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3.32 | 19 ratings | 7 reviews
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Album · 2002


1. Second Stage Turbine Blade (0:54)
2. Time Consumer (5:43)
3. Devil in Jersey City (4:48)
4. Everything Evil (5:52)
5. Delirium Trigger (4:47)
6. Hearshot Kid Disaster (5:42)
7. 33 (3:31)
8. Junesong Provision (5:22)
9. Neverender (5:23)
10. God Send Conspirator / IRO-Bot (13:45)

Total Time: 55:52


- Claudio Sanchez / vocals, guitars
- Travis Stever / guitars
- Michael Todd / bass, vocals
- Josh Eppard / drums, piano

About this release

Equal Vision/Defiance, March 5, 2002.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Unlike the other COHEED albums I absolutely adore, this one is probably my least favorite.

Being their debut, I can't blame the band for having not as much as their later gusto on this album. I still like it, however. The first time I heard the songs from this album was when I picked up my first album by them-their LIVE AT ZONA ROSA live EP, which I must say they made the songs sound really good. On this, they sound more like if Fall Out Boy got a sore throat coupled with a stroke.

The instrumentals are pretty impressive for them not really knowing what they were doing at the time. 'Everything Evil' and 'Delirium Trigger' show this most of all in my opinion.

Overall, I don't really favor the indie-sounding metal they tried to do in the beginning, but the sound is not absolutely horrible. SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE is good, but not my favorite.
siLLy puPPy
Ugh. I can't say much that I like about this album. To me it simply sounds like a garage band version of the Mars Volta. I know this came before their debut album but I actually prefer their version of screamo emo. Every song on this album sounds the same. It's the same mono-drumming, the same riffing, the same awful vocals. There is some stuff from this band that is absolutely brilliant so when I saw this first album at a very discounted price I thought i'd pick it up and give it a spin. What can I say? I love so much music and there's really not much out there that I just can't stand but I hate to say it fans of this album that this is one of those albums that makes me cringe. The only thing I like about this album is some of the really cool spacey intros to the songs. Throughout the whole album I keep wishing that they would just explore that territory and make an awesome ambient album instead but then it turns into.... well, something that displeases me immensely :(
Coheed And Cambria’s debut studio album The Second Stage Turbine Blade was released back in 2002. On this; their first ever album, the band’s music wasn’t as developed or progressive as it would eventually become, and the vocals haven’t developed as fully as they are on the band’s later efforts but it is no less of a strong record.

If you have only heard the band’s later work, it may take a good few listens to adjust to the style and especially to get used to the production, which isn’t as polished as the later albums, but you’ll be well rewarded should you choose to preserve and allow the album to grow on you.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade is a great record, the songs are all enjoyable and the lyrics right from the off are as inventive and interesting as they ever became. If you watch the version of this album performed live on the Neverender DVD you’ll soon come to appreciate just what a good album this is and how well it still stands up today even despite its production and Claudio’s vocals.

Highlight moments include the opener `Time Consumer,’ and `Delirium Trigger,’ which foresees the direction the band would take on their next album and `33,’ which is a fun almost pop punky song that sounds utterly unlike anything else the band would ever release.

To conclude; Coheed And Cambria fan should never overlook or write off this album just due to its age or lack of hit singles. Its still full of good songs that fit in with the band’s overall catalogue better than you’d expect and is worthy of inclusion in any fan’s collection.
This is album doesn't seem like much, but when you look at's alot: it's a debut; the start of a concept saga; a massive risk; an experiment that can explode at any time...and it all works. And thats the beauty of Coheed...everything they!]

Being a big progression from their Shabutie days, Coheed decided to evolve thei career around...a concept. Yes, this will always be the bane of these guys existence! Concepts...and ones which are quite hard to follow and understand, mainly cause all the detail is in the comics that Claudio writes...oh yes, their's literature supporting these classic songs.

Now as a debut, this is incredibly impressive. This album is alot like Keeping Secrets I think, where its the consistency thoughout which enables you to listen further, and not really get bored of the same sound, because how they are able to keep it consistent, yet keep u fascinated at the same time.

The album maintains that post hardcore and emo (really hate to use that word, because I remember liking the earlier bands, before the style came into fashion and the word got changed...pejoration at its best really) sound, yet incorporating a maturer prog stance than what was heard from Shabutie.

The production also has a similar sound to Shabutie, and its what gives the album a very domestic charm. The songs are also a bit different, in that verse's and chorus' arent a big must do on the album, so stuff can happen that will suprise you...key changes, odd riffs, added vocal parts, contrapuntal vocal parts, its a whole artistic freedom really at the end of the day, yet they can still keep every thing contemporay (well contemporary for the Coheed fan)

Theirs more screaming vocals on this album, and I think Claudio's vocals really are amazing, even at times where he'll go off pitch, or he'll make a vocal squeek, I love. It's a very raw album, and it really adds to the concept as well (being the most action packed album really). As usual the songs are very catchy, but even at times, some songs have dark undertones, or are in themselves quite dark songs, and its interesting for Coheed to be dark now and then.

The Neverender version is also pretty cool too, cause the songs were messed around with and made more "modern".

