JEDI SEX TRIK — Jedi Sex Trik (review)

JEDI SEX TRIK — Jedi Sex Trik album cover EP · 1999 · Rap Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
3/5 ·
siLLy puPPy
Once Korn dropped its innovative new style of music that would be called nu metal on the world, it was an invitation for all the angsty youth of the alternative 90s to hop on the bandwagon of a new musical trend that adopted the heavy bombast of 80s hardcore punk and metal and hybridized it with funk and hip hop. While the style would only last about 10 years and burn out completely, there sure were a lot of bands that followed Korn and while a few like Limp BIzkit, Papa Roach, Stained and Slipknot would experience unthinkable popularity, many more bands cranked out a release or two and then faded into obscurity.

Such is the case for the Riverside, California based JEDI SEX TRIK which emerged from the ashes of a band called Code 13. This nu metal band that employed hardcore hip hop rapping featured five members with connections to another Riverside alternative rock band Alien Ant Farm. There is almost know info about JEDI SEX TRICK that i can find. It seems this band came and went rather quickly and only released this one tiny self-titled EP that came out in 1999. It was released independently with very few copies so it’s probably next to impossible to find and the only trace of its existence is one fan who posted clips of the five tracks on YouTube.

As far as originality goes, JEDI SEX TRIP didn’t have much to go around. These five tracks are clearly influenced by Korn in the musical department with those distinct rhythmic bass grooves however the tempos and emphasis on heavy guitar heft is much more out of the Slipknot playbook. The most obvious influence though comes from Rage Against The Machine with the rapped vocals that dominate however there are also some dual vocal attacks with growly counterpoints. Despite the clear worship of those more popular aforementioned bands, JEDI SEX TRIK was successful in crafting a nice hybrid effect of those bands and this tiny musical specimen is not a bad listen at all and much better than some of the more popular bands like Limp Bizkitt (ugh) for example.

True that this one doesn’t warrant seeking the planet high and low to add it to your collection unless you are one of those nu metal worshippers who lives to attain every single example of the genre but of all the nu metal acts that came and went, JEDI SEX TRIK had a stylistic approach that deemphasized the irritating factors of the genre and focused on the strengths. While some will be put off by the rapped vocals, this is after all rap metal right out of the Rage Against The Machine playbook and although not nearly as innovative and accomplished as that band still cranked out a decent DIY sounding slice of this style of hardcore from at the turn of the millennium and well worth a listen or two.
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