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IN MOURNING is a progressive Swedish death metal act formed in 2000. The band released a string of demos before releasing their debut full-length studio album "Shrouded Divine" in 2008. "Monolith" followed in January 2010.

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IN MOURNING Shrouded Divine album cover 3.75 | 6 ratings
Shrouded Divine
Melodic Death Metal 2008
IN MOURNING Monolith album cover 3.75 | 4 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2010
IN MOURNING The Weight Of Oceans album cover 3.89 | 11 ratings
The Weight Of Oceans
Melodic Death Metal 2012
IN MOURNING Afterglow album cover 3.94 | 5 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2016
IN MOURNING Garden Of Storms album cover 3.75 | 4 ratings
Garden Of Storms
Melodic Death Metal 2019

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IN MOURNING Korp album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2018

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IN MOURNING In Mourning album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
In Mourning
Melodic Death Metal 2000
IN MOURNING Senseless album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2002
IN MOURNING Need album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Melodic Death Metal 2003
IN MOURNING Confessions of the Black Parasite album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Confessions of the Black Parasite
Melodic Death Metal 2004
IN MOURNING Grind Denial album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Grind Denial
Melodic Death Metal 2006

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IN MOURNING Garden Of Storms

Album · 2019 · Melodic Death Metal
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Kev Rowland
2019 saw the Swedish band back with their latest album, ‘Garden of Storms’, which saw them complete the trilogy which started with 2012’s ‘The Weight Of Oceans’. It also saw them with a new rhythm section as bassist Pierre Stam departed (leaving singer/guitarist Tobias Netzell as the only founder member still involved) to be replaced by Sebastian Svalland (Pain (live), Letters from the Colony, Lindemann (live)) while ex-Katatonia drummer Daniel Liljekvist also left, after just one album, and was replaced by Joakim Strandberg Nilsson (Faithful Darkness, Nonexist, ex-Moorgate, ex-Thrive, Wolves Within). Recorded with Jonas Kjellgren, who was responsible for the sound of the band's early albums, the band says it is the: "most solid, honest and complete album to date, in times where things seem to scatter and change a lot around us".

To me this album shows them move even more into different areas, with metalcore raising its ugly head among others, and to me this feels far more disjointed and less of a complete piece of work than the last one. Playing them back to back, there is no doubt this feels more commercial and softer in many ways, although they can bring the pain when they wish to, and the movement feels more clunky and not as polished. It is a much harder album to get inside, just because the listener feels they are being pulled from place to place, but more in a way that makes them seasick than in a pleasant journey where one is taking a rest at times. It feels less honest and more contrived, and while still an interesting album in many ways, it is quite a long way removed from the last one.


Album · 2016 · Melodic Death Metal
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Kev Rowland
In Mourning were formed back in 2000, and this 2016 album was the second in a trilogy, following on from 2012’s ‘The Weight Of Oceans. It was the first album to feature ex-Katatonia drummer Daniel Liljekvist, and the band commented: "It’s a bit more complex than our previous albums and it has got a bit of a different sound than the older ones, a bit more alive like a band and maybe not always as studio corrected as our earlier material. However, the foundation of the music is still what we’ve always done, and the key elements are pretty much the same but with some new additions and a few new twists and turns of course". Over the years their sound has evolved from a band who was primarily death metal into one which is far more progressive. They mix and meld doomy metal-riffs, blasting drumbeats and deep growling vocals to calm breezes of clean flowing melodies and harmonies and this makes for an album which is both uncompromising yet accessible at the same time.

There are many who are going to compare them to Opeth, as they have come from similar backgrounds and in many ways have followed similar paths, but In Mourning have stayed far more metallic while also being adventurous. They can move from Nile-type complexity and density to gentleness and calm with ease, somehow always ensuring the journey continues to make sense. When they are being reflective then one relaxes, it doesn’t matter that the maelstrom is going to come back, for now just enjoy the tranquillity as the band takes us on a journey. More than heavy enough to satisfy the metalhead, yet truly progressive and moving around for those into prog metal. The mix of melody and aggression is very well done indeed, yet when they wish to go in for the kill they do so at pace and speed.

IN MOURNING Shrouded Divine

Album · 2008 · Melodic Death Metal
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"Shrouded Divine" is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish progressive death metal metal act In Mourning. The album was released through Aftermath Music in January 2008. In Mourning was formed in 2000 and released no less than 5 demos before being signed.

Stylistically the music on "Shrouded Divine" is a Scandinavian sounding melodic/progressive death metal style. At various points throughout the album I´m reminded of artists like Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, Opeth, and Amorphis (the list goes on...). It´s heavy, often slow and doomy, but just as often mid-paced, and there are also faster-paced parts and several more atmospheric moments featured on the album. The atmosphere is at the same time epic and melancholic. The vocals vary between deep intelligible growling vocals and higher pitched aggressive snarling. The album features some clean male vocals too, but they are generally few and far between. It´s a welcome variation when they appear though.

The songwriting is solid and relatively varied, but it´s not the most original sounding music to come out of Sweden. The competition is of course also almost inhumanly hard, considering the vast number of high quality acts from that country, but I have to point out, that it is in that department "Shrouded Divine" lacks something to really compete with the most distinct sounding contemporary releases. The album fortunately features high level musicianship and a professional, clear, and powerful sounding production, so in that respect it is still a high quality release and fans of melodic/progressive death metal should find a lot to enjoy here. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

IN MOURNING The Weight Of Oceans

Album · 2012 · Melodic Death Metal
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In Mourning ? "The Weight Of Oceans"


48th place album of the year 2012

Melodeath bands never cease to amaze me in their ability to keep music going using only guitars. I often argue that if they used clean vocals as well as the complex guitars they could be some of the most revered bands in the world. Insomnium, a Finnish band, would easily become my favourite band of all time if they didn't use death growling.

But that's where the talent in these bands lies. They can somehow make an 'ugly' genre, death metal, beautiful. I can't help but dream what these bands must be like to people who actually enjoy death growling. In Mourning really nail some of the death growled parts. I often raise albums for having 'catchy' choruses, or vocal hooks as the music majors call them. But somehow the chorus of "Colossus" is insanely catchy without even having a vocal melody. I find myself chanting my impression of a growl to that rhythm every time, as I would to any pop song.

To the reason of its position in this chart, the guitars. While "Colossus" nails it with vocals, most of the other songs are laden with decent riffs, the sort of riffs regular metal bands would use in one song, In Mourning nails 8 of them into one track. It really is intriguing listening, and not once do I complain about the ugliness of the vocals like I do in regular death metal, because I'm not really listening to them.

But this album has another gem. I had not heard In Mourning before this release, but I understand from fan reactions that "Celestial Tear" is a new thing for them. This entirely clean-sung song sits right in the middle of the album like an oasis for those, like me, who aren't fans of the death vocals. And not just that, it is a truly wonderful song, even on an album filled with similar style songs this would stick out, but on an album of heavy melodic death metal, this gothic rock beauty really takes the cake.

You may be wondering why this review is overtly positive and yet this album isn't that high. Again, it's just my prejudice against death growling. Sorry. So, recommended in completeness to any extreme metal fans, especially those who love riffs as opposed to solos. I still recommend others listen to this, check out "Celestial Tear" and "Colossus", to see if you like it, as I'm not an extreme metal fan and I still enjoy it.

Originally posted on my facebook page/blog

IN MOURNING The Weight Of Oceans

Album · 2012 · Melodic Death Metal
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Phonebook Eater

"The Weight Of Oceans" is the best In Mourning release so far.

In Mourning are a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band: “The Weight Of Oceans” is their third full length album, following 2010’s “Monolith”. Personally, that listen was not at all rewarding, and I wasn’t looking forward to further In Mourning material to listen to. But, as I saw that this new album was getting much more attention, I picked it up, and the band did a complete 180 for me.

There is a huge, massive improvement over that sophomore release; while that seemed to be a mere Melodeath album with not much boldness nor originality accompanying it, “The Weight Of Oceans” has both of those characteristics in great abundance. There is also a broader palette of influences that can be heard, of different kinds of metal, from Gothic, to Doom, to Progressive Metal. The band is still pretty much fixed on Melodic Death Metal, but it seems that this time around, they’re appreciating a wider amount of music. The grand majority of riffs they compose and bring up are extremely catchy: In Mourning also structure their songs very cleverly, in a way similar to Prog Metal (at this point, Opeth is in fact another obvious influence, not only strictly musically speaking, but also when it comes to assembling the flow of one track). With cleverness and catchiness mixed so well together, we get nine, mammoth tracks that are hard to forget.

Boasting a terrific flow, (although one small letdown for me is the fact that the songs are some times too close to each other, without omitting that gap of air that can be essential for the listener to take a deep breath before plunging into the next track) In Mourning throw at the listener a handful of amazingly fresh, memorable tracks, starting from “Colossus”, the opening act: running for nine minutes, this track is a perfect gathering of great riffs and moods, fused together appropriately and ordered in a way that keeps the listener attentive constantly. The second track, “A Vow to Conquer The Queen”, is driven in mainly one direction, but it goes straight up that path without hesitating: it’s completely condensed into heaviness and technicality, without not being unique sounding. “Celestial Tears” is a wonderfully melancholic, somber, atmospheric semi-ballad, while the track following that is possibly the best of the entire album, “Convergence”, which includes a Doomy-rhythmed passages in its core, and is surrounded by a relatively virtuous Death Metal feel, mixed with some evident Prog Metal influences. The band goes so far to even sound sludgy at times, with the final track “Voyage Of a Wavering Mind”, where even Post Metal brushes can be heard in the background.

“The Weight Of Oceans” is an epic collection of tracks that have an equal amount of muscles and brains. The wide and eclectic range of influences prove how In Mourning like to experiment with their Death Metal, creating a beast that is theirs only. A possible candidate for Death Metal album of the year.

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more than 2 years ago
Oops. What I Meant was this: I didn't like the 2010 release "Monolith", but with "the Weight Of Oceans", I see this band with completely new eyes. Keep em coming!
more than 2 years ago
Back in 2010 I heard this album and I didn't like it at all. However their new album, The Weight Of Oceans, is blowing me away. I'm sure you'll love it!


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