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Album · 1993


1. Through the Nether to the Sun (4:06)
2. From My Skull It Rains (3:10)
3. Desert Sands (3:02)
4. Condition Critical (4:17)
5. Breed of Sin (2:43)
6. Doomed to Be (3:52)
7. Lost at Birth (2:33)
8. Land of Misery (3:41)
9. The Afterbirth (3:36)
10. Weave the Apocalypse (3:21)

Total Time: 34:25


- Jacob Hansen / vocals, guitars
- Perle Hansen / guitars
- Per Jakobsen / bass
- Per. M. Jensen / drums

About this release

Full-length, Black Mark Records, 1993

Produced By Eric Greif & Invocator
Engineered By Eric Greif
Mixed By Jacob Hansen
Recorded And Mixed At Elsound, Copenhagen February / March '93
Mastered At The Cutting Room, Stockholm By Boss
Cover Art & Concept By Dan SeaGrave.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Weave the Apocalypse" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Danish thrash metal act Invocator. The album was released through Black Mark Productions in 1993. Invocator were quite the prolific act on the Danish metal scene in the late 80s/early- to mid- 90s, and they had released a couple of well received demo tapes and their debut full-length studio album "Excursion Demise (1991)" before the release of "Weave the Apocalypse".

Compared to the furiously fast-paced and aggressive death/thrash played on "Excursion Demise (1991)", quite a few things have changed on "Weave the Apocalypse". While both albums can be labelled technical thrash metal, they sound very different and if you didn´t know it, it wouldn´t necessarily be obvious that it was the same band playing. There have been two lineup changes since the debut album as guitarist Jacob Schultz has been replaced by Perle Hansen and bassist Jesper M. Jensen has been replaced by Per Jakobsen. The two remaining members of the lineup from the debut are drummer Per M. Jensen (later of The Haunted), and guitarist/lead vocalist Jacob Hansen (who would later become quite a prolific producer).

While the two new guys bring much to the music (both get to shine several times during the album´s playing time), it´s in the basic songwriting department that the major changes have taken place. Instead of the fast-paced aggressive death/thrash of the debut the listener is treated to a predominantly mid-paced, heavy, rather sophisticated, and technical type of thrash metal. It´s quite original sounding and the obvious Dark Angel worship of the debut is now completely gone. The vocals by Jacob Hansen are still relatively raw although they are far removed from the caustic snarling vocals of the debut.

Another thing that seperates "Weave the Apocalypse" from "Excursion Demise (1991)" is the much shorter song lengths. While the tracks are generally pretty sophisticated and on occasion relatively technical/progressive, they are more conscise and don´t wander off into long blistering solos or adventurous structures like the case often was on the debut. The 10 track album is with it´s 34:25 minutes long playing time relatively short, but that format works well here.

The album features a powerful, clear, and well sounding production, so upon conclusion "Weave the Apocalypse" is a high quality sophomore album by Invocator. It´s up for discussion if it´s a better release than "Excursion Demise (1991)", but there´s no arguing that Invocator have developed their style greatly since the debut and that always takes great courage and an adventurous attitude (especially this early on in a career), which are both positive characteristics in my book. If I have to mention something that might be an issue to some, it would be the semi-raw vocal delivery by Jacob Hansen which I suspect won´t appeal to all listeners. The instrumental part of the music is quite brilliant though. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
Time Signature
Weave the metallocalypse...

Genre: prog/tech thrash metal

Less aggressive and more complex than "Excursion demise", but no less brutal "Weave the Apocalypse" is a progressive, yet brutal, thrash Metal album.

The pace is considerably slower on this one than on "Excursion Demise", the riffs being much heavier and the production sound much more brutal. The arrival of able guitarist Perle Hansen allows for in more refined, melodic and technical guitar solos than on "Excursion Demise", and drummer Per M. Jensen's work seems to draw on more progressive drumming along the lines of Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Psychotic Waltz without totally throwing away the Lombardo-esque explosive style witnessed on "Excursion Demise". On the whole, "Weave the apocalypse" is a quite progressive album with complex drumming and rhythmic patