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EP · 1986

Filed under Sludge Metal


A1. Easy as It Was (02:39)
A2. Now a Limo (00:53)
A3. Grinding Process (02:44)
B1. At a Crawl (03:13)
B2. Disinvite (01:23)
B3. Snake Appeal (01:52)

Total Time 12:44


- Buzz Osborne / guitars, vocals
- Dale Crover / drums
- Matt Lukin / bass, vocals

About this release

7" 33⅓ RPM vinyl EP released 1986 on C/Z Records (CZ002).

Recorded live to 2 track at Ironwood, February 8, 1986.

Later added as bonus tracks on the cassette version of "Gluey Porch Treatments".

Re-released on CD on the compilation albums "10 Songs" and "26 Songs", released in 1991 and 2003, respectively.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Six Songs" or just "Melvins" is the first EP release by US heavy rock/metal act the Melvins. The pre-album EP was released through C/Z Records in 1986. The EP features 6 tracks and a total playing time of 12:44 minutes. The material on the EP has been re-released in various forms over the years. Some versions of Melvins debut full-length studio album "Gluey Porch Treatments (1987)", feature the 6 tracks from the EP as bonus material, and the tracks from the EP also appear on the two compilation albums "10 Songs" from 1991 and "26 Songs" from 2003.

Stylistically the music is raw, hard rocking, and crushingly heavy rock/metal with an angry sounding Buzz Osborne in front. It´s fairly stripped-down guitar, bass, drums, and vocal trio music, with a gritty authentic "garage" sound. Melvins are obviously influenced by both the heavy doom rock/metal of Black Sabbath and the early- to mid eighties US punk/hardcore scene.

The EP is almost over before it began, but it´s still long enough to give a good impression of what early Melvins are about. Raw and organic rhythmic playing, aggression, ultra heavy riffs, and burst of adventurous creativity. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is deserved.
siLLy puPPy
While bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden often erroneously get credited for the advent of grunge and alternative forms of metal, in reality another Washington act like Montesano’s MELVINS was taking elements of hardcore punk, classic rock and heavy metal and mixing it all together as early as 1983 when the band was formed by longtime members Buzz Osbourne (vocals, guitars) and Dale Crover (drums) both of whom have been in the band since its formation.

In addition to the alternative grunge scene that would take the world by storm a decade alter, MELVINS were also instrumental in forging sludge metal which has become quite popular in the last few decades as it successfully bridged the gap between hardcore punk and doom metal with its heavily distorted guitar sounds and contrasting slow-down tempos that together offered a unique abrasiveness hitherto unknown in the world of heavy metal.

The band took a few years to hone its sound but by 1986 it unleashed its first release in the form of the EP titled 6 SONGS which threw the disparate genera of hardcore punk, noise rock, grunge and doom metal into the cauldron and crafted the very first example sludge metal at least sludge metal that was fully developed as punk bands like Black Flag often are cited as offering the first clues of where extreme punk and metal were heading.

6 SONGS was originally released as a vinyl 7” and was followed by another EP titled “10 Songs” in 1991 and eventually were released together as the compilation “26 Songs” in 2003. While this EP does play an important role in developing the sludge metal style historically speaking, what is offered here is more akin to unpolished DIY garage punk that incorporated some doom metal elements to make it stand out from any other release of the era and for that it is revered far and wide for its innovative out of the box thinking.

As an entertaining listening experience though i don’t personally find it very satisfying as it is poorly recorded and the tracks aren’t very developed. Not that that’s a bad thing but i’m not a huge MELVINS fan to begin with and there is nothing on this unpolished first offering that particularly stands out as outstanding craftsmanship. As a key pivotal moment in metal history, 6 SONGS is truly noteworthy and should be experienced by all who are interested in the phylogeny of sludge metal but honestly if you’re looking for a primo sludge metal experience you’d have to fast forward to 90s when bands like Neurosis, Acid Bath, Eyehategod and even the MELVINS itself took the subgenre in more interesting directions.

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