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Black Tusk is a sludge metal band from Savannah in Georgia, formed in 2005.
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BLACK TUSK Passage Through Purgatory album cover 3.50 | 2 ratings
Passage Through Purgatory
Sludge Metal 2008
BLACK TUSK Taste The Sin album cover 3.50 | 5 ratings
Taste The Sin
Sludge Metal 2010
BLACK TUSK Set The Dial album cover 3.81 | 6 ratings
Set The Dial
Sludge Metal 2011
BLACK TUSK Pillars Of Ash album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Pillars Of Ash
Sludge Metal 2016
BLACK TUSK TCBT album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Sludge Metal 2018

BLACK TUSK EPs & splits

BLACK TUSK When Kingdoms Fall album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
When Kingdoms Fall
Sludge Metal 2005
BLACK TUSK The Holy Mountain / Black Tusk album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
The Holy Mountain / Black Tusk
Sludge Metal 2009
BLACK TUSK Low Country album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Low Country
Sludge Metal 2009
BLACK TUSK Blacktusk / Fight Amp album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Blacktusk / Fight Amp
Sludge Metal 2009
BLACK TUSK Black Tusk / Dead Yet? album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Black Tusk / Dead Yet?
Sludge Metal 2012
BLACK TUSK Tend No Wounds album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Tend No Wounds
Sludge Metal 2013
BLACK TUSK Vulture's Eye album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Vulture's Eye
Sludge Metal 2014

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BLACK TUSK 2006 Demo album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
2006 Demo
Sludge Metal 2006
BLACK TUSK The Fallen Kingdom album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
The Fallen Kingdom
Sludge Metal 2007
BLACK TUSK Label Showcase - Relapse Records album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Label Showcase - Relapse Records
Sludge Metal 2012

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.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Seeing Visions
Sludge Metal 2016

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Album · 2011 · Sludge Metal
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A little over a year after Taste the Sin, and Georgian metal act Black Tusk have already returned with Set the Dial. On their third full-length album, the band delivers hardcore-influenced sludge metal just like on their previous outings. This is a highly energetic, aggressive, and non-stop display of heavy riffs and raw production just how any sludge fan likes it. Black Tusk may not have been the most original band around when their debut was released, and the fact that they're still sticking to their guns may lose the interest of more forward-thinking metalheads; still, the quality is high enough to satisfy the band's loyal fanbase for sure. Even though I wish there was a bit more originality on Set the Dial, there's no doubt that this is yet another quality effort from Black Tusk.

The music on Set the Dial is pretty similar to what we heard on previous Black Tusk efforts. This is very aggressive, fast-paced, and punk-tinged sludge metal with a heavy emphasis on filthy guitar tones, buzzing basslines, and raw shouted vocals. In that regard, not much (if anything at all) has changed since their 2008 debut album, Passage Through Purgatory. I could've hoped for something a little bit more unique and adventurous this time around, but Set the Dial definitely delivers its style pretty well. Though not every song is particularly memorable, there are plenty of great riffs throughout the album and it's ultimately a pretty fun listen. At only 34 minutes, it's a fairly short-lived one too.

For some reason I found myself enjoying Set the Dial a bit less than Passage Through Purgatory. Maybe it's because I expected a bit more innovation this time around or maybe it's because this is a slightly weaker effort - whatever the case, I feel like this album is just a tad less essential than Black Tusk's earlier offerings. Still, the quality is pretty good and fans of Black Tusk will certainly want to hear this. 3 stars seems pretty fair here.


Album · 2011 · Sludge Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Set The Dial is the fourth full-length studio album (or the third, depending on your views on the matter of record deals are) from American ‘Swamp Metal’ trio Black Tusk; it was released in 2011 quickly following up their breakthrough release Taste The Sin from 2010.

The album picks up in part where the last one left off; Andrew Fidler, Jonathan Athon and James May (not the same one from Top Gear, obviously) all return, John Dyer Baizley from Baroness handles the artwork once again and musically the band continue on their fast paced sludgey, aggressive path.

Where the album differentiates itself from earlier releases however is in the overall power and attitude, where their previous albums where rough and ready, erupting with barely contained rage that resulted in a sloppy and messy although utterly compelling sound, Set The Dial is far more direct and focused… and all the more powerful because of it, concentrating both on their Southern edge and on grooves bigger in a way.

Newcomers to the band should probably check this album out first before delving into their back catalogue, it contains some of their finest crafted and most memorable work to date, the only (potential and circumstantial) flaws in which are in relationships with old material and therefore bypassed by being a new fan.

Some older fans however may think of this as something of a commercialization upon initial listens, which is understandable, (The instrumental track ‘Resistor’ for example would be out of place on any of their other works, but is a fantastic song that could easily win them many new fans) but the fact is that Set The Dial is just an absolutely phenomenal metal album, and you really should give it a few listens and fair chance before making a judgment, as the actual quality of the songwriting is unquestionable.

Usually, the band’s speed and hardcore punk origins, as well as a lack of progressive rock influence separate them from the other Savannah, Georgia based bands with which they share sonic similarities and artwork contributions (Baroness, Kylesa) as well as non-Savannah bands like Red Fang and Mastodon who they also share elements of a collective sound with, with this new record however they now sound a little closer to the aforementioned artists thanks to their increasingly professional sound and yet the band have also carved out a new niche for themselves as well.

