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Movie · 2004

Filed under Thrash Metal


Disc 1: The Feature Film (141 mins)

Disc 2: Bonus Features
Additional Scenes:
1. Photo Shoot with Kirk
2. Lars with his Newborn Son
3. Metallica, Swizz Beatz & Ja Rule
4. Lars and Kirk Webchat
5. Management Discusses Metallica's Future
6. Should the Filming Continue?
7. James Talks about Growing Up
8. Surprise Gig at Kimo's
9. Metallica Honors Aerosmith at MTV's Icon
10. Take the Metal heads Bowling
11. Bass Lines for "My World"
12. More Work on "My World"
13. Kirk's Birthday
14. Tough Riff
15. "All Within My Hands" Vocals
16. Castor Doesn't Want Headphones
17. Bob is Bitter
18. Lars Stews in his Anger
19. Lars and James Have Made Progress
20. Kirk Goes to Traffic School
21. James' New Artwork
22. Album Packaging
23. Hammering It Out
24. Sounds Good
25. Rob Goes Snowboarding
26. Kirk's Father-in-Law Plays with Rob
27. A Lot of Work to Be Done
28. "Frantic" at the Fillmore

Festivals & Premieres:
29. Sundance Q&A
30. Sundance Press Conference
31. San Francisco International Film Festival
32. New York Premiere
33. Metallica Club Screening

Additional Scenes II: This Monster Lives
34. Predictions about the album
35. Being Original
36. Lars and Dave Mustaine, alternate cut
37. "F$%@! Meeting" extension
38. Raiders tailgate show
39. Raiders Fallout
40. The New Face of Metal?
41. Touring Confusion
42. Dee Dee's Legacy
43. Talking about bass players with Pepper
44. Rob's First Interview
45. Lars visits his childhood home
46. The Oslo Interviews

Music Video

Filmmaker Bios: Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky

2014 reissue bonus:
* Metallica: This Monster Lives (25 mins)


- James Hetfield / vocals, guitar, bass
- Kirk Hammett / lead guitar
- Lars Ulrich / drums
- Bob Rock / bass
- Robert Trujillo / bass

Also appearing during bassist auditions:
- Danny Lohner
- Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez
- Pepper Keenan
- Scott Reeder
- Chris Wyse
- Eric Avery

Countless other appearances in interviews and snippets

About this release

Double DVD, Paramount, 2004.

A documentary on the making of St. Anger and the events leading up to and surrounding it.

Reissued on Blu-Ray and DVD on November 24, 2014.

Thanks to Pekka for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

‘Some Kind of Monster’ is an interesting look at the personal problems that arise amongst band members after having worked together throughout careers that span decades. The biggest rock band in the world is on the verge of breaking up, with one member leaving, one member in rehab and one member being the most hated man in music. It’s compelling viewing, that’s for sure.

However, it’s been often stated that this will appeal to Metallica fans and non-fans alike, and I do consider that a bit of an overstatement. I’m a huge, huge die-hard fan of the band, but at two hours and 10 minutes in duration, and a couple of hours of extra material, even I find this quite a tedious viewing at times.

Essentially, it boils down to the egos of two men, James and Lars, and goes on to become nothing more than “Temper Tantrum: The Movie”. Still, it’s always fun and interesting to see what musicians I admire get up to when they’re not on stage. The process of recording their 2003 dud of album ‘St. Anger’, what they do in their spare time, the auditions for a new bass player and the endless promotional events they partake in.

While this isn’t essential viewing to the average movie-goer, fans of the band will enjoy this stripped and bare movie that shows that even rich and famous rock stars have egos and emotions, and the tolls that that stardom takes on them.
St Clanger, I'm madly in anger with you... but I love the documentary!

The best thing about the much maligned St Anger is the documentary behind it, Some Kind of Monster.

The band went through immense turmoil during the making of this album. Hetfield left the band for rehab and to clear the cobwebs in his head. With lyrics about his lifestyle and his 'deathstyle', the content of 'St Anger' is bitter, morbid and twisted, and there is no heart in it. Hetfield sounds like he has vocal diarrhea, a word incidentally, from the Greek word meaning 'flowing through'. The only thing flowing on this monstrosity is the cash from the fans who unfortunately were blind sided into buying an expensive beer coaster.

The documentary is a fly on the wall look at how St Wanger was created and it is not a pretty sight. Nothing is left to the imagination as we witness the personal trauma suffered by all concerned. Hefield in particular comes across as breaking down in fornt of us all and it truly sad and as emotionally raw as you will see in a doco, even more so than Anvil. The best thing as far as for the band that occurs is the introduction of bassist Robert Trujillo, who jumped on board the Metallica Machine and he looks stunned when they say it is him they want. Bob Rock on the other hand annoys and fascinates at intervals, making his presence felt but he is no where near as annoying as the counsellor who just jumps in every chance he gets. Some of the things he says are profound and some are just plain frustrating.

When Hetfield leaves it is a compelling movie and you really feel for the band and crew. Lars is especially vocal and very hurt it seems but he is intelligent to know that Hetfield will return; deep down he knows it. Of course the result of this personal chaos is the album stinks. The lyrics were written on toilet paper so that the music industry could wipe their bums on them. Ulrich is most worried about this release but it is out of their hands and we see on the doco how a band is treated when they are at their lowest and it is not for the faint hearted. To see Metallica falling apart is distressing for the fan but as we know they have a triumphant return with the incredible Death Magnetic. I also loved Megadeth's intervention to help out in places, and the scene where Mustaine expresses his pain at being second best in Megadeth is apowerfully moving moment; one of the most unforgettable parts of the doco.

We hear some of the inane lyrics being rehearsed such as the infamous unforgiveable crapola of Frantic; "tick tick tick tick tick tick tock, Frantic tick tick tick tick tick tick tock, Treading water full of worry, This frantic tick tick talk goes hurry... my lifestyle determines my deathstyle" or "This is the face that you hide from, This is the mask that comes undone, Ominous, I am in us, Ominous, I am in us..." or "No compromise, My heart won't pump the other way, Wake the sleeping giant, Wake the beast, Wake the sleeping dog, No, let him sleep..." or "Tear it down, Strip my layers off, My turpentine, Old paint, old looks, Cover up the past, White heat, white light, Super whity, bones, Bones of you and I, Pure if I ... Can't you help me?" and finally "Who's in charge of my head today, Dancin' devils in angels way, It's my time now, Look out motherf***ers here I come, Gonna make my head my home..." Of course we all know the lyrics are a result of how disturbed the band were at the time; nothing was going right and as you see in the doco the band are just going through the motions simply to continue.

The whole background on this album is compelling viewing and the documentary is one of the best 'warts and all' fly- on-the-wall docos in history. Avoid the album, watch the movie.

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