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Demo · 1987


1. For No Reason
2. Definition of Shapes
3. Carousel
4. Evil Satan
5. Walkin' In Circles
6. Snap, Crackle, Pop
7. Cottage Cheese
8. Incoherence
9. No Strings Attached
10. Hi!
11. Fart In A Bag
12. Freight Train

Reissued demo:

1. For No Reason (02:47)
2. Nicotina (08:31)
3. Incoherence (01:03)
4. Carousel (03:42)
5. Evil Satan (02:36)
6. Jumping (Part One) (02:55)
7. Jumping (Part Two) (01:56)
8. Cottage Cheese (01:11)
9. You Can't Make Me Mad (01:45)
10. ( ) (03:52)
11. Freight Train (03:34)
12. No Strings Attached (02:42)
13. Fart in a Bag (01:08)
14. Walkin' in Circles (05:30)
15. Snap, Crackle, Pop (03:04)
16. Hi! (02:30)
17. Definition of Shapes (04:44)

Total Time 53:30


- Mike Patton / vocals
- Trey Spruance / guitars
- Trevor Dunn / bass
- Theo Lengyel / saxophone
- Scott Fritz / trumpet
- Hans Wagner / drums

About this release

Demo cassette self-released 1987. Reissued 1991 on Playhouse Productions.

CD digipack reissue 1997 on Rastacore (RC002MB).

Later releases erroneously titled Bowl Of Chiley.

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition and Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
The second MR BUNGLE demo emerged only a year after the first and found the band shedding their death metal skin and began to take on a ska funk rock sound that was part of the alternative underground of the 80s most notably mastered by bands like Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and 24/7 Spyz amongst others. Likewise with a sound shift came a new cast of characters. While Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn were riding the BUNGLE carousel for the long run, others like Jed Watts and Martin Fosnaugh jumped ship after only one demo. While Theo Lengyel wouldn’t remain with the band till its demise, he nevertheless appeared on all the early demos. The is also the only appearance of Scott Fritz who played trumpet.

So different in style is the second demo BOWEL OF CHILEY compared to the previous “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” that it sounds like a completely different band with only Mike Patton’s signature vocal style giving a clue as to who this band is. While the first demo was rather short in length, BOWEL OF CHILEY is a full album’s length with different tracks taking on different identities ranging from ska and funk rock to (occasional) avant-garde metal and just plain weird rock. While the the next two demos showcased many of the primeval forms of tracks that would be reworked and released on the 1991 debut album, this one contains almost exclusively compositions that would never see the light of day on any album with the sole exception of “Carousel” which sounds very primitive compared to the masterpiece it would become. While the main melodic riff was already developed, Mike Patton’s vocals weren’t and the whole thing sounds like a drunken romp at a Mexican mariachi party.

Speaking of mariachi parties, “Evil Satan” probably sounds the most like a Mexican tequila march and fully in sync with the swing revival fad of the 90s with a dash of alternative rock guitar added to the recipe. Nice trumpet work though and this tracks sounds a lot like Fishbone only not nearly as good as their debut EP from 1985. “Jumping” has some great jazzy guitar work from Spruance although Patton doesn’t quite pull off the Ethel Merman thing with his scatting. The track “( )” (no, Sigur Ros didn’t come up with that!) is probably my favorite as Trevor Dunn displays his full bass playing fury as does Spruance churn out the most funkified guitar riffs that turn into heavy funk metal. Also Patton seems to have mastered his vocals and overall the track is just more interesting and varied. It sounds more professional and closer to the avant-garde funk metal prowess of the debut album. It’s also a sneak preview into the world of progressive rock with some wickedly cool time signature deviations and compositional fortitude.

There are two versions of this demo. The first was released as a cassette and meant to be what it was released as: a demo. It contained twelve tracks from “For No Reason” to “Freight Train.” The popularity of the band in the 90s found the demand for their demos to be re-issued so lo and behold a CD version emerged in 1997 with five extra unreleased tracks with cute names like “Far In A Bag” and “Snap, Crackle, Pop.” Although an improvement and a welcome stylistic shift from their lackluster death metal days, BOWEL OF CHILEY is a long way from prime time and finds the band able to write a few catchy songs, most of the tracks come off as amateurish and mediocre. Add to that that they still haven’t mastered the art of performing them. Patton’s vocals are particularly awful and he hadn’t quite learned the techniques he was grasping for. An interesting historical artifact for those who wish to dig deep but not really of interest for anyone else.

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