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Anata is a technical death metal band who formed in Varberg, Sweden in 1993 by Robert Petersson (drums), Fredrik Schälin (lead guitar, vocals), Mattias Svensson (guitar) and Martin Sjöstrand (bass). Anata's penchant for penning unrelenting death metal with a razor-sharp sense of melody has always been an inherent trait in their songwriting. As the band grew as musicians and songwriters, the music shifted into a darker, more death metal direction. Performing live with Dissection, Lake Of Tears and Beseech, Anata also proved to be an intense live outfit. It was in this arena that the band honed their skills equivalent to that of their more experienced countrymen.

Anata's first demo, "Bury Forever the Garden of Lie", was recorded in June 1995. The recording was met with overwhelming success from the European press, and furthered the band’s visibility in the worldwide market. Yet, even with an acclaimed demo behind them and
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ANATA The Infernal Depths of Hatred album cover 2.73 | 5 ratings
The Infernal Depths of Hatred
Technical Death Metal 1998
ANATA Dreams of Death and Dismay album cover 3.15 | 4 ratings
Dreams of Death and Dismay
Technical Death Metal 2001
ANATA Under a Stone With No Inscription album cover 3.50 | 6 ratings
Under a Stone With No Inscription
Technical Death Metal 2004
ANATA The Conductor's Departure album cover 3.36 | 6 ratings
The Conductor's Departure
Technical Death Metal 2006
ANATA Greed Conquers All album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Greed Conquers All
Technical Death Metal 2011

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ANATA WAR Vol. II - Anata vs. Bethzaida album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
WAR Vol. II - Anata vs. Bethzaida
Technical Death Metal 1999

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ANATA Bury Forever the Garden of Lie album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Bury Forever the Garden of Lie
Technical Death Metal 1995
ANATA Vast Lands of My Infernal Dominion album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Vast Lands of My Infernal Dominion
Technical Death Metal 1997

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ANATA The Infernal Depths of Hatred

Album · 1998 · Technical Death Metal
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siLLy puPPy
ANATA started out in Varberg, Sweden (just south of Gothenburg) all the way back in 1993 when Fredrik Schälin (vocals, guitar), Mattias Svensson (guitar), Martin Sjöstrand (bass), and Robert Petersson (drums) started jamming to their favorite death metal bands and took their sweet time in releasing the two demos “Bury Forever The Garden Of Life” and “Vast Lands Of My Infernal Dominion” but the practice and patience paid off because as the band was honing its chops it successfully caught the attention of the Seasons of the Mist label. By the time the band got to releasing the 1998 debut THE INFERNAL DEPTHS OF HATRED there was a new lineup with Henrik Drake on bass and Andreas Allenmark.

Noted for their brutality and technical inclinations, ANATA’s debut started out as a typical death metal release in the vein of Cryptopsy, Deicide and Dark Tranquility only more bombastic, with faster tempos and a sense of brutality more like Suffocation. The band’s unique stamp was that it implemented C# tuning and created melodic constructs out of dissonant guitar riffs. While sounding rather generic on this first offering, the band exhibited a firm command of the instrumentation with lightning fast riffs that pummel away the senses and with heavy distortion and hints of progressiveness that would mature on future albums although one wouldn’t call this technical by today’s standards especially when side by side by other 1998 landmarks such as Gorguts’ magnum opus “Obscura.”

While creating melodic tracks instead of focusing on the rhythmic patterns that many tech death bands use to construct their labyrinthine progressions, ANATA has been referred to as melodic death metal given that the band emerged near the epicenter of melo-death, the Gothenburg scene where bands like At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquility got the ball rolling. Having played with bands like Rotting Christ, there is a sense of blackened death metal in the mix as well. Overall the tracks contain a plethora of ridiculously fast tempos with incessant dissonant guitar riffs pounding away with the occasional Morbid Angel influenced guitar squeal or two. The musicianship is top notch but overall i find this to be a bit too generic for its own good as the tech death world had evolved significantly by this time.

Particularly impressive is the drumming prowess of Robert Petersson who nails all the blastbeat and jazzified fills like a pro. Fredrik Schälin’s growly vocals offer zero variation as he simply imitates the growly grunts of the past and in the process contributes to the rather stale presentation on display. As far as variation in the music though, there’s enough disparate elements to keep this from being a total waste of time although for those not accustomed to the fastest tempos played in a death metal context, this will probably all sound the same. Overall i’m impressed by the instrumental skills of the musicians involved on THE INFERNAL DEPTHS OF HATRED but the compositional fortitude is clearly lacking as ANATA is simply going through the motions without really placing their own stamp on the world of extreme metal at this point. Still though ANATA are considered one of the more important bands of tech death so the logical place to start is in the beginning and although this debut isn’t the most stellar example of tech death metal, it certainly gets the job done.

ANATA Dreams of Death and Dismay

Album · 2001 · Technical Death Metal
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"Dreams of Death and Dismay" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Swedish death metal act Anata. The album was released through Season of Mist in April 2001. The band´s debut album "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred (1998)" was to my ears a pretty generic sounding US influenced death metal album. Decent but ultimately too standard to stand out.

