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Movie · 2009

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Disc one:
1. Iron Maiden - Flight 666: The Film

Total Time approx 113 mins

Disc two:
1. Churchill's Speech (0:43)
2. Aces High (4:49)
3. 2 Minutes to Midnight (5:57)
4. Revelations (6:28)
5. The Trooper (4:01)
6. Wasted Years (5:07)
7. The Number of the Beast (5:07)
8. Can I Play With Madness (3:36)
9. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (13:41)
10. Powerslave (7:28)
11. Heaven Can Wait (7:35)
12. Run to the Hills (3:59)
13. Fear of the Dark (7:32)
14. Iron Maiden (5:26)
15. Moonchild (7:29)
16. The Clairvoyant (4:38)
17. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:52)

Total Time 102 mins


- Bruce Dickinson / vocals
- Dave Murray / guitar
- Janick Gers / guitar
- Adrian Smith / guitar, backing vocals
- Steve Harris / bass, backing vocals
- Nicko McBrain / drums

- Michael Kenney / keyboards

About this release

2 DVD and Blu-Ray, EMI, 2009.

Flight 666: The Film documents the first leg of Iron Maiden's Somewhere Back in Time tour, the second disc has the entire tour set list filmed in 16 different cities.

Thanks to Bartje1979 for the addition and Pekka, Lynx33 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I enjoyed this rockumentary on the Irons thoroughly because it did not try to emulate the plethora of other rockumentaries we have all seen that focus on the infighting of stage crews and band members encountering one disaster after another (Metallica, Anvil) and then at the end they all make up and play their last song together. The Spinal Tappiness of such docos is worn out now. This doco on Maiden does the opposite, very little goes wrong and the band are always in high spirits, having fun and getting on. Now they have grown up, even their families go on the road with them. They commend each other in interviews as essential to the band and all have positive things to say as to the role of each member. They like to tease the air hostesses with annoying songs to the tune of Go West, and they play tricks on each other. They reference Monty Python and other British icons. They always have time for the fans, rabid for an autograph. The music is as good as ever and they are one of the bands who actually bother to visit cities or towns that are rarely visited by other massive groups. The fans are so grateful we see them pour out adoration and even tears for their beloved Irons. One cries his soul out when getting a drumstick during a show. It is a very moving scene, he has obviously been touched by the experience.

The doco is a powerful look at how to stay together as a band, they do not drink and do drugs liberally, instead take their music seriously and give everything to the fans and into the albums. They always seem upbeat in their approach to life, and I was quite taken aback by the optimism of all concerned and it was refreshing. Being in a band and making millions should be an experience to savour, not be burdened with. The crew seem to love their work and do not take it for granted. There are none of the obligatory shots of semi naked girls or demonised shots of angry band members. Instead the band are more role models, though they know how to swear as much as the fans do. The performances are snippets of their greatest tunes, played in various venues, such as my beloved all time favourite Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. To see Dickinson piloting the Ed Force One plane is surreal and it follows a map and we are on the journey. We are also treated to a lot of info about piloting, and it is quite astonishing to see how accomplished a pilot Dicko has become. Because of his skills, the band are able to fly quickly to their destinations with all their equipment on the same plane, and this is groundbreaking.

This is the best doco I have seen on Iron Maiden. The bonus disc consists of full versions of all the songs featured in the film. A must for fans of the monsters of metal.
Conor Fynes
'Flight 666: The Film' - Iron Maiden (9/10)

Iron Maiden is a band that any competent metalhead can at least respect for their influence and grip on the genre. After being on the scene for three decades, the band has garnered a massive worldwide following. While the genre of 'heavy metal' is a style of music thats very rarely represented in the more troubled nations of our planet. With one of the most dedicated fanbases of any band, this film 'Flight 666' takes the band (and the viewer, in turn) around the world on one of the most ambitious tours in music history, and the influence of a band uncompromised in the face of a constantly changing world.

The writer and director for this film, Sam Dunn was also the maker of another metal documentary, 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey' (which is essential viewing for any fans of the music.) Having proved his talent for music journalism in his past work, it was an exciting prospect to see a film of such a nature under his eye.

Travelling around the world, the band obviously visits alot of places, including a vast array of cultures. In each of these different cultures, it was interesting to see how the band is received, even in very exotic locales. Here, Iron Maiden plays for their first time in India, which is also the first heavy metal concert ever held in the nation. Thousands upon thousands of young aspiring metalheads show up for the gig, and the masses line up if only for a peek at their idols. It's easy to call the band a bonafide phenomenon when there's such dedication to the group around the world.

The most moving reaction to the band was in South America, particularly Columbia. People camped out for days before the show itself, in order to get a better spot for the show. Military police are called in to govern the teeming crowds. People are brought to tears after watching the concert, having been so moved by their experience.

Despite this almost fanatic appreciation the band receives, the documentary also shows how down to earth the band members are. They like to drink, and a round of golf occasionally. It might be that casual nature that makes them a band that people can really relate to. 'Flight 666' sheds light on a band that's touching lives through their music.

'Flight 666' is everything a music documentary should be, put simply. Five stars.

Members reviews

Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (2009)

Leaving on a jetplain...

I love this band. It was the first real music I listened to (I was 11 years old when my brothers hired a cd from the library because of it's weird cover) and the band regains my full attention once in a while. This time because of a new concept: the band that had a plain. This new approach to a world tour isn't just about luxury. This way they could play in nations they weren't able to attend before because of logistic reasons.

This new Iron Maiden film is precisely what an Iron Maiden fan wants. It shows both their amazing skills on stage and their professional approach to playing live AND the other important Iron Maiden thing: I sincerely like the personalities of the band-members and the sum of it. Lead-singer Bruce Dickinson that actually flies the 767, band-leader and bass- player Harris with his always soft voice and shy/sympathizing way of speaking about the band, the funny drummer Nicko McBrain, the shy and golf-playing guitar master Dave Murray, the wise and involved Jannick Gers and the fishing/sightseeing guitar pro Adrian Smith. This movie shows why it is no a miracle a band that Iron Maiden is still a big fish around in the metal-scene.

I like films about bands with good interviews with critical questions (like in Live at Pompeii). It's good to hear band-members talk about issues like: the South-American audiences that are so intensive that it's hard to be blown away as a band, how to deal with big world tour with all the people around you, etc.

The live material presented here is of good quality, but perhaps not as perfect as Rock in Rio. It's nice to see Maiden play in these different places all over the world, but the sound quality and characteristics differ now and then. I do think the experience of the movie is main feature of this dvd-set, not per se the live performances on dvd 2.

Conclusion. A great concept for a tour, a great film and a lot of good live footage. This is a doc about a legendary metal band (with some nice progressive influences..) and it's a story about a ground-braking tour. This dvd is recommended to metal-fans, fans of the band of course and everyone that wants to see a good film about a good band. It might even be a good way to get to know Iron Maiden as a newbie. There might be some debate whether this band is very important for progressive music or very progressive itself, I do think a lot of people in this community will come to like their great sound, their songs and epics and their melodic approach to metal. Four stars.

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