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Droid is a progressive/technical thrash metal band formed in 2012 in Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. The trio includes Sebastian Alcamo (d) who also plays in Freeways and Sweet Torment, Jacob Montgomery (v,g) also of Freeways and Wesley Crusher, and Chris Riley (b) since 2017. Michael Gabor was the original bass player.

The band released a demo in 2013 and one more in 2014, and then an ep called "Disconnected" in 2015. Their first full-length album, "Terrestrial Mutations" was released in 2017.

In a Deadly Storm zine interview, Jacob Alcamo said about the band's style, "We play a style of metal that is a mix of late 80’s thrash metal and early 70’s progressive and psychedelic rock. We’ve been referred to as space thrash or psychedelic metal by audience members at shows before."

The undated article also mentions a second album in the works and a concept album planned for a third full-length release.
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DROID (ON) Terrestrial Mutations album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Terrestrial Mutations
Technical Thrash Metal 2017

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Technical Thrash Metal 2015

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Technical Thrash Metal 2013
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Promo 2014
Technical Thrash Metal 2014

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Album · 2017 · Technical Thrash Metal
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You cannot find a review of this album out there that does not mention Voivod. That is because Droid have included on their full-length debut album a lot of Voivod-isms, particularly of the likes of Nothingface and also Dimension Hatross. However, most reviews I read also mention Coroner and Vektor and a few people who are more familiar with the Canadian metal scene also throw in Obliveon. The reason for all these bands being mentioned should then make it quite clear that what Droid play is technical thrash metal.

Voivod similarities aside, Droid tend to go a bit further into seventies-influenced space and psychedelic rock, while still remembering that they are a thrash metal band. The blend is quite interesting. You'll get speedy, technical songs that break off into sparse and eerie interludes or some smooth, clean and jazzy guitar chords with bass and percussion keeping to the jazz mood. But you'll also get your dissonant chords a la Piggy and some more time-signature-bending technical riffs. Lead guitars seem to used more for melodic phrases rather than rampant soloing.

All but one of the reviews I read came to similar conclusions: the old school hardcore-meets-thrash styled vocals are rather one dimensional and need a bit of work (clean vocals do show up two or three times in mellower parts) and some of the tracks seem to fiddle about a little too long; however, the proggish compositions and interesting twists to the music make this an enjoyable album worthy of repeat listens. All but one review also gave this album four or four and a half stars.

As for my own opinion, I generally agree with what others have said. I like the Voivod-like parts but I'm glad that Droid are far from being simple Voivod copycats and follow their own path experimenting with technical sci-fi thrash metal and seventies space rock. I don't care about the vocals so much either. They are good enough on this album. Perhaps it's easier for me to accept the vocals because what's more important here is the music. Drums, bass, and guitar working very well together throughout much of the album.

If there's one point where my opinion holds a less favorable view it is regarding the production. Where others have specifically pointed out the good production, I feel the music sounds a little dulled down. Had this been just a straight up old school thrash album with really gruff vocals, the band could have blasted their way through the invisible cloak that takes some of the edge off the music. But as a technical space thrash band, I personally would prefer to have a slightly cleaner production.

Because this album is a little weird, it may not appeal to a lot of thrash fans. But for something a little quirky, this album has its rewards.

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