Set The Dial is still a dirty and raw album of aggressive and mostly brief and up-tempo numbers by anyone else’s standards, no track ever reaches five minutes in length and the still vocals are low and harsh, there are still the pounding drums that often vary to tom hammering. The only difference is that now there is more space in the mix and songs can have more moods than just raw uncontrolled hatred, there are subtleties and a lot of grooves too for example. Highlights include the (almost) title track ‘Set The Dial To Your Doom’ as well as ‘Ender Of All’ and the groove laden ‘Carved In Stone.’

Overall; If you haven’t heard much Black Tusk before you should really pick up a copy of this masterfully crafted record and if you are an existing fan look forward to it, but in the knowledge that it will be slightly different to the previous records (while still containing 90% of their signature sound of course) Regardless of what style the band play, as an album and on its own merits, this is utterly compelling stuff that I highly recommended.

BLACK TUSK Passage Through Purgatory

Album · 2008 · Sludge Metal
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The debut album from Georgian metal trio Black Tusk is a fine example of sludge metal in its rawest, filthiest, and most mentally degrading form. Based firmly in doom metal and hardcore punk, the music on Passage Through Purgatory is a fast-paced collection of heavy riffs and raw aggression that ends before the listener even has a chance to catch their breath. Passage Through Purgatory is short, direct, and to-the-point, and any fan of raw sludge metal is bound to be highly impressed by this debut effort. Black Tusk may proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, but that doesn't take away from the qualities of the fierce aggression exemplified here. If you enjoy fast-paced riffs played in a sludgy atmosphere, there's no doubt that you'll absolutely get a kick out of Passage Through Purgatory.

All of the songs here are pretty short and simple, yet still powerful and commanding. The riffs are always well-executed in a buzzing, filthy sludge metal atmosphere, and the yelled vocals even further emphasize the album's raw aggression. This mix of hardcore punk and sludge metal is nothing new for fans of the genre, but Black Tusk compensates for this with their impressive amount of power and energy. What the album lacks in originality is easily made up for by the short and powerful nature of the songwriting. The 35 minute playing time and extremely unpolished production make Passage Through Purgatory even more enjoyable and energetic, and I can't think of many other albums that invoke this much energy into the listener. And, for me, that's exactly what I demand of a hardcore/sludge metal album!

Even though Black Tusk may not have created a revolutionary album here, the strengths of Passage Through Purgatory significantly outweigh the downfalls and I'd definitely consider it a recommended purchase for sludge metal fans. If you're looking for a short burst of angst-ridden energy, this one better find its way into your collection! 3.5 stars are well-deserved.


Album · 2011 · Sludge Metal
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Time Signature
Ender of all...

Genre: sludge metal

Uptempo and with aggressive vocals, Black Tusk's hardcore-tinged approach to sludge metal is quite refreshing, given that most sludge metal bands these days seem to emphasize heaviness and progressive experimentation.

The base sound of Black Tusk's "Set the Dial" is undeniably the characteristic heavy and fuzzy sound that defines sludge metal, and the riffage is also mostly full of Southern groove, but Black Tusk largely refrain from the heavy and slow tempos that a lot of sludge artists make use of, instead opting for faster hard rocking tempos, occasionally touching thrash metal velocity.

The vocals are aggressively yelled, reflecting the punky roots of early sludge metal, but overall, "Set the Dial" does not strike me as being overly aggressive - which could be because of the 90s alternative rock/metal feel that also characterizes the album.

recommended to fans of sludge metal who need an injection of singleminded, focused uptempo music.

BLACK TUSK Taste The Sin

Album · 2010 · Sludge Metal
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Black Tusk’s 2010 release Taste The Sin is the band’s third full length studio outing and something of a breakthrough album in terms of popularity.

Sharing the Savannah Virgina hometown with Kylesa and Baroness, as well as artwork duties from John Baizely who is in Baroness and has also painted for Kylesa, it would seem that the marketing for this sludge and hardcore punk influenced trio is perfectly set up to recommend them to fans of Baroness and Kylesa (and by extension Mastodon.)

Black Tusk’s sound is much less psychedelic/prog influenced than the aforementioned bands; a lot more dirty, low-fi and punk feeling, delivering that pure rock and roll attitude through fast and hammering songs with a sort of grimy and sweaty production sound. The band themselves have been known to use the term ‘Swamp Metal,’ to describe their sound.

The album itself is all about attitude, delivering buzzing bass tones with slapping drums and noisy feedback-mess mixed with expertly handled big grooves and heavy riffs. The kind of songs where you can actually feel the musician’s fingers on the strings, and the power in the drummer’s shoulders as the hammers the toms.

Highlights include the speedy ‘The Way Of Horse And Bow,’ the crunchy and groove filled ‘Snake Charmer,’ as well as lead single ‘Red Eyes, Black Skies.’

Overall, Taste The Sin is a solid and enjoyable album from Black Fang. There is a lot to like on this particular album, in terms of energetic and heavy material and they are certainly worth checking out as a band if you like this type of music, dirty and sludgy as it is.

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