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Album · 2009


The Whilrwind (77:54)
1. Overture - Whirlwind (9:54)
2. The Wind Blew Them All Away (6:10)
3. On the Prowl (6:03)
4. A Man Can Feel (6:35)
5. Out of the Night (4:22)
6. Rose Colored Glasses (7:54)
7. Evermore (4:10)
8. Set Us Free (5:03)
9. Lay Down Your Life (5:11)
10. Pieces of Heaven (2:17)
11. Is It Really Happening? (8:11)
12. Dancing with Eternal Glory - Whirlwind (12:04)

Total Time: 77:54

Bonus Disc:

1. Spinning (9:58)
2. Lenny Johnson (4:20)
3. For Such a Time (5:23)
4. Lending a Hand (8:43)
5. The Return of the Giant Hogweed (8:26)
6. A Salty Dog (4:59)
7. I Need You (4:39)
8. Soul Sacrifice (10:00)

Total Time: 56:28


- Neal Morse / Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion
- Roine Stolt / Guitars, Vocals, Additional Mellotrons, Percussion, Mini Moog, Soundscapes
- Pete Trewavas / Bass, Vocals, Vst Synth, Orchestrations
- Mike Portnoy / Drums, Vocals


- Henk Doest / Fingersnaps
- Jessica Koomen / Fingersnaps
- Collin Leijenaar / Fingersnaps
- Marc Papeghin / French horn
- Chris Carmichael / Strings

About this release

Released by InsideOut Music, October 23rd, 2009.

Thanks to adg211288 for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Wow, I was expecting this.

To be honest, when I heard these guys where reforming, I did do a wee dance.

This was really unexpected. I know their last album was just perfect in everyway, but a 78 minute song, wow, that was something unheard of.

I think this is the longest song ever made, and 2009 was the year of big long songs (Procupine Tree's 55 minute epic The Incident). But which is better...there is only one way to find out...FIGHT!!!! (only Harry Hill fans would understand that).

I. Overture/Whirlwind - A beautiful instrumental stating all the themes, in all their beauty. 10/10

II. The Wind Blew Them All Away -Great song with some amazing vocals from Neal. Very calm and suprising eerie. 9/10

III. On The Prowl - That bassline is very Pink Floyd. Very rocking with a great chorus. 10/10

IV. A Man Can Feel - Suprisingly touching and very joyous. 9/10

V. Out Of The Night - A more rocking subject. Great riffs and instrumental work. 9/10

VI. Rose Coloured Glasses - Has a bit of a country feel to it. Great chorus and vocals provided by the band. 9/10

VII. Evermore - Great vocals. Amazing isntrumental work. 10/10

VIII. Set Us Free - Loving the return of the keyboard theme. Great chorus. Very joyous. 10/10

IX. Lay DownYour Life - Wow, what a riff. Very death march theme. Amazing and very angry vocals from Neal. 10/10

X. Pieces Of Heaven - Pretty kick ass instrumental. Very crazy. 10/10

XI. Is It Really Happening? - Quite laid back and sombre. The instrumental sections are amazing. 10/10

XII. Dancing With Eternal Glory/Whirlwind (Reprise) - Very epic and very beautiful. Great ending. 10/10

CONCLUSION: Definitly a contendor for the best album of last year. Very epic and if you disagree, then you have no soul (their is no such thing as a soul, but you know, metaphorically speaking)
The Whirlwind (2009) is the third full-length album by multi-national progressive rock supergroup Transatlantic. Having been disbanded since 2002, The Whirlwind represents their comeback release. It's available to buy in both a single disc and double disc version, the latter of which includes four additional Transatlantic originals and four covers as bonus tracks. A worthwhile collection of tracks, but it's the first, main disc that we're really interested. There is also a version with a making of DVD, for those who are interested in such things.

The Whirlwind is basically one epic length progressive rock song consisting of twelve tracks, each a different movement in the suite. The total running time of the song is 77:54. Transatlantic has always favoured the epic length format but their previous record had been 30:59 with All of the Above, off of their debut album SMPTe (2000). Because of the multiple tracks used The Whirlwind is a little different to the single tracks they've done in the past, with the chapters being able to stand alone as well as be taken as part of the bigger picture. Apart from one clearly intentional pause between the final two parts the music flows continuously. In my view it's quite the achievement to get something like this to work on both the complete and stand-alone level.

While previous album Bridge Across Forever (2001) introduced a wider array of influences from the musicians involved, including a bit of progressive metal, The Whirlwind is closer in sound to SMPTe, and as such wouldn't sound out of place as a solo album by vocalist/keyboardist Neal Morse. This isn't surprising, as the album began as just that until Neal realised what he was writing had the makings of a Transatlantic epic and upon agreement from drummer Mike Portnoy, the two proposed a reunion with the rest of the group, guitarist/vocalist Roine Stolt and bassist Pete Trewavas. This is to say that the music is a mix of straight up progressive rock and it's symphonic variant and is of the sort of epic quality than I'd expect from a Transatlantic release, although it does also contain many slow and laid back sections as well. The most epic part for me is the instrumental at the end of the Is It Really Happening? section, a real triumph of symphonic prog music.

Like with Bridge Across Forever, the vocals on The Whirlwind are handled mostly by Neal Morse and Roine Stolt but you do also get the odd line delivery by Mike Portnoy and Pete Trewavas. Neither of these men are known in their usual bands as vocalists, but they do a good job, something shown on the bonus disc even more so, when each takes the lead on a song. I'm not sure the music would have quite the same appeal if either of them took the spotlight away from Neal, who for me has always been the main reason to listen to Transatlantic, but their voices add in such nice variation. Roine's vocals, as always, come across as an acquired taste.

Transatlantic earned a place as one of my personal favourite bands with this one. With The Whirlwind Transatlantic were not only back, but they were better than ever. This is one of those albums which excels within its genre and I believe it will have a wide appeal across the four musicians main bands and beyond. A perfect rating is deserved.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven:

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