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Album · 2008

Filed under Death Metal


1. Lovecraft's Death (4:08)
2. Anubis (4:18)
3. Communion (3:25)
4. Babel's Gate (2:58)
5. We, the Gods (3:50)
6. Sunlight / Moonlight (4:09)
7. Persepolis (6:09)
8. Sangreal (5:17)
9. Narcissus (3:59)

Total Time: 38:13


- Sotiris Vayenas / guitars
- Spiros 'Seth' Antoniou / vocals, bass
- Christos Antoniou / guitars
- Fotis Benardo / drums

- Marios Iliopoulos / Solo guitar on "Babel's Gate"

About this release

Season of Mist
March 17th, 2008
Produced by Fredrik Nordström.
Communion was recorded with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague and a Czech Choir.

Also available as limited edition digipack with alternative layout.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Septic Flesh's Communion

This album's rating on this site is way too low and hope to show why in this review. The whole album creates a wonderful, symphonic, atmospheric mood throughout with each song (even though some are noticeably better than others).

Lovecraft's Death - starts off the album. This song has a lot of elements that make it unique. As the guitar work isn't the most unique, it adds a heaviness to it that, combined with the symphonic elements, creates a very good song.

Anubis - my personal favorite off the album. It starts off with a very calm riff, and then the drums come in and the song starts to kick off. But the punch really comes in at about 1:11. Another highlight of the song are the lyrics - the beckoning of the dying man to Anubis to save his soul (showed with growling vocals and clean vocals) is truly great.

Communion - at first listen to may sound like the Meow Mix jingle, but it actually quite a good song. It's a bit more basic than the other songs, but it still definitely has its moments. Once again, the lyrics are what makes this song more enjoyable for me. I like how this band can capture you in a story through the use of well thought-out diction along with the instruments (of course). Solid song over all.

Babel's Gate - very interesting song indeed. It starts off very quickly, but only about 13 seconds in it starts this very odd combination of almost a duet between the drums and the orchestra - very good though. The rest of the song just seems to be pure Septic Flesh in the sense of using blast beats and heavy guitar along with a symphony to create a well-written piece of music.

We, The Gods - sadly, the worst song on the album. It's not that it's bad, I just feel it doesn't brings anything quite relevant to the album - I would call it filler, but it's too good for that. It's not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination, just lacking where all of the other songs have succeeded so greatly on this album.

Sunlight Moonlight - a truly great song. It changes the mood up a bit and brings back the clean vocals (which we haven't hears since Anubis) and uses them to great effect. One of the better songs on the album considering the guitar work and the drumming, but not too much orchestral work - which is okay! The song makes up for it and then some.

Persepolis - this song using the orchestra to great effect. They use a lot of low winds on this song along with some low brass. This song is heavy and haunting at the same time. It creates this mood that almost makes you feel empowered. And, once again, the good lyrics also make a come back. The tale that this song is based off is an interesting one and they adapt it well into musical form.

Sangreal - probably the best written song on the album. It starts off with a very ambient intro and then the riff comes in. Personally, I'm a big fan of this riff - I love how it switches from the main beat to the and-beat. This song also has very good vocals, as the clean vocals and growling vocals mix very well. The song also has quite a nice mood change at about 3:13. It hits you with a very solid, heavy riff and abandons the orchestra for a while, but then returns with that riff I adore so much to play the song out.

Narcissus - the last song on the album. Goes back to the sort of mood that Sunlight Moonlight had, but is still very unique. It's a good song to send the album off of, even though it may not be the best. It has a similar theme to the song writing, but still feels unique in its own right. Has a neat guitar solo in it, for whatever that's worth to you. Overall, not the best song on the album, but not the worst - a good closer is all the song is.

Hope this review helped anyone who was considering getting the album to actually get it. This is my first review on this site, so hopefully it's not dreadful (also not bothering to spell check so excuse the grammar - I need to get some sleep).
Album of symphonic death metal hits

Septic Flesh, death metal veterans from Greece, know how to play catchy. COMMUNION is one of those rare records in extreme metal which I grew fond of with the first listen. The album is their seventh opus and first one after the comeback. And it turned out to be very good.

One of the most distinctive and important features of this release is the mood. COMMUNION is an album set in Lovecraft's prose atmosphere - one look at the tracklist and you know what I mean. Ambience is pleasantly brooding, built with fantastic winds, strings and percussion. The orchestra and choir deserve a round of applause for the work done here. Sounds they create are sometimes pompous, sometimes dark and disturbing but seldom if ever boring. Technically speaking there's nothing to complain about. This is very consistent collection of songs with fantastic orchestration and even some progressive parts.

The only problem I have with this album is the catchiness I mentioned above. Actually it's not a real drawback since it makes the album accessible and enjoyable, it's just the reason I refrain from rating it higher. In some songs they just go to extremes with those catchy hooks. The tracks are nice but superficial - after a few listens there is nothing new to discover. Melodic verse-chorus structure do no good to death metal in my opinion. Generally speaking, I find the record very enjoyable with many interesting solutions and great musicianship but, as you can see, I'm not in raptures over it.

It only remains for me to recommend COMMUNION to all fans of symphonic death metal done right. This is very good record with a few mind-blowing moments. Crystal clean production, perfect execution and great parts of real philharmonic orchestra and choir determine its high quality. Great addition to your collection.

TRACKS BY RATINGS: 8/10: Lovecraft's Death; Babel's Gate 7/10: Anubis; Sangreal; Narcissus; We, the Gods; Communion; Sunlight / Moonlight 6/10: Persepolis

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