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Ilium is a melodic power metal band from Newcastle, Australia with strong roots in the classic heavy metal sound as purveyed by the likes of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. The band has already released four albums and is currently poised to release their fifth album 'Genetic Memory' on Escape Music.

Guitarist Jason Hodges and original vocalist Mark Snedden formed the band as Iliad in 1998 having previously played together in Oracle in the early 1990s. This embryonic version of the band also included former Oracle guitarist Kris Arendse and the final Oracle bassist Michael Noonan, as well as drummer David Pearson. With the introduction of Adam Smith (also formerly of Oracle) on guitar, the band changed its name to Ilium, with Kris leaving the band after a brief stint with three guitarists. In 2002 the band commenced work on their eponymous debut EP produced by Lord Tim, but
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ILIUM Sirens of the Styx album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Sirens of the Styx
Power Metal 2003
ILIUM Permian Dusk album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Permian Dusk
Power Metal 2005
ILIUM Vespertilion album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Power Metal 2008
ILIUM Ageless Decay album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Ageless Decay
Power Metal 2009
ILIUM Genetic Memory album cover 3.19 | 6 ratings
Genetic Memory
Power Metal 2011
ILIUM My Misanthropia album cover 3.74 | 3 ratings
My Misanthropia
Power Metal 2015

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ILIUM Paint by Number album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Paint by Number
Power Metal 1999
ILIUM Ilium album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Power Metal 2002

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ILIUM My Misanthropia

Album · 2015 · Power Metal
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My Misanthropia (2015) is the sixth full-length album by Australian power metal act Ilium. It's been just about four years since Ilium's last album Genetic Memory (2011) was released and in that time the group has parted ways with their vocalist Mike DiMeo. DiMeo also performed on the album Ageless Decay (2009) and can currently be found fronting the bands Creation's End and Midas Fate. The new singer of Ilium is Lance King, a US vocalist who, if you're into your power and progressive metal styles, shouldn't need any introduction. He's been with acts such as Pyramaze, Avian and Balance of Power and released his first solo album, the excellent A Moment in Chiros, in 2011. Ilium have also joined King's label Nightmare Records for the release of My Misanthropia.

While I've been aware of Ilium since around the time of Genetic Memory's release, My Misanthropia marks my first time hearing the band. They play a brand of power metal interlaced with more laid back heavy metal orientated parts. I've seen Ilium's music described as being more in the US power metal vein before, but the music on My Misanthropia is a little bit too keyboard heavy for that. Although the keys rarely take a dominant role on the album, they are there and are pretty noticeable more often than not, sometimes even dipping a toe into symphonic territory, such as in second track Quetzalcoatl.

My Misanthropia is quite typical of modern European style power metal but all things considered it's a nice enough release from Ilium. While I think I've personally reached the point where I've simply heard too many power metal records to be really blown away by Ilium's take on the genre, this is a solid, well-played effort from the group with no bad tracks. Penny Black is a early highlight, along with the opening title track which features some slightly edgier vocals than I'm used to hearing from Lance King. These are also heard in The Cryptozoologist, which closes the album, and is another highlight of the record, showing off several different elements from the band's sound. I'd say it's the album's best though Penny Black is certainly hot on its heels due to its infectious power metal energy.

While My Misanthropia certainly isn't among the very best power metal records I've ever heard it has served me well as an introduction to Ilium and as usual I find myself impressed with Lance King as a singer. The band made a good choice for their style in him. Overall for the album I'm going to go with 3.5 stars.

ILIUM My Misanthropia

Album · 2015 · Power Metal
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Time Signature
Lingua franca...

Genre: power metal

Following up on 2011's "Genetic Memory", the power metallers in Ilium are just about to release their next full-length with the title "My Misanthropia".

As with the predecessor, "My Misanthropia" is more in the vein of US power metal than cheesy Euro power metal, as the tracks, while melodic and larger than life, are aggressive and powerful. Several tracks have slightly thrashy elements without every being power-thrash, and aesthetics of traditional heavy metal are ubiquitous on the release. As power metal goes, this is the type of power metal that I prefer, because it puts the power back in the metal, and it also inject a slight dose of darkness into the whole picture. I would even say that this album has a slight edge over the preceding album.

The production is interesting as it is not super crisp but has a slight warm fuzz to it. The musicianship and songwriting is top notch, and this is an album that those who like US power metal should definitely check out.

ILIUM Genetic Memory

Album · 2011 · Power Metal
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Time Signature
The metality gene...

Genre: heavy metal

Australian metallers Ilium are often described as a power metal band drawing a lot of inspiration from European power metal, and perhaps their previous releases are all out power metal, but this one, I think, has a foot solidly placed in the traditional metal camp. Granted, there are some elements from power metal throughout the album, such as double bass drums and the use of keyboards and so on.