1. Second Stage Turbine Blade - A decent enough intro, although, the whole intro is progressed to new heights, especially in their newer albums. 8/10

2. Time Consumer - The almost jazzy intro really is an amazing start to this album and song. After that its an amazing song, with some nice proggy moments, cool use of synths, an amazing guiatr solo from Dr. Know (Bad Brains), and an epic cathcy chorus. 10/10

3. Devil In Jersey City - It's funny, this song is so poppy and joyfull...yet its about murder and rape. Yea, didn't expect that did you. 10/10

4. Everything Evil - A very tense and atmopsheric intro. The song itself is just amazing, and back in my band days, I used to love playing this song...and singing it is a massive challenge. Great lyrics and the drama within the song itself is very exciting. And the ending is very epic too. 10/10

5. Delirum Trigger - One of my personal favourites from these guys. A quite dark turn for the band, but it's played off so well. Great chorus and great chaotic vocals from Claudio. The arrangement again is amazingly put together, with some nice dramatic moments. I love the lyrics too. 10/10

6. Hearshot Kid Disaster - Love the intro, and how its stopped by an ear shattering scream. A very poppy song, even though alot of it deals with murder. Although I think its one of the weakest songs on the album, still great though. 9/10

7. 33 - A very underlooked song from this album, and its odd, because I think it's the catchiest song on the album. Again, another very poppy song...that has alot of death and murder in it. 10/10

8. Junesong Provision - Another one of my personal favourites. I don't know what it is about this song, I think it's all the different parts and sections that it goes through, it's just a very interesting song, and on the special edition of the album, theirs an acoustic version of the song, which I prefer actually. 10/10

9. Neverender - Everyone adores this song, and to be honest, I've never really been much of a fan of it. It's a good song and all, but it doesn't compare to the rest of the songs on this album. It has a nice wee chorus though. 9/10

10. God Send Conspirator - Great ending to the album. I love the song's jazzy arrangement. Great chorus too, and the song plays out amazingly. 10/10

CONCLUSION: This really is a classic album, and it may be a bit too post hardcore for some people, but I think it's one of the best debut albums every made in my opinion.
Conor Fynes
'The Second Stage Turbine' - Coheed & Cambria (7/10)

There's been great controversy over whether or not this band should even be on the site. While the answer should be a resounding 'yes' (listen to the song 'The Willing Well I: Fuel For The Feeding End' from the first 'Good Apollo' album, and you should see what I mean) this album is not very progressive. That doesn't mean however, that it's not good, or doesn't incorperate some progressive elements into the music.

Songs like 'Time Consumer' and 'Godsend Conspirator' are fantastic songs in their own right, and are Coheed classics. I really, really like this album, although it wasn't always like that. Unlike the other Coheed albums, which I enjoyed from first spin on, this release took quite a while to get into. At first, I thought it was mediocre, and very one-tracked indie music. But after taking it for what it is, and after hearing a friend's argument saying it was an amazing album for it's 'flow,' I gave it another chance, and I found myself really liking the music.

Even though this is the band's first record, the guitar work feels like it's the best out of any of the Coheed & Cambria albums. Songs like 'Everything Evil' really show the guitarist's skill.

While I may like this album, as can be said for 'In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth,' it can't be promised that prog fans will be first to enjoy this. But if you know what to expect, and are open to many styles of music, this should be worth checking out, for sure.
Time Signature
Everything evil...

Genre: progressively inclined alternative rock/metal

Compared to their later releases, this debut album by Coheed and Cambria is more on the rock side than on the metal side, drawing on so-called emo rock, noise rock, power pop, post-punk rock and progressive rock.

But the metal influences are there, and I think that tracks like "Devil In Jersey City", "June Provision Song", and "Elf-Tower New Mexico" (a bonus track on certain reissue versions) are straight metal songs with some progressive elements though, while other tracks like "Time Consumer", "Everything Evil", "Neverender" and "33" roam the the fuzzy no-man's land between alternative rock and alternative metal, and tracks like "Hearshot Kid Disaster" and "God Send Conspirator" will probably not be readily accepted as having anything to do with metal by many metalheads (although there are some metal elements in even those tracks).

On the whole, I like the melting pot of style on this album, and as a rock album I like it very much, and would probably give it a 4-star rating, but given that this is a metal music database, I will give it a 3-star rating.

Members reviews

Coheed and Cambria are one of my all time favourite bands, so whilst I will try not to be biased there may appear moments of favouritism!

Second Stage Turbine Blade (SSTB) as their first release is still fairly accomplished. The album does not contain the clear and finished production that the rest of their releases enjoys (to the point that I would be interested in hearing a re-recording of the album as much as I hate the needless reproduction of back catalogues) and at times, I personally feel, this can detract from the listening experience as it can sound dated and untidy.

However the music itself, audio qualms aside, is very good and I really enjoy this album. Coheed's albums are instantly recognisable by their opening 'segues' (as good a term as any for the ~1 minute instrumentals). Their music is characterised by vibrant and speedy riffs that compliment the lyrical hooks. The bass and drums for Coheed present a strong, groovy backbone for the diverse guitar playing and eclectic vocals of front man Claudio Sanchez.

As mentioned in previous reviews, whilst the bands later albums give us a more metal and mature sound, SSTB is the youthful pop/punk/emo output for Coheed. That is not to say that the album is under-developed or out of character for the band, it is simply clear that they still on the way to developing a final sound. The album contains all the usual things that make Coheed great and is a good introduction for people as they can, in my opinion, only move upwards from this release.

SSTB does contain a number of Coheed's classics and live favourites, "Time Consumer", "Everything Evil", "Neverender" and the album is fitting with the concept/story theme that defines the journey through their albums.

While I wouldn't say it is essential to a collection (I would be adverse to describing any of Coheed's albums as essential, as it is the entirety of their catalogue to date as one continuous piece that I would describe as essential) it is definitely an excellent debut that's worth trying.

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