Lovin' Me To Death (3:15)
6. 321 (3:53)
7. Love Will Keep Us Alive (4:32)
8. We Will Rise Again (3:49)
9. Your Last Song (3:44)
10. Love Is War (4:20)
11. The Cross (4:29)
12. Humanity (5:26)

Total Time 49:05


- Klaus Meine / lead vocals
- Rudolf Schenker / rhythm guitars, backing vocals
- Matthias Jabs / lead guitars, backing vocals
- James Kottak / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Paweł Mąciwoda / bass, backing vocals

- David Campbell / conducting
- Billy Corgan / vocals (track 11)
- Eric Bazilian / guitar (track 7)
- John 5 / guitar (track 1)
- Russ Irwin / piano (track 4)
- Harry Sommerdahl / programming (track7)
- Jason Paige / backing vocals
- Jeannette Olsson / backing vocals
- James Michael / backing vocals
- Desmond Child / backing vocals
- Angela Whittaker / voice-over
- Roman Shaw Child / voice-over

About this release

28 August 2007
BMG, New Door Records

Limited Edition, LP Edition and Japanese Edition has the following bonus tracks:

13. Cold (3:52)
14. Humanity (radio edit) (4:06)
15. Love Will Keep Us Alive (radio edit) (4:06)

Thanks to Pekka, Lynx33, 666sharon666 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
Someone must have slapped these guys in the face and said to them “Guys, stop the crap and do what you do best” after a couple experimental albums gone awry. The SCORPIONS have mostly been a pop leaning metal band at least since the latter part of the 70s and here on their 16th studio album HUMANITY: HOUR I they bring back their catchy melodic metal however unlike all those hits and ballads of the 80s where the metal was more prominent than the pop, on this one the band focuses a bit more on the pop rather than the metal. Not to say there aren't some great metallic rockers on here but there are simply more tracks devoted to a softer sound for the SCORPS. What is totally new is that this album is a concept album with a very loose storyline about a world devastated by a war between humans and robots. Hmmmm. OK, seems like they had been watching the Terminator movies before they entered the studio. I'll admit i'm not into this one for the lyrics as much :)

This album is also a first for the fact they incorporated the songwriting skills of pop master Desmond Child who has probably written more hits than Dolly Parton and was responsible for many a pop metal hit back in the day including several from Bon Jovi, but also was a key ingredient in the comeback of both Aerosmith and Alice Cooper in the late 80s. He has a recognizable songwriting style and some of the tracks on HUMANITY sound a little like some of those of Alice Cooper's “Trash” in terms of song structure. What really stands out for me is how good this band can still sound when their in the element. Klause Meine despite being nearly 60 when this was released still sounds as good as he ever has with no hints of vocal wear and tear and the rest of the band hits all their notes in stride as well.

Overall this album has one catchy track after another with just enough twists to keep it interesting. Many a track reminisce of days gone by and they all hang together extremely well which is a major surprise coming from the SCORPIONS this late in their career. Although HUMANITY will never usurp the title as best album by these guys, it is a compelling listen with more than enough modern elements to keep it from being solely classified as retro. There are symphonic touches and a whole host of other influences on board including Alice In Chains type riffing in certain tracks as well a mishmash of different sounds and effects. One of my favorites is the title track which sounds the most like a crushing power metal anthem from the 80s only with a grungier approach. The song ends by an interesting Dixiland jazz version of the melody sounding like a scratched record. Pretty decent album for these classic musicians although maybe a few less poppy tracks and a few more metal ones. I'm glad they got out of the terrible rut they fell into during the 90s at least for this album.

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