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Album · 1997

Filed under Death Metal


1. The Silent Creature (8:41)
2. Contamination (2:13)
3. Fearless Undead Machines (7:50)
4. From the Ground They Came (2:16)
5. Night of the Deceased (7:53)
6. Graphic Repulsion (5:02)
7. Mysterious Research (8:00)
8. Beyond Science (4:54)
9. Unhuman Drama (5:16)
10. The Psychic (6:13)
11. Destiny (9:38)

Total Time: 68:02

Bonus disc
1. The Silent Creature (live) (8:55)
2. The Silent Creature (demo) (7:59)
3. Fearless Undead Machines (rehearsal) (7:36)
4. From the Ground They Came (demo) (2:15)
5. Night of the Deceased (demo) (7:39)
6. Graphic Repulsion (rehearsal) (4:12)
7. Mysterious Research (demo) (7:26)
8. Beyond Science (live) (4:21)
9. Beyond Science (demo) (4:31)
10. Unhuman Drama (rehearsal) (4:40)
11. The Psychic (remix) (6:04)
12. Destiny (rehearsal) (7:30)

Total Time: 73:14


- Mike Smith / Guitars
- King Fowley / Vocals, Drums
- Les Snyder / Bass
- Mark Adams / Guitars

About this release

Relapse Records, June 8th, 1997

Released on double LP format by Hells Headbangers in 2004.

A concept album based on The Living Dead trilogy as well as other famous "zombie" movies.

Re-released and remastered in 2008.
This version by Shrieks From The Hearse Records contains a second cd with the following tracklist:

1. The Silent Creature (Live Feb 25 2000)
2. The Silent Creature (Demo 1996)
3. Fearless Undead Machines (Rehearsal Instrumental 1996)
4. From The Ground They Came (Demo 1996)
5. Night Of The Deceased (Demo 1996)
6. Graphic Repulsion (Rehearsal Instrumental 1996)
7. Mysterious Research (Demo 1996)
8. Beyond Science (Live Sept 24 1996)
9. Beyond Science (Demo 1996)
10. Unhuman Drama (Rehearsal Instrumental 1996)
11. The Psychic (Re-recorded vocals and remixed for unreleased 1998 single)
12. Destiny (Rehearsal Instrumental 1996)

Recorded in October 1996 at Oblivion Studios, Upper Marlboro, MD.

Thanks to UMUR for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Thrash Metal was in a sorry state in the late 90’s. Most prominent Thrash bands got infected by the Groove virus or fizzled out into softer styles, and not many new bands were popping up. More extreme and experimental styles of Metal were running both the underground and the mainstream.

But of course, you still got bands like Deceased, who played unrelenting Deathrash in an undisguised love letter to the 80’s. The album is absolutely ripping, full of fantastic riffs and very well composed, lengthy songs. It’s got a Heavy Metal influence, and integrates slower, more melodic portions between the aggression, making the songs varied and effective at maintaining intrigue despite the lengths.

It’s also a concept album about zombies based on the Night of the Living Dead series. How fun is that? I’m also gonna shout out the vocalist Fowley, who not only has a perfect hybrid Thrash yell/Deathgrowl, but is also the drummer! And the drums kick ass! This was pretty much as good as the genre got at that point in time. Never given enough credit or limelight, Deceased remain an underground treasure, but they deserve much more because this is up there with the best of the Deathrash bands.
"Fearless Undead Machines" is the 3rd full-length studio album by US death/thrash metal act Deceased. The album was released through Relapse Records in June 1997. It´s the successor to "The Blueprints for Madness" from 1995. "Fearless Undead Machines" is a concept release featuring a zombie storyline based on the George A. Romero zombie trilogy and other zombie movies.

"Fearless Undead Machines" opens with a sample from the "Night of the Living Dead" movie from 1968, setting the stage and atmosphere for the rest of the album. During the album there are a couple of atmospheric interludes and intros to songs, and a narrator is filling in the blanks of the story, that the lyrics to the tracks don´t tell.

Stylistically Deceased have more or less shed all their death metal influences and the material on "Fearless Undead Machines" are more old school thrash/speed metal and traditional heavy metal oriented. It´s not completely unlike for example early Necrophagia (maybe also because of the similar lyrical content), although Deceased are generally a bit more sophisticated and varied in their songwriting approach. Most tracks feature recognisable vers/chorus main structures, but almost all tracks break that formula and incorporate other types of sections and solo breaks, which often result in the songs being relatively long (six of them are longer than 6 minutes in playing time and the closing track "Destiny" is almost 10 minutes long). So it´s actually a pretty interesting combination of old school heavy metal elements and relatively adventurous song structures. I wouldn´t call this progressive, but because of the unconventional song structures it´s not completely wrong to say there are leanings.

Deceased are a well playing act (the guitar solos and themes should be mentioned as some of the highlights), and they opt for an organic playing style (especially the drumming has a nice loose feel to it). A playing style which impact is further enhanced by the raw, powerful, and organic sounding production. It´s definitely an album where the playing style and the production job are in perfect sync. Lead vocalist/drummer King Fowley has a raw voice and primal delivery, but there are no growling vocals on this album. The narration can be a little awkward, but given the already campy subject matter, the narration fits pretty well.

"Fearless Undead Machines" is an intriguing quality release by Deceased. The combination of stylistic elements, the skilled organic performances, and the raw and well sounding production, make the album an entertaining listening experience. The relatively adventurous/unconventional songwriting also makes the album interesting to listen to in the long run, as it´s a release you can find new details on every time you give it a spin. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

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