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Limbonic Art is a symphonic black metal band, which is heavily influenced by orchestral-classical music.

Limbonic Art was formed in 1993 in Norway, and for a short while existed with a 4 member line-up. Before any material was released the band became a 2 piece, and have stayed that way for their entire existence. The two members going under the monikers of Daemon (Vidar Jensen) and Morfeus (Krister Dreyer). Throughout 1995 and 1996 they recorded two tapes, one rehearsal tape and one official promo tape. This caught the attention of the label Nocturnal Art Productions (owned by Samoth of Emperor and Zyklon fame). In 1996 the band released their debut, "Moon in the Scorpio".

Mixing in atmospheric elements with harsh black metal the band gained a large underground following. As they progressed through their career their albums became less symphonic and more orientated on pure Black metal. But they
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LIMBONIC ART Discography

LIMBONIC ART albums / top albums

LIMBONIC ART Moon in the Scorpio album cover 4.00 | 18 ratings
Moon in the Scorpio
Symphonic Black Metal 1996
LIMBONIC ART In Abhorrence Dementia album cover 3.30 | 11 ratings
In Abhorrence Dementia
Symphonic Black Metal 1997
LIMBONIC ART Epitome of Illusions album cover 3.80 | 10 ratings
Epitome of Illusions
Symphonic Black Metal 1998
LIMBONIC ART Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death album cover 4.10 | 5 ratings
Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death
Black Metal 1999
LIMBONIC ART The Ultimate Death Worship album cover 4.00 | 3 ratings
The Ultimate Death Worship
Black Metal 2002
LIMBONIC ART Legacy of Evil album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Legacy of Evil
Symphonic Black Metal 2007
LIMBONIC ART Phantasmagoria album cover 3.83 | 3 ratings
Symphonic Black Metal 2010
LIMBONIC ART Spectre Abysm album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Spectre Abysm
Symphonic Black Metal 2017


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LIMBONIC ART Moon in the Scorpio

Album · 1996 · Symphonic Black Metal
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siLLy puPPy
LIMBONIC ART originated as a band of three members but as the story goes in the world of extreme metal, personalities clashed and the project was whittled down to the two members of Daemon on lead vocals, guitars and bass and project manager Morfeus on keyboards, lead guitars, drum programming and vocals. Riding in the wake of fellow Norwegian bands in the second wave of black metal, LIMBONIC ART was one of those who opted for the symphonic route in the vein of Emperor, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth. MOON IN THE SCORPIO was the debut and displayed the early years of black metal engaging in increased uses of symphonic elements that while already explored in black metal, hadn’t been fully exploited to full effect.

The main focus on MOON IN THE SCORPIO is in creating an operatic symphonic circus of sorts although a rather deranged one. Like much black metal of the day, the guitar and bass create receptive tritone riffing loops while the keys provide the atmospheric accouterments delivered in a more sophisticated symphonic fashion. While the black metal elements such as tremolo guitar playing, demonic raspy vocals and blastbeat drumming patterns are successfully utilized, what sets LIMBONIC ART apart from the pack of the day is that the main focus is on the melodic symphonic keyboard atmospheres that make the whole affair sound like some sort of black metal version of Phantom of the Opera especially when the showtune type segments break from the bleak monotonous riffing and Deamon sounds like a Broadway star.

Overall the atmosphere is dark and chilling with the tracks slowly ratcheting up with extended lengths. The opener “Beneath The Burial Surface” cranks it out for almost fourteen minutes. The album also makes use of a variety of vocal styles including Gregorian monk type chanting on “Overature: Nocturne” and choral arrangements on “In Mourning Mystique.” While the drum machine isn’t quite as satisfying as a real drummer would have been, the truth is that black metal drumming isn’t quite as technically necessary as say a killer death metal band requires and although a little variety is always preferred, i have to admit that in the case of MOON IN THE SCORPIO it works out just fine as the arrangements are well thought out and nothing sounds canned. Add to that the nice production and mix of the aggressive metal elements and the melodic sensual darkness of the synthesizer runs, bell chimes and other sounds that make a rather compelling listening experience.

At times the droning march does remind me a bit of Summoning’s brand of atmospheric black metal but LIMBONIC ART creates a more diverse use of several different movements within tracks that go through different stages with diverse dynamics and tempos. It’s obvious that LIMBONIC ART was very much an influence for later bands like Carach Angren that mixed black metal with dark Gothic operatic features. For me the atmospheric and symphonic branches of black metal can be very hit and miss and the results depend on the proper balance of the opposing forces involved. LIMBONIC ART manages to craft the proper tug of war between those forces to create a unique and satisfying debut in the form of MOON IN THE SCORPIO and a formula that they would utilize for their multi-decade run to the present. The title of the album was most likely taken form the 1987 film but doesn’t really convey any sort of connection.

LIMBONIC ART Moon in the Scorpio

Album · 1996 · Symphonic Black Metal
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When it comes to Limbonic Art's early albums, I think Moon In the Scorpio has just a slight edge over In Abhorrence Dementia. At points the album hits a spacey atmosphere which, whilst never getting to the sort of weird territory that latter-day Arcturus, Mare Cognitum, or Darkspace gets into, sort of points toward it. The compositions here are also really good, giving each section just enough space to breathe and then shifting on you just as you think you've got a handle on what they are doing. An impressively textured work for a two-musician project, Moon In the Scorpio set a favourable horoscope for Limbonic Art's future trajectory.

LIMBONIC ART In Abhorrence Dementia

Album · 1997 · Symphonic Black Metal
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Tell me quick: what's the big difference between Dimmu Borgir's accessibly melodic symphonic black metal and Limbonic Art, aside from the personnel? Well, if the difference is "I haven't heard Limbonic Art" I guess it's worth giving In Abhorrence Dementia a go, since it's a bit like early Dimmu Borgir before they started really phoning it in and with better production. That said, whilst there is a lot of sound and fury here I don't feel like it signifies very much at all in the grand scheme of things; it's competently done, but it just doesn't grab me. Cradle of Filth might have run this sort of style into the ground, but at least they had a bit of personality doing it.

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