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Album · 2008

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1. Lifeline (13:28)
2. The Way Home (4:20)
3. Leviathan (6:05)
4. God's Love (5:28)
5. Children of the Chosen (4:57)
6. So Many Roads (28:46)
I) So Many Roads
II) Star for a Day
III) The Humdrum Life
IV) All the Way to the Grave
V) The Eyes of the Savior
VI) So Many Roads (Reprise)
7. Fly High (6:31)

Total Time: 69:35

Bonus disc
1. Crazy Horses (3:40)
2. Lemons Never Forget (6:36)
3. The Letter (4:17)
4. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (4:43)
5. Sometimes He Waits (5:22)
6. Set the Kingdom (13:31)
7. [unknown] (4:36)

Total Time: 42:49


- Neal Morse / keyboards, guitars, vocals
- Mike Portnoy / drums
- Randy George / bass

Guest musicians:
- Paul Bielatowicz / 2nd guitar solo (7)
- Carl Groves / background vocals (1, 2, 5 & 6)
- Jonathan Willis / strings (2, 7)
- Jim Hoke / saxophone (3 & 6 III)
- Ivory Leonard and Danielle Spencer / background vocals (6)

About this release

Release date: September 29th, 2008
Label: Radiant

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

FACT: Neal Morse can't make a bad album.

I had heard bad comments and reviews on this album, and I went into it with a sword in my hand...but to my suprise, it was a great album. I didn't get bored, I thorougly enjoyed it, It was an amazing listening experience.

I believe that this was the missing link between Neal's solo stuff and what he left behind in Spock's Beard. The songs were upbeat, in major keys and had great chorus'. The arrangements were well done and the vocals were to die for. Again, it was a bit preachy, but after listening to a bunch of angry Christians all my life, Neals calm attitude to the subject was approachable, again, his faith I do not believe in and do not have any real remorse (haha rhymes with Morse) for their believes. But Neal I can deal with, cause he's nice and makes great music.

1. Lifeline - The songs title track and definelty a flashback to Spock's Beard. The first time I heard this song, was when I was doing my GCSE's, and to be honest, was feeling a little down, but the organ riff in this song was enough to cheer me up. Amazing finger work from Neal, spectacular drumming from that Jew fella and the basslines are better than anything Chris Squire or even Dave Mereos could ever fathom. This song is an amazing dose with happy with a side of epicness. Amazing start to the album.

2. The Way Home - This is definetly a homage to the great ballads that were created in Spock's Beard, e.g. Waste Away, June, Love Beyond Words etc. Amazing chorus with beautiful melodies.

3. Leviathan - King Crimson...Van Der Graaf Generator...Antonius Rex, basically a dip in the eclectic pool for Neal. Crazy saxaphoning, amazing jaunty riffs and riffs that could kick the head of Satan himself.

4. God's Love - An amazing teary ballad with amazng harmonies provided by the vocal side. What more can I say, great song, see, I could say more.

5. Children Of The Chosen - A more gospel and preachy side, there always is one of these, so I don't mind, I enjoyed it.

6. So Many Roads - The epic, monster of a song. I thought this would sound like something of "Sola", but It was steering to a more "At The End Of The Day" mood. The themes are amazingly presented, Neal pushes his fingers and voice to the limit, pop culture references...basically a mammoth of a song.

7. Fly High - A great ending and a solo from that New Zeleander with the amazing fingers. A great end to a great album.

CONCLUSION - Not his best, but an amazing album non the less. Buy all his albums, your soul will be saved :)

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