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Album · 2006


1. In the Eyes of My Soul (First Movement) (0:47)
2. Creep Evil (0:59)
3. Sleeping Beauty - The Journey (1:29)
4. Purity (1:48)
5. Sleeping Beauty - Connected (1:27)
6. Tongue Angel (1:22)
7. I Moved (1:26)
8. Blackened in My Eyes (2:13)
9. Temptations (0:19)
10. Fiery Woman (0:37)
11. Sweet Irony (0:22)
12. Conversation of the Dead (0:16)
13. The Perfect Heart (0:58)
14. The Perfect Heart, Parts II - Think (0:36)
15. The Key - Imagine (0:09)
16. The Perfect Heart, Part III (Modulated instrumental) (0:27)
17. The Black Widow (0:27)
18. The Key, Parts II - Naked Truth (0:09)
19. The Kiss of the Wind (0:18)
20. Dark Wild Rage (2:41)
21. Temptations, Parts II - Return (Modulated) (0:12)
22. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1:17)
23. Cold as Blue (0:32)
24. The Awakening (0:21)
25. Cold as Blue - Like a Candle You Start to Drip (0:23)
26. Bilingues Cavendi - One Should Beware of the Double-Tongued (0:08)
27. The Awakening, Parts II - The Smile (0:18)
28. The Awakening, Parts III - Opening the Curtains to a Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching the Singing Birds (0:20)
29. In the Eyes of My Soul (First Movement Modulated With Irony) (0:20)
30. Past the Magic (1:12)
31. Past the Magic, Part II (Rhythmic Laughter) (1:12)
32. Nightwandering on Needles (0:20)
33. In the Eyes of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony) (0:18)
34. In the Eyes of My Soul (Second Movement) (1:03)
35. 6 Seconds Past (1:19)
36. Organ Scientistic Formula (1) (2:59)
37. Nightwandering on Needles, Parts II - The Answer (0:24)
38. 6 Black Roses - Ship of Rowing Slaves (1:05)
39. Autumn Fog Message (1:33)
40. Sleeping Beauty Returns - The Black Box of Reverse (Forward) (0:21)
41. The Black Box of Reverse (1:10)
42. In the Eyes of My Soul (Third Movement) (0:32)
43. In the Eyes of My Soul - For the Love of Art and the Making (Finale) (1:21)

Total Time: 37:49


- Jacob Hansen / Vocals,Guitar
- Anders (Exo) Ericson Kragh / Guitars
- "Devillian" / Bass
- Finn Zierler / Keyboards
- Tomas Fredén / Drums
- Björn Jansson / Vocals

About this release

Massacre / Nightmare
April 21st, 2006

"The concept is compounded by 43 sections and 3 hidden sections. The sections
are pieces of a puzzle. Lyrics and music both play important roles. Each section
has it's own life/story and every section is a brick of the whole puzzle.
Depending on in which order you listen to the pieces of the puzzle you'll get a
new picture of For The Love Of Art And The Making. So you can really understand
this piece of work in numerous different ways. It's up to you how you gather the
puzzle." -Finn Zierler

Thanks to colt, adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

After two incredible albums of high-quality progressive metal, Danish band Beyond Twilight shoot themselves in the foot by getting a bit too artsy and fancy with 2006’s ‘For the Love of Art and the Making’. The clue is clearly there in the title. At 38 minutes in length, and featuring 43 tracks, each barely a minute long, the idea behind this release is that the tracks can be played in any order and, depending on how you listen to it, it supposedly can bear different meanings each time.

Yeah, alright.

Can anyone truly say they listened to this more than a couple of times without losing interest? Just as you start to enjoy one segment it skips straight to the next. And everything is so disjointed, no matter what order you play it in. In fact, I tried it a couple of times in random orders, and nothing flows smoothly at all. Additionally, it’s near-impossible to really understand any of what’s going on without actually knowing the lyrics. Bugger that!

It’s a huge shame, as Beyond Twilight’s previous two releases, 2001’s ‘The Devil’s Hall of Fame’ and 2005’s ‘Section X’ are genuinely fantastic albums. These guys are amazing musicians and have an instantly distinctive sound of their own. And while the idea behind ‘For the Love...’ is interesting and massively ambitious, they just weren’t able to make anything substantial come out of it.

I give the album two stars simply because there is some great musicianship and performances, and there are a couple of moments that are pretty neat (if, by pretty neat, you don’t mind songs that last barely a minute). But overall, this album is a huge disappointment, and at the time of writing this review the band haven’t done anything since. Coincidence? I doubt it. Art for art’s sake? Art over substance? Whatever. This album sucks.
For the Love of Art and the Making is a very different venture for Beyond Twilight than either of their previous albums, The Devil’s Hall of Fame and Section X. Although musically all the albums are (very) symphonic progressive metal, there is one big difference and it’s an obvious one. Those first two albums were about songs. For the Love of Art and the Making is about being epic or perhaps a better way to put it would be music in its highest art form. The title of the album is very appropriate.

The album is essentially just one song which lasts a little under thirty-eight minutes. But it is broken up into no less than forty-three tracks, none of which last more than three minutes and a lot of them don’t even clock in at a full minute. They’ve done it like this because they like to think of the album as being able to be played on random, but I disagree. Sure you can play it on random if you like but I personally find that if you want this album to really flow properly you have to start it at number one and play right through without stopping for anything, and by doing so you will find no less than perfection.

Musically it is, as you may have guessed by now, Beyond Twilight’s most progressive and experimental work to date. The sections don’t last very long at all so there isn’t going to be much time to get into each section they throw at us before they’re moving it on again. Sometimes you might get sections the same as another thrown in but these are typically few and far between. In short, For the Love... is not an album to be taken lightly, even for fans of the band’s previous works. It’s literally crazy, and yet so brilliant, words cannot really describe it, but I will say this - It requires concentration, and a very dedicated listener. The music is also very classical. If Finn Zierler had lived several hundred years ago today he’d probably be right up there with Mozart and Beethoven as one of the classical greats. There’s plenty of metal, but there’s also pieces which are just focusing on the symphonic and there’s some passages where what I think is Latin thrown into the lyrics for good measure.

If there is a fault on this album, it’s the vocals. While extremely good, Beyond Twilight have had both Jorn Lande and Kelly ‘Sundown’ Carpenter in their ranks previously and have not been able to keep either of them and although Björn Jansson does a great job, he's just not in the same sort of class as Lade or Carpenter. I feel the absence of either of them here but in the album’s defence this is not a record designed to be about vocals. This is about epic composition, the vocals are just an additional instrument, used where appropriate only

Because of its very nature, For the Love... is not likely to be an album for everyone. Even I, very much a prog head, had trouble getting into it when I first heard it. But for those who do get it they should find something truly special and unique. A true masterwork of progressive metal music, and for entirely different reasons than Section X, the band's previous album which I would rate with the same score. I used to prefer Section X over For the Love... but now that situation is reversed, as I have found this album to be one of those that seems to get better with each listen. Highly recommended.

(Review originally written for Heavy Metal Haven)

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