However, when I listen to this album, I do not think Euro power metal - I think of classic metal acts like Iron Maiden and Running Wild and, whenever the album does remind me of power metal, then it is U.S. power metal like Iced Earth.

Anyway, "Genetic Memory" is definitely an enjoyable listen which emphasizes melody performed on the guitars, which means that there are twin guitar leads galore (and I am a sucker for twin leads) as well as single guitar lead melodies, and a lot of melodic solos - Iron Maiden definitely is a big influence on Ilium on this album, and - let's face it - if you draw on Iron Maiden you can't really go wrong. It should be mentioned that, while the Maiden influence on this album is big, Ilium does not come off as a Maiden rip-off and I think, with their use of keyboards, they have actually started to move in the direction of an original sound. The style of the guitar riffage in general is recognizable from the classic heavy metal of the 80s and early 90s just before grunge took over, but there are also some more uptempo power metal-esque rhythm figures to be heard now and then. Some of the tunes are even mildly progressively oriented with the occasional odd time signature and unexpected change in tempo, and I quite like this aspect to "Genetic Memory".

The vocals belong to the category of raw and slightly gravelly vocals which often tend to sound contrived, but the singing on "Genetic Memory" is happily free of the sense of sounding contrived, as there is a sense of feel and sincerity to it, and it also contributes a more original element to the Ilium sound, as many other bands who operate within the same musical territory tend to have Dickinson- or Halford-styled screamers.

When it comes to the production, the guitars do have a rather fuzzy sound which might detract from the listening experience (this is especially noticeable at the very first couple of guitar strokes), but after a spin or two you should get used to it. It is not as if the production is bad or unlistenable or anything - it is just a tad fuzzy and could perhaps have been more defined. At the end of the day, this is a minor issue.

If you like heavy metal with twin leads galore and overlaid guitar harmonies, you should definitely check out this fine heavy metal release by Australian metallers Ilium.

ILIUM Genetic Memory

Album · 2011 · Power Metal
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Ilium are one of the more accomplished acts on the Australian metal scene, and with Genetic Memory the band has officially released five full-length studio efforts. This melodic power metal outfit, despite their location, plays the exact style we would expect from many European acts - expect plenty of double bass pedal rhythms, commanding vocals, fast-paced riffs, and prominent keyboards. As such, Genetic Memory offers very little in the way of innovation; this is the same style of power metal that's been around for the last twenty years, and Ilium seldom deviates from that formula. If you like your melodic power metal to be well-played and professional, then Ilium may have created something worth your attention. Otherwise, Genetic Memory is a fairly generic effort that rarely offers anything new to the genre.

Despite my gripes with Ilium's rather "safe" approach to the melodic power metal genre, the music on Genetic Memory is still unquestionably the work of talented and skillful musicians. The compositions are always well-written, the songs are always executed professionally, and their are quite a few killer riffs here as well. The songs themselves aren't that outstanding, but that may be due to the fact that they're all pretty standard, run-of-the-mill power metal tracks. The thin production is also surprisingly weak - I really would've liked a cleaner, more polished sound in this instance.

It may seem like I have a lot of negative things to say about Genetic Memory, but the reality is that this is still a high-quality melodic power metal effort. The musicianship is strong, the songs are well-written, and the arrangements are obviously well put-together. I just think that it lacks the originality and memorability to grab the attention of most power metal fans. Established fans of Ilium will definitely want to give Genetic Memory a shot, but newcomers can probably skip this one. An average 3 stars are deserved for this average album.

ILIUM Genetic Memory

Album · 2011 · Power Metal
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Ilium isn't new news to the power metal scene. With 'Genetic Memory', they already have at least five albums to date since their first debut in the early 2000. Power metal, especially with the European sound, didn't evolve much in the past few years, and basically what you heard today isn't very much different back in the 80s, some of them probably implemented a darker riffs and progressive approach, abut Ilium decided to go the conservative path.

The typical Axel Rudi Pell-meets-Iron Maiden style with a hint of Stratovarius and a slight neoclassical feel is clearly shown on some songs like 'Littoria', 'Grey Stains The Rainbow', or 'Hostile Sky', but what shines the most here are four tracks : 'Kinaesthesia', 'The Immortality Gene' with a splendid and spectacular scream, embalmed with a fantastic riffs; 'Ghosts In Flesh', with pounding drums and nice solos; and 'Genetic Memory', illuminating intro, dynamic tempo, enough duration to experiment with instruments, and definitely the best track here.

On the other side, there are at least four passable tracks. 'Ephemeral' is too average, 'Fevered Tongue' is the worst of em all, 'Irrinja' is ridiculous at 11 minutes, the intro is too long and the whole song is pretty weak, and 'Neanderthal Within' is actually started off with some great riffs but then veer to a very low composition. Production is acceptable, and if only they put out some inventive and interesting songs, this might take off a level or two to the sky, but for now, 'Genetic Memory' should be valued enough at 70%.

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