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Album · 2008

Filed under Nu Metal


1. Fish Out of Water (3:30)
2. Do What You Do (3:36)
3. A New Game (5:03)
4. Have it Your Way (3:45)
5. A Cinderella Story (4:40)
6. The Hate in Me (3:22)
7. Scarlet Letters (3:56)
8. Dull Boy (4:14)
9. Same Ol' (4:49)
10. Never Enough (3:39)
11. We the People (3:07)

Total Time: 43:41

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
1. King of Pain (The Police cover) (4:36)
2. Happy? (Demo) (3:43)
3. Forget to Remember (Acoustic) (3:38)
4. Dig (Live) (4:27)
5. Not Falling (Demo) (4:02)
6. Fall Into Sleep (Demo) (3:40)
7. On the Move (Demo) (3:55)
8. World So Cold (Live) (6:20)
9. Goodbye (Demo) (6:41)
10. Death Blooms (Demo) (4:24)


- Chad Gray / vocals
- Greg Tribbett / guitars, backing vocals
- Ryan Martinie / bass
- Matthew McDonough / drums

About this release

Released by Epic on November 18, 2008.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Mudvayne have made their comeback after a short hiatus caused by Vinne Paul’s Hell Yeah touring schedule. This album was supposed to have come out over a year ago, but it would be economically unsound to release it and then not be able to tour in support of it; so the album was only released now. It will be followed in six months by another Studio album, and so this album may be perceived as either too late or only half of a set.

On purely musical merit, this album is still not the best album the band have ever recorded. Stylistically the album picks up where ‘Lost and Found,’ left off, continuing Mudvayne’s transition from individual, creative, complicated Jazzy metal into the bland American radio rock that bands Like Disturbed are flirting with.

The album contains several songs that were clearly written to be singles, and several dull mid album tracks that never really get going.

The standout tracks for fans of the bands first two albums are ‘We The People,’ ‘A New Game,’ and ‘The Hate In Me,’ Which are the heaviest and most complex, although these songs flirt with melody and sing along choruses, they do so in a much more natural and likable way.

However, for the fan who thought ‘Happy?,’ was the band’s best song, there is plenty on this album to enjoy; its all very pleasant, well written and catchy music, its not dark and angry like ‘LD.50,’ or Ponderous and Thoughtful like ‘The End Of All Things To Come,’ and if that’s not what you like about the band then this album is perfect for you.

It may seem like a doom and gloom review, but it is important to note that even though the style of music has changed doesn’t automatically mean that you will not like it, for example while ‘Scarlet Letters,’ would be out of place on LD.50 with its semi acoustic intro and simple structure, the song is still incredibly listenable and contains all the passion and musicanship you expect from Mudvayne, just in a more easy and accessible form.

My Main worry is that the album will not matter in a few years, LD.50 and The End’ still get regular plays in my and the majority of my friends lives, where as the toning down of ‘Lost and Found,’ has resulted in an album that only gets listened to as one or two tracks, despite its high quality. The New Game is even more radio rock, and perhaps that means its even more disposable.

Only time can tell, but if you buy it you’ll enjoy it for a few months at least, which justifies the price, I just don’t think you’ll be listening to this in 2012.

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