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Formed in 2008, Shrinebuilder is the first stoner doom metal supergroup. Its members draw from quite a varied background including: Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, post rock/metal, and even some sludge metal. You can hear all these elements on their debut album, the self titled "Shrinebuilder" while being based in doom metal.

The band consists of some of the biggest names in underground metal, and legends of their respective genres: Al Cisneros of Sleep, Scott Weinrich of Saint Vitus, Scott Kelly of Neurosis, and Dale Crover of Melvins.
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SHRINEBUILDER Shrinebuilder album cover 4.39 | 6 ratings
Stoner Metal 2009


SHRINEBUILDER Coextinction Recordrings 3 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Coextinction Recordrings 3
Stoner Metal 2011


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Album · 2009 · Stoner Metal
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Shrinebuilder are an exciting super group formed from great and influential artists in the Doom, Sludge and Stoner genres, who play an elaborate mixture of the three styles resulting in an incredibly strong and well formed rock and metal listening experience.

The line up features Scott Kelly on guitar and vocals (Neurosis and frequent and vocal guest to Mastodon) Al Cisneros on bass and vocals (Sleep/Om) Dale Crover on the drums (The Melvins) and finally the legendary and hardworking Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich on guitar and vocals (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand and vocal guest to Clutch, Probot and more)

With a line up like that, a whole sub-community of rock and metal fans should be clamoring all over this band. The best thing of all however is that, unlike most super-groups Shrinebuilder actually gel really well as a band and turn in a collaborative feeling record that actually sounds both as good as the sum of its parts and as if it was written together in a room by all the members, rather than just hastily compiled from their own individual songs.

Even with this collaborative feel and distinct Shrinebuilder sound however, each individual member still manage to put their own stylistic stamp on each and every song.

The tracks on their self titled debut studio album from 2009 are all fairly long and explore a mixture of moods, with rumbling bass, fuzzy effects laden lead guitar and a mixture of vocal styles that range from a classic rock feel to loud sludge style barking, often transitioning seamlessly.

The album is absolutely consistent throughout and all five tracks are exemplary, and would each be a stand out track on anyone else’s album. Even the production job is perfect; leaving a remarkable album that can’t really be faulted in any serious way. If the band can maintain this standard of quality I really hope to hear more from Shrinebuilder in the future.

In summary, if you like any of the musicians involved in this project or any of the genres from which they come then Shrinebuilder is something that you really ought to check out. Best of all, it all works incredibly well musically and would still be one of the best albums released that year if none of these musicians were famous.


Album · 2009 · Stoner Metal
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Time Signature
Heavy for all to hear...

Genre: sludgy stoned doom metal

I have always had a problem with the term "stoner doom", wondering how something can be both stoned and doom-ladden. Having heard Pentagram's releases, I have started to appreciate this term, theough, and this release by Shrinebuilder has proved to be yet a lesson in the possibility of "stoner doom".

The stylistic anchor is undoubtedly doom metal with its heavy beats, slow tempos and overall desperate and oppressive atmosphere. But this is accompanied by a sludgy sound and dark and heavy blues-based patterns and solos as well as some dynamic fill-in rich drumming akin to that of the "hippie" drummers of the heavy psychedelic rock acts of the 70s.

Some of the riffage is incredibly heavy such as much of the riffage of "Solar Benediction", the crushing main riff of "Pyramid of the Moon" and the riff in the bridge of "The Science of Anger", while other riffage is more sludgy and blues-based. a track like "Blind for All to See" has and incredibly stoned feel to it, and all the tracks are darkly groovy.

This release should, with its dark and heavy psychedelia, appeal to fans of early Sabbath, Pentagram and St. Vitus, and, while the genre is a very different one, those who appreciat ethe dark psychedelia of the first two Psychotic Waltz releases might also like this.


Album · 2009 · Stoner Metal
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Coffin Joe
They've build a pyramid on the moon..

Please allow me to introduce myself, Im a man of wealth and taste, Ive been around for a long, long year, Stole many a mans soul and faith

I couldn't find a more fitting introduction to Shrinebuilders self-entitled album. The sheer talent involved, should make you fear for your soul and put your expectations skywards! Shrinebuilder is Scott Weinrich (Saint Vitus), Dale Crover (The Melvins), Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and Al Cisneros (Om). Each of these guys with their own devoted cult followers, and I bet, if they built an actual pyramid on the moon, they would have no problem filling it with worshippers!

Let's just get it out of the way, the album is freakin' fantastic! There, I said it! So if you where ever doubting whether to get it or not, you absolutely should- no questions asked.

Now for the actual review. Shrinebuilder is a complex and deep album, and somehow the 4 guys brought the best from each of their respective bands and made it work to perfection. The album points in so many directions without getting messy. It keeps focus all the way through & each musician brings their own unique style and distinct sound, that expands the soundscape.

The first track "Solar Benediction" is a dark psychedelic trip and a really strong opening for the album. It showcases the width this band has going in all kind of directions - it's like a satanspawn between Neurosis and Black Sabbath - dark, heavy and hauntingly beautiful.

"Pyramid Of The Moon" starts off slower. It has a really great sludgy vibe, and a heavy underlying bass lending it a 70's groove. The heavy Neurosis-sounding guitar rips through the dark soundcape adding to the intensity. The vocals goes from from mellow to something best described as chanting.

Third track "Blind For All To See" kicks off with a really groovy bass, and slowly builds in intensity. It's really stoned out, and I swear, I saw big heavy smoke coming out of my loudspeakers! You should kick you feet up to this one, and doze off to psychedelica-land- -but be warned, you might never come back!

"The Architect" screams old school heavy and the guitar sounds something from the magic fingers of Tony Iommy! But just when you have settled in, Scott Kellys voice cuts through like a razor. The Architect ends with a really tripped-out lone bass, that will send you flying to the stars.

All good things must come to an end, and Shrinebuilder ends their opus with "Science Of Anger" clocking in at 9:25. It's the grand culmination of this epic album, and have all the aforementioned elements bound tightly together in one hell of a kick, that will leave you begging for more! The Doors have their "The End" & Shrinebuilder has "Science of Anger" - Yes, it's that intense!

I have to tie a few words to the vinyl edition. Mixed at 45RPM this baby is so heavy sounding, I was afraid my record player would melt and the needle catch on fire! If you own a recordplayer, this is the version to aim for!


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