SATURNUS — Martyre (review)

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4.5/5 ·
So Fill My Cup With...4.5/5

Saturnus's sound is prodominatly depressive,emontional,droning,atmospheric and martyre is no exception.

i like to think of this as being saturnus at their best with holy church like atmoshperes into growling doom metal and then into epic poetry rectical it's just truely somethign special.

the album starts with 7 a track that is mostly a church choir setting the tone for this album as doom within seconds of the first track being played,this track then segues into inflame thy heart which i consider to be a bit of progressive doom due to the 2 different distinct sounds in th song.

The first part is typical growling and rectial by saturnus this the stuff that makes me love them,then the second part sounds like the begining of a iron maiden song then builds into the doom metal version of ryadhyer goes to town-camel. the guitar in this part has never ceased giving me chills,with its progressive yet clearly doom riffs and solo.

so far 2 songs in and i'm hooked the 3rd song empty handed starts of with a nearly thrash metal sounding riff then goes int odeath metal growls and an amazing guitar riff matchng to vocals every step of the way. this song defenitly has teh best guitar i have heard from saturnus up until this point it's just unbelivable.

saturnus then returns to traditonal doom on track 4 Noir,another chuchl like atmoshphere and the amazing reciting of lyrics sends chills down my spine,then the rare occurence of clean vocals makes the song sound just even more epic and makes teh atmosphere just a little creepier.

Song 5 a poem(written in moonlight)sounds just liek christ goodbye i belive its an more up to date version of the song actully as i said in my first review of this band it's my favourite song by them so i don't see a point in reviewing this song here.

softly on the path you fade and thou art free,AMAZING SONGS LISTEN TO THOUS ART FREE 1 MILLION TIMES IT WILL NEVER SOUND OLD,and softly on the path is traditonal doom at it's very very best.

honestly the rest of the album just continues on like this and gets more and more amazing,i don't want to bore you with song by song reviews so i'll tel lyo ujust about another standout track on this album loss (in Memorium) this song is the song i would to descrive saturnus,if someone was to ask me about them i would say "listen to loss(in memorium)" it's just such a good track the rectitng is there the great keyobards as well the drums are solid as usual and teh guitar is some of the best i've heard.

theres too many good things about this album but again i'm biased becuase it's my favourite doom metal band. the album isn't perfect by anymeans but it's great doom and i really suggest you give it a listen
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