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Album · 2009


1. The Elf Castle-Intro (1:22)
2. Free Souls (5:57)
3. The Great Prophecy (6:24)
4. Nothing More For Me (6:09)
5. The Hidden Self (5:22)
6. A Stranger In My Dreams (5:24)
7. Sunset (5:55)
8. Don't Fade-Away (Noble Spirit) (5:43)
9. Thunderbolt (Instrumental) (5:13)
10. Rise Beyond Pain (13:33)
11. The Second Eclipse (5:15)
12. Virtual Lake (Instrumental) (6:50)

Total Time 72:59


- Arthur Falcone / guitars
- Piero Pattay / vocals
- Denis Baselli / bass
- Giovanni Angiolin / drums

Guest musicians:
- Göran Edman / vocals
- Titta Tani / vocals
- Mystheria / keyboards
- Manuel Staropoli / flute

About this release

Label: Heart Of Steel Records

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1967/ 1976
Great album from one of the all time best Italian (from Trieste) axeman. The music is Power Metal: a perfect mix between Hard Rock, AOR, Speed Metal, Symphonic metal, Prog Metal, Classic metal... Deep Purple, Van Halen, Helloween, Raindow... Malmsteen, Al Di Meola, Eddie Van Halen, Vinnie Moore, Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Morse, Kiko Loureiro... And for me with personal, too personal vision. So this music is the perfect translation of the definition of Power Metal. Interesting is the fact that Power metal is a musical genre that manages to be successful only if located in a current (see Power Metal Revival) but can not suffer from these situations, especially if one of the best examples is Arthur Falcone.

As the music... Great combination of all Falcone's teachers, not only because Power Metal often can mean a huge tribute, but because this is the expression of he's musical think. If "The Elf's Castle" is a Prog Metal intro, "Free Souls" is a Power Speed Metal and "The Great Prophecy" is a perfect Symphonic Power Metal with great guitas and great keyboards. Great is also Titta Tani, one of the historical Italian Metal singers. "Nothing More For Me" present Goran Edman to the vocals. And this song is a sort of Power AOR with a good acoustic guitar intro and aggressive atmospheres. It is interesting to note at this point, as Arthur Falcone can express an aggressive guitar really disconcerting. At the same time, the compositions are sweet, dreamy: a sort of Rainbow with Dio or Turner (Hmm... A mix...), as they played with a vision from Dio but closer to Helloween Keepers era. With "The Hidden Self" is Piero pattay to deal with the vocals. This song is more close to 80's USA Power Metal but with more Doom treatment. At the same time the Chorus is a semi AOR moment. Interesting is also the Keyboards/ Guitar section of soli because close to Fusion at start but finish in classic Power Metal style. "A Stranger In My Dreams" is, probably, my preferred song in this album. This song is a sort of Hard Rock Speed Power Metal with the same ingredients of previous songs but with a great Prog Metal treatment. Great is the vocal parts, sung by Piero Pattay. Do not forget that also here is present a short bass solo, played by Denis Baselli with a bass of its construction. "Sunset" is a sort of Folk POP song, acoustic ballad with the flute of Manuel Staropoli. This song is totally off with the rest of the album, although conceptually it is very well placed in the album. In a sense, even if incorrectly, this detachment reminiscent of Stratovarius, with their acoustic ballads. For me this is only a tribute to English Folk, also because "Sunset" is a English Folk ballad. Great is the Neoclassic acoustic guitar solo that close this song. Another great pure Power Metal song with AOR treatment in strophes is "Don't Fade Away (Noble Spirit)" that present, as always, good guitar line and good keyboards riffs. The guitar soli section is a pure wagon of emotions, having in itself all the styles of the teachers of Arthur! As always the chorus enter the mind even before hearing them and don't go out anymore! "Thunderbolt" is an instrumental exercise of Arthur's virtuosism. And if you think that Malmsteen is a virtuoso of guitar... Arthur Falcone is better!!! With Arthur the guitar speaks, screams, weeps, enjoys ... In an endless orgasms!!! The Jazz bass solo is incredible! "Rise Beyond Pain" is a long (over 13 mins) song. All the ingredients of Arthur Falcone's music are presents in this song, clear, but I think that this song is firing at maximum volume to those who say that Heavy Metal is not music... Both those who love prog metal, in order to understand that without the Power Metal never be born modern prog metal. Yet some say that Malmsteen is a disciple of Blackmore here will have to think again because with Arthur you understand that Malmsteen is, in fact, a mix of everything that was Neo-classical and symphonic at the time of his debut! And all this in a tribute to Al Di Meola, Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads in symphonic way (for Arthur's guitar parts)! "The Second Eclipse" is the last song of this album. This song is an instrumental song. This song is a good tribute to Malmsteen and Blackmore because neoclassical, but in truth this song remember me the more neoclassical moment of bands as Stratovarius. If you have in hand the European version of "The Genesis Of Prphecy" you have another song, another instrumental... "Virual Lake". This song is a personal vision of Prog Metal, because neoclassical, aggressive, Power Metal and with tons of viruosisms.

The first thing I satata mind listening to this album is the extreme sensitivity of Arthur Falcone. Many other guitarists know that the guitar must have to speak, has to cry, to scream, but few know how to establish such a deep symbiosis with it. Listening Arthur Falcone I recall northern landscapes. Moreover, a woman may be another view in my mind. A never ending dream I enter in my mind... I can isolate myself from the way and nothing can distract me. In all this, and it is hard to believe, there is only passion or the skill of Arthur, but there is also the desire to come to dominate the music world with humility rather than extreme.

In conclusion if you search the true emotions in music Arthur Falcone Stargazer "The Genesis Of The Prophecy" is your album. A unique Masterpiece of emotions in music!

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