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Album · 2001


1. Bullets (3:49)
2. Freedom Fighter (2:36)
3. Who's Got My Back? (8:25)
4. Signs (4:29)
5. One Last Breath (3:58)
6. My Sacrifice (4:54)
7. Stand Here With Me (4:17)
8. Weathered (5:30)
9. Hide (4:27)
10. Don't Stop Dancing (4:33)
11. Lullaby (3:04)

Total Time: 50:06


- Scott Stapp / vocals
- Mark Tremonti / guitar, bass, backing vocals
- Scott Phillips / drums, percussion

- John Kurzweg / keyboards
- Amie Stapp / backing vocals
- Bo Taylor / Cherokee Indian prayer
- Tallahassee Boys' Choir / choir

About this release

Released by Wind-up Records.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Now this is the period of Creed where I took interest. Mainly cause from this album they released 3 sucussfel singles, which had frequent radio play and had great music videos.

Now Creed's big major sucess came before this album, when they release their most radio freindly song "With Arms Wide Open", a cheesy Christian rock ballad thingy. Now this album seems to have some of that sucess rub of them, with more ballad like songs, but their hard rock roots have not been abandoned, because their is some really rocking moments on this album (in fact their heaviest song is on this album).

Now compared to Full Circle, this album is a breath of fresh air, and prooves that these guys actually mattered for a while.

One of the most striking things I found, which after listening to Full Circle, was that I didn't feel like turning it off at any point, Ok, every song isn't perfect, but they were still listenable (unlike the stuff on that abomination of a new release of theirs).

The album is a bit of a change from their earlier stuff, and looking back at their discography, this seems to be their most experimental album. I mean this album isn't as straightforward as the rest of their stuff. Their really is a bit of everything on this, but its still listenable enough throughout. The band line up had changed, and their was some turbulence, so some of that anger and emotion was reflected. Scott's voice at times can be a bit too "Scott Stapp", but at other times, he does some great vocal work. And his lyrics are quite good at times too.

1. Bullets - This is their heaviest song. I was really suprised when I heard this song, cause it actually made like Creed. The song does have some Metallica like moments, but it's still pretty unique for the band. Great music video too. 10/10

2. Freedom Fighter - Another quite rocking song on the album. Maybe these guys haven't completely lost touch with their roots. 7/10

3. Who's Got My Back - This is a pretty interesting moment on the album. Quite atmospheirc and proggy at times. But to be honest, it doesn't really lead to much at times. But at times it does gratify itself to be pretty enjoyable. 7/10

4. Signs - A quite bluesy riff, with some nice grooves. Vocals are a bit chesssy, but hey, its Creed, what did you expect. 7/10

5. One Last Breath - Ok, this is a bit of a cheesy moment, but to be honest, I really like this song. I think out of all of their ballads this is their best one. And Scott's vocals are pretty cool in this song, and he hits some really interesting notes and tones. 10/10

6 My Sacrifice - Ok, this song is more cheesy, but to be honest, even then, its a good enough song. Ok it's funny, but its still enjoyable. 7/10

7. Stand Here With Me - Probabbly one of the best songs on the album. Great chorus, and interesting arrangement throughout. I secretly really like this song. 10/10

8. Weathered - This song is pretty cool and pretty impressive for Creed.. It has a pretty cool chorus, and some the lyrics are pretty cool. Their is an odd vocal riff I like in this song. 9/10

9. Hide - Maybe a bit too Christian rock at times, but to be honest, it is realy catchy and has some nice lovely moments, and then moments with some nice distorted guitars. 9/10

10. Don't Stop Dancing - This song is a bit silly I guess, but its nice enough. Not filler exactly, just not my thing. 6/10

11. Lullaby - An odd way to end the album. I don't completely get it, but its pretty, I guess. 6/10

CONCLUSION: I really wasn't expecting much from this album...mainly cause...its Creed. But this suprised me. As a Creed album, this is great...and as an album in general, its pretty great.


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