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DEFLESHED was a Swedish death/thrash metal band formed in 1991. The band released the "Ma Belle Scalpelle" EP in 1994 and their debut full-length studio album "Abrah Kadavrah" followed in 1996. In November of 2005, it was announced that DEFLESHED had officially split-up. The band released 1 EP, 5 studio albums and 1 live albums before they disbanded.

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DEFLESHED Discography

DEFLESHED albums / top albums

DEFLESHED Abrah Kadavrah album cover 3.17 | 2 ratings
Abrah Kadavrah
Death Metal 1996
DEFLESHED Under the Blade album cover 3.17 | 2 ratings
Under the Blade
Thrash Metal 1997
DEFLESHED Fast Forward album cover 3.86 | 3 ratings
Fast Forward
Thrash Metal 1999
DEFLESHED Royal Straight Flesh album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Royal Straight Flesh
Thrash Metal 2002
DEFLESHED Reclaim the Beat album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Reclaim the Beat
Thrash Metal 2005

DEFLESHED EPs & splits

DEFLESHED Ma Belle Scalpelle album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Ma Belle Scalpelle
Death Metal 1994

DEFLESHED live albums

DEFLESHED Death... The High Cost of Living album cover 2.86 | 3 ratings
Death... The High Cost of Living
Thrash Metal 1999

DEFLESHED demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

DEFLESHED Defleshed album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Death Metal 1992
DEFLESHED Abrah Kadavrah... album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Abrah Kadavrah...
Death Metal 1992
DEFLESHED Body Art album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Body Art
Death Metal 1993

DEFLESHED re-issues & compilations

DEFLESHED Abrah Kadavrah - Ma Belle Scalpelle album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Abrah Kadavrah - Ma Belle Scalpelle
Death Metal 2000

DEFLESHED singles (1)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Obsculum Obscenum
Death Metal 1993

DEFLESHED movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)


DEFLESHED Death... The High Cost of Living

Live album · 1999 · Thrash Metal
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Death...The High Cost of Living is the first and only live release from death/thrash metal band Defleshed. The album was recorded from the band's Under the Blade tour in 1998. This is more of a live EP rather than a live album, as it only clocks in at a bit more than 20 minutes with seven tracks. Two songs, "Mary Bloody Mary" and "In Chains and Leather", are originally from the band's debut while the remaining songs are from Under the Blade.

All of the songs played are raw and aggressive death/thrash at it's best, with a mix of brutal thrashings and chugging grooves. The music is all very well-performed, with the instrument section in particular being incredibly audible. The production for the instruments is so great, that it's studio album quality to my ears. The only thing that could sound better are the vocals, and that's only because they're a bit too low in the mix. Despite that however, with the guitars and drums on full power, this release is immensely enjoyable.

Other than the vocals, Death...The High Cost of Living is among the best sounding live releases out there. For those who want a live thrash assault and can't get to a concert, give this a listen. A short but sweet ride of death-thrash. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

DEFLESHED Reclaim the Beat

Album · 2005 · Thrash Metal
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"Reclaim the Beat" is the 5th full-length studio album by Swedish death/ thrash act Defleshed. The album was released in March 2005 by Regain Records. For now it´s the final release by the band as it was announched in November 2005 that Defleshed had split-up.

If you are familiar with Defleshed it should come as no surprise that they continue their aggressive death/ thrash onslaught on "Reclaim the Beat" almost like nothing has happened since the release of "Royal Straight Flesh (2002)". Well... actually since "Fast Forward (1999)", as the style of music Defleshed play on "Reclaim the Beat" is very similar to the style featured on those two releases. It´s high speed death/ thrash with fiercely aggressive vocals and tight precision playing.I´d like to reference the band´s own description of their music using a quote from the booklet: "Defleshed is a non-religious and non-political courier of high-octanic metal mayhem. Enjoy the Madness !".

All tracks are pretty short (the average length is about 2:40 minutes) and to the point and I would be lying if I said there is much variation to be found. It´s very seldom the band play heavier mid-paced sections, so the tempo mostly varies from fast to the trademark rotor blade/ machine gun blasting that drummer Matte Modin executes to perfection. All tracks are characterized by an energetic performance and an aggressive attitude you´ll seldom come across this convincing. The quality of the tracks is consistent throughout, but because the tracks don´t vary much from each other it´s also a bit hard to point out highlights. But tracks like "Stripped to the Bone", "Bulldozed (Back to Basic)", "Grind and Rewind" and the Mötley Crue cover "Red Hot" (which is the track that stands out the most from the rest) are definitely among the more standout tracks on "Reclaim the Beat". The lyrics are delivered in the trademark tongue in cheek fashion which song-titles like "Under Destruction" and "May the Flesh Be With You" bear witness to.

The sound production on "Reclaim the Beat" needs a special mention. The sound is very powerful and especially the drums have a very distinct sound. The distorted bass sound is also greatly enjoyable and adds another dimension to the soundscape.