On "Dreams of Death and Dismay", Anata pretty much continue where they left off on the debut album. US influenced death metal with a few hints to the more melodic Swedish variant. There´s nothing wrong with the level of musicianship on the album and that´s actually the greatest asset this band has because they have real trouble writing memorable music. Now death metal is per definition very powerful music but there´s a big difference in the way the music is composed and delivered by the leaders and the followers in the genre. The material on "Dreams of Death and Dismay" are generally generic and lack any form of original approach and it´s obvious that Anata belong in the latter catagory of followers. Listening to this album I´m not able to tell that it´s Anata I´m listening to and that´s a real issue in my book. Thousands of bands sound like this. After only a couple of tracks my attention start to wander and that´s always a bad sign.

"Dreams of Death and Dismay" is a very generic sounding death metal release and Anata unfortunately seem content with just playing run of the mill death metal. However as the level of musicianship is high, the sound production is decent, and there´s nothing really offensive on the album (other than the fact that the material are generally pretty bland) a 2.5 star (50%) rating is still deserved.

ANATA The Infernal Depths of Hatred

Album · 1998 · Technical Death Metal
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"The Infernal Depths Of Hatred" is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish death metal act Anata. The album was released through Season of Mist in 1998.

The music style on the album is pretty regular sounding death metal. Deep growling vocals, brutal downtuned guitars and powerful drumming. Anata is not your regular melodic Swedish death metal act nor are they a Swedish old school death metal act. There are elements of the former style on the album but there are just as many US influenced death metal elements on "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred". That´s US death metal of the more technically well played kind. "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred" features 8 tracks distributed over 42:14 minutes of playing time and while the quality of the output is consistent, very little sticks out as above standard for the genre or as particularly memorable.

The musicianship are decent, but there is little here that´ll make your jaw drop. The sound production is decent too, but again we are dealing with a very standard product and the sound production could definitely have prospered from more power and punch. "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred" is as such not a bad album, but it just doesn´t stand out from the legions of other death metal albums that are released every year. So calling it bad might be wrong, but calling it generic isn´t. Anata would develop their sound and ultimately show a more progressive side of themselves on later albums, and thereby become slightly more interesting than what´s the case here, but this particular album is very standard US influenced death metal delivered without offering anything original. A 2 - 2.5 star (45%) rating is warranted.

ANATA The Conductor's Departure

Album · 2006 · Technical Death Metal
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"The Conductor´s Departure" is the 4th full-length studio album by Swedish technical death metal act Anata. The album was released through Wicked World (a subsidary to Earache Records) in June 2006.

The music on the album is technical death metal with enough twists and turns to keep even the most experienced fan of the genre busy. The playing on the album is astonishing to say the least. The sound production is powerful and detailed too so that part of the album is well functioning. If you ask me there´s one major issue with "The Conductor´s Departure" though and it´s a pretty serious issue. The songwriting is patchy. By patchy I mean that the tracks contain multible riffs and sections and tempo- and time signature changes in spades but it´s like there´s no master plan. The riffs succeed each other in an endless stream without leaving and impact and the tracks generally lack memorability and hooks. After the album ends all I can remember is that the band are extremely well playing and that the album is well produced. I can´t remember any of the tracks. Anata are as such original sounding on "The Conductor´s Departure" (which is something they lacked on their first couple of more generic sounding US influenced death metal releases), but being original doesn´t always mean you are able to deliver something that´s catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

One of the things that could have worked well is the way Anata´s two guitarists compliment each other. There are almost no unison playing on the album. At all times the two guitars play different things. The problem is that it sometimes sound like the two guitars are playing the riffs from two different tracks at the same time. It sounds very confusing and when you add to that the almost constant tempo- and time signature changes, the soundscape becomes too busy for it´s own good. We´re talking death metal here and I expect brutality and relentless raw power, but as a consequence of all the twists and turns on this album, the music feel powerless. Add to that a very monotone growling vocal delivery and there´s just very little that´s interesting on "The Conductor´s Departure" besides the impressive technical level of the musicianship. A 2.5 star (50%) rating is warranted.

ANATA Dreams of Death and Dismay

Album · 2001 · Technical Death Metal
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Leave it to Relapse to bring us the finest in international death metal. Dreams Of Death And Dismay is nearly 47 minutes of blast beats, merciless grooves, wicked guitar harmonies and old-school death vocals that is sure to please long-time death fans.

The guitars are simply bludgeoning with super thick rhythm tones and cutting lead work. The drumming, as with many bands of this persuasion, is nearly inhuman. Ultra-tight blast beats, whirlwind fills, and a punchy tone beat into your skull like a jackhammer. This stuff is not only brutal it’s also quite musical. Amidst the pounding chaos are some impressive guitar harmonies and syncopated riffing. “Faith, Hope, Self-Deception” is a furious beast of a track beginning with some powerful double-kick drum and guitar work. The verse rhythm is a mid-tempo grinder. The guitars here are simply huge! The melodic bridge makes for a good “breather” and the aforementioned guitar harmonies are in full force here. This tune is also an example of how effortlessly the band switches from grinding grooves to blast beat bombast. “Insurrection” begins with an intense, slowed down groove before beefing it up with a mid-tempo, double kick-drum bridge. Once again, the blast beats and death growls will bore a hole into the side of your head. The 8-plus minute epic “The Temple/Erratic” showcases all the band’s elements in one glorious monster of a track!

Tempo shifts, merciless drumming, mind-bending guitar work and vicious vocal roars permeate this song, which is sure to please those with a love of real death metal. All in all, this is a record loaded with quality musical violence! If you’re a lover of the old school, and if the mere thought of another In Flames clone would force you to shove an ice pick in your ear, seek out Anata and feast upon the brutality!

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