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Album · 2011


1. Murderball (4:08)
2. Black (5:56)
3. Razorback Blade (4:12)
4. Blood Stained Sunday (5:50)
5. Pearl Of Wisdom (6:30)
6. All I Want Is You (4:27)
7. Axe To Grind (3:37)
8. Let The Garden Burn (5:05)
9. Rite Of Devastation (4:21)
10. Deal With The Devil (7:03)

Total Time 51:09


- Brian Allen / vocals
- Geoff Thorpe / Guitar
- Larry Howe / Drums
- Stephen Goodwin / Bass
- Kiyoshi Morgan / Guitar

Featuring: Mark McGee, Brad Gillis and Eric Peterson on guitars

About this release

Release date : 2011-03-28
Label : SPV/Steamhammer

Recordered on Trident Studios in Pacheco (California), and produced by Juan Urteaga and Geoff Thorpe.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Since losing vocalist extraordinaire Carl Albert in 1995, Vicious Rumors has attempted to carry on with no less than four other singers: Brian O’Conner (on 1998′s Cyber Christ), Morgan Thorn (for 2001′s Sadistic Symphony), James Rivera (of Helstar for Warball in 2006) & Ronnie Stixx (who toured with the band but never recorded). At one point, even guitarist/band founder Geoff Thorpe handled lead vocals (on the first post-Albert album, 1996′s Something’s Burning). To varying degrees, the albums worked. Each one had moments of passionate intensity. Each one also had moments that may not have lived up to the VR name. I thought they had struck gold with James Rivera as Warball was easily the best thing they had done to date since Albert’s untimely demise. I am, however, happy to report that the new album (which also sees vocalist #5 attempt to fill Carl Albert’s shoes) is even better.

Brian Allen is taking his turn at the VR mic in true, aggressive metal spirit! Not taking anything away from the other guys who’ve stepped in here, Allen is without a doubt THE man for this job. He packs an intense, absolutely (forgive me) vicious punch! Musically, Thorpe and company have cranked everything up a notch, and the result is, from my view, the best thing the band has done since 1995′s Word of Mouth.

The band has buckled down and put out a very, very strong album. Tracks like “Razorback Blade” and “Axe To Grind” call to mind the glory and speed of classics like “Hellraiser” (from the 1990 self-titled album). Allen proves his mettle here with some seriously impressive vocal acrobatics and soaring wails…absolutely blistering. He comes down out of the stratosphere and puts in a brooding, impassioned performance on “Black”. “Rite Of Devastation”, “Murderball” and “Blood Stained Sunday” all boil over with patented VR rage and spirit, the likes we haven’t heard in a long time. Crowd-rousing track “Let The Garden Burn” is an homage to the European, open air metal festivals held every summer and is sure to get crowds headbanging and chanting back. There is simply not a bad song to be had here, people. Guitar solos are something the band is known for and a couple of returning heros turn out some gems. Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) makes his second appearance on a VR album. Former VR guitarist Mark McGee (who played on all the band’s albums from 1988 through 1995) is welcomed back for a few guest shredders in tandem with Thrope. Testament‘s Eric Petersen even puts in some harmonized solo runs on “Murderball”.

This is the album that I, as a Vicious Rumors fan, have been waiting for since Albert’s passing. Putting a few past missteps aside, because the band has released some strong material over the years. But they have hit a home run with Razorback Killers! This album feels like a natural follow up to Word of Mouth and easily ranks among the Albert years’ material. Get it!
Vicious Rumors is a band who never really "hit it big" in terms of commercial sales, but is one of most consistent U.S. power metal bands out there. Since their inception in 1979, the band has been regularly churning out high-quality heavy metal albums to their dedicated fanbase. Razorback Killers, the band's tenth full-length album and first in nearly five years, is yet another impressive chapter in their already noteworthy discography. Vicious Rumors may not be the most revolutionary band anymore, but these veterans do still know how to deliver kick ass heavy metal in 2011 - and, in the end, that's all that really matters!

Razorback Killers is a hard-hitting album in a lot of ways. I'd consider it "power metal with balls", if you will. The music is really heavy and relentless; I hear a lot of influence from the Bay Area-thrash metal scene on Razorback Killers. Songs like "Razorback Blade" could barely be considered traditional/power metal in my opinion. My favorite track is probably the opening cut, "Murderball" - Brian Allen's vocals are just spectacular there. One of the best things about Vicious Rumors is the top-notch musicianship, and that certainly applies here. The blinding guitar work from Geoff Thorpe and Kiyoshi Morgan (as well as Mark McGee, Brad Gillis and Eric Peterson as guests) is excellent - if you're a guitar player of any sort, this is the type of album that you simply cannot resist. One of my only major gripes about this release is the production. Razorback Killers simply sounds far too polished and sterile for these ears. It's really a shame; the music has a decidedly raw heavy metal approach, but the over-stressed production values only diminish one of the album's finest assets. A rawer sound would've enhanced my enjoyment significantly.

Despite my gripes with the production, Razorback Killers really is an excellent album from Vicious Rumors. These American veterans show no signs of slowing down, and Razorback Killers is definitive proof of this. People who enjoy old school power metal with a modern production should love this one. Of course, albums like this have existed for the last 30 years, but when the music this good, it's hard to consider that a major setback. 3.5 stars and a solid recommendation are deserved for Razorback Killers.

Members reviews

Vicious Rumors have always been one of the most underrated bands. These American veterans deserved much more. Their albums with Carl Albert (RIP) are timeless classics and masterpieces for metal music. Now after 30 years of ups and downs they are still able to kick ass.

Razorback Killers is another great chapter in their discography. It is easily one of the best power metal releases this year. Vicious Rumors are back in their best form. Balancing on the edge of thrash and power metal the guitar duels between the founder Geoff Thorpe and the new axeman Kiyoshi Morgan are just brilliant. Well no one can replace the divine voice of Carl Albert but the new singer Brian Allen has strong powerful voice and fits really nice to the songs.

Razorback Killers is great symbiosis between the classic and the modern times in heavy metal. In this abundance of mediocre pretending releases these oldschool compositions packed in newschool production are great choice for all heavy music lovers. The new Vicious Rumors album won't cause revolution or shoot his creators to the mainstream but is great present to their dedicated fans and 4,5 stars rating is absolutely deserved!

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