Personally I think it´s sad that "Reclaim the Beat" is the final release by Defleshed. I greatly enjoy their extremely energetic and aggressive take on death/ thrash. But if it has to be that way at least "Reclaim the Beat" sees them go out with a bang. I don´t think any of Defleshed releases are flawless, and "Reclaim the Beat" doesn´t change the fact that most Defleshed tracks sound a bit too much the same, but when that is said, you´ll be hard pressed to find another act like Defleshed, who consistently has released quality death/ thrash albums with ballsy "fuck You" attitude, tongue in cheek humour and an unrivalled fircely aggressive energy level. In other words the convincing way they deliver their music fully make up for the fact that their material isn´t especially varied. "Reclaim the Beat" fully deserves a 4 - 4.5 star rating.

DEFLESHED Royal Straight Flesh

Album · 2002 · Thrash Metal
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"Royal Straight Flesh" is the 4th full-length studio album by Swedish death/ thrash metal act Defleshed. The album was released in August 2003 by Regain Records. It´s been three years since the release of "Fast Forward (1999)", but listening to "Royal Straight Flesh" it soon becomes apparent that nothing has really changed in those years.

...Defleshed more or less still play the same fiercely aggressive death/ thrash style as they did on the predecessor. The energy level is extremely high with the fast played and aggressive riffs and the relentlessly pounding beats as the predominant characteristica. Lead vocalist/ bassist Gustaf Jorde has just the right hateful and raspy vocal delivery to provide the music with a venemous "in your face" attitude. The music is rather one-dimensional but with an energetic performance, powerful and raw production and the generally very well written and effective songs, it´s not a major issue. It´s not like 11 tracks distributed over 32:11 minutes should prove to be hard to swallow even though most of them build on more or less the same formula. Not when the music is as well played and attitude filled as this is. There are no uneccessary melodic hooks, solos or other tricks to make the music memorable, but after a couple of spins you begin to be able to recognise rythmic hooks, memorable vocal lines and other little details that ultimately make "Royal Straight Flesh" a memorable album.

"Royal Straight Flesh" is a no frills aggressive death/ thrash album, that is sure to beat you to a bloody pulp and afterwards leave you bleeding in the gutter. All that in just over 30 minutes. Oh what sweet torture. I absolutely adore this album and a 4 star rating is well deserved.

DEFLESHED Fast Forward

Album · 1999 · Thrash Metal
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Fast Forward is the 3rd full-length studio album by brutal Swedish death/ thrash act Defleshed. The album was originally released in February 1999 by WAR music for the European market. It was released by a couple of other labels other places in the world. Regain Records re-issued the album in 2002 with 4 bonus tracks.

The music on the album is fiercely aggressive and brutal death/ thrash. The vocals are growling/ raspy and the tempo on the album is generally very fast-paced and frantic in nature. The album is as such very one-dimensional and there´s little variation within and between songs. This would usually be something that I would complain about, but on Fast Forward I don´t consider the lack of variation to be a problem. Maybe it´s because the album is only 29:58 minutes long, which seems to be the perfect length for an album like this. The quality of the songs is really great and it´s the kind of music that it´s impossible to sit still while listening to. I can vividly imagine a little "Good Friendly Violence" in a moshpit while Defleshed played on the stage. The music is so intense and violent in nature that when Fast Forward is finished I´m exhausted ( in a good relaxed way). The tongue in cheek humour that the band displayed on the two preceeding albums, is also present here. I guess songtitles like The Return of the Flesh, The Iron and the Maiden, Lightning Strikes Thrice and Feeding Fatal Fairies tell their own story of a band that don´t take themselves too seriously. At the same time their musical exploits leave no doubt that they are here to kick some ass. And that they do.

The production is raw and powerful. The sound brings out the best in the music.

Fast Forward is actually not much different from Under the Blade (1997), which has a very similar sound, but it´s the quality and memorability of the material that sets the two albums apart. Fast Forward is a much better album in every way possible and fully deserves a 4 star rating. Just remember not to expect much variation. Expect pure sonic violence and your expectations are sure to be met.

DEFLESHED Death... The High Cost of Living

Live album · 1999 · Thrash Metal
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"Death... The High Cost of Living" is a live album release by Swedish death/thrash act Defleshed. The album was released through Raw Records in January 1999. "Death... The High Cost of Living" was limited to 1500 copies.

Calling "Death... The High Cost of Living" a full album release is probably strechting the definition a bit. The album is only 20:39 minutes long and contains 7 tracks. All tracks are taken from the band´s first two albums: "Abrah Kadavrah (1996)" and "Under the Blade (1997)". While the performances by the three band members are really professional and tight, the sound quality is to my ears close to a bootleg sound quality. The bad sound quality doesn´t exactly do anything positive for the listening experience and as a consequence of that I can only recommend "Death... The High Cost of Living" to the really hardcore fans of the band. This is definitely not the place to start if you are not already familiar with Defleshed. A 2 star (40%) rating is warranted.

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