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Album · 2011

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1. Crestfallen (3:06)
2. Sleep in Sanity (3:53)
3. Kingdom (4:27)
4. They Die (2:10)
5. Everwake (3:05)
6. J'ai Fait une Promesse (4:22)
7. ...Alone (7:15)
8. We, the Gods (3:01)
9. Sunset of Age (7:39)

Total Time 38:58


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I for one am a big fan of ANATHEMA's new style but i must admit i wasn't sure what to expect when they announced they were completely re-arrangeing and re-recording tracks from their early Death-Metal days. They took tracks from their first two studio albums and first two EPs and did a complete makeover in their new style. So lots of emotion and melancholy and even an appearance from Anneke formerly from THE GATHERING on a song called "Everwake". Listening to this is like a dream for me with my favourite female singer singing in one of my favourite bands. "Sunset Of Age" is probably my favourite though with the prominant guitar later on and the beautiful beginning. Dave Stewart again arranged the orchestral bits on this record. I think in trying to describe the difference between this album and "We're Here Because We're Here" i'd say that this album puts the focus on the melancholy while the latter i would describe as majestic.
Conor Fynes
'Falling Deeper' - Anathema (8/10)

Anathema first re-recorded unplugged versions of their existing music with the album 'Hindsight'. Contrary to my expectations, I not only loved that album, but it became one of my favourite albums from this former doom, now-atmospheric rock group. Like most of my most loved modern artists, this is a band that keeps doing brilliant new things, and the second 'unplugged' release from these Liverpudlians proves that they have nowhere near exhausted their passion for making some of the most emotive music in recent times. Instead of merely doing a sequel to 'Hindsight', 'Falling Deeper' does something rather different. Anathema's latest sees them mellow out their music like never before, now to the point of being rightfully called ambient music. Although the turbulence of these doom classics has been squeezed out of them, they are now more beautiful and touching than ever.

In place of guitars or drums, Anathema rely mostly on gentle piano, and a fully realized string section to bring these new renditions to life. 'Hindsight' certainly changed most of its songs up into something new, but they were always recognizable in relation to the core material. 'Falling Deeper' is such a radical departure from the death-doom metal style that most of the songs here bear only a slight resemblance to the originals, to the point where one could even call this album a set of fresh material that pays homage to their early work over anything else. To call 'Falling Deeper' 'unplugged' would be misleading, seeing as the arrangements here are generally more complex than the originals, which were mostly led on by one or two guitars. The strings and piano instantly create a template with which to create some beautiful music, and Anathema do not disappoint. Each track here is very moving in a cinematic sense, and there is even a running flow to the music that assures the listener that once they fall into the trance of the music, they won't be roused out of it by some out-of-place track break.

There are vocals here as well from the Cavanagh brothers, as well as well-known Dutch vocalit Anneke Van Giersbergen, who coincidentally ranks among my favourite female singers. As opposed to letting the vocals take run with melodies, they are instead used almost as if the voices were no more an instrument than the violins or piano. The highlight 'Kingdom' is perfectly indicative of this, with soothing vocals doing more for the texture of the music, rather than taking hold of the listener's attention. This is most definitely ambient music, and that can also mean it is not something that is necessarily going to mesh with every whim and occasion. This is romantic, beautiful, soothing music to put on while either relaxing and reflecting, and to that extent, I may not like the homogeneity of this release over something like 'Hindsight', or one of the brilliant full-lengths they have done recently. For what it lacks in dynamic or variety though, Anathema nails down the one angle they aim for here, and once again, I have fallen in love with the music this group makes.

Members reviews

Actually, Falling Deeper is not a studio album, it is a compilation of old songs newly rearranged in an orchestral and mostly acoustical way. Where Hindsight (2008) contains rearrangements of songs from their post-Eternity era (1996-now), Falling Deeper contains rearrangements of songs from their early days (1990-1995).

Three songs from the Crestfallen EP (1992) are featured, namely Crestfallen, They Die and Everwake. Sleep In Sanity and J'ai Fait Une Promesse are originally from Serenades (1993). The other songs are originally from the 1995-releases Pentecost III (Kingdom and We The Gods) and The Silent Enigma (Alone and Sunset Of Age).

When I initially started to write this review, I wanted to make song-by-song review, in which I wanted to make a comparison of each track with its original song. Although, it would give a wrong impression of the album. As a whole, the album is a beautiful and atmospheric piece, with acoustic arrangements and angelic female vocals. Some tracks, like Kingdom, are unrecognizable compared to its original. Is it better? Is it worse? Sometimes it is inevitable to make a comparison, but forget the past. This is the new sound of Anathema. Together with Hindsight and We're Here Because We're Here, Anathema are writing a new chapter in their career. A promising chapter and I can't wait to hear their next studio album.

Now back to reality. I just listened to this album and the last song, Sunset Of Age, reminds me how great The Silent Enigma actually was. I think I am going to listen to that album now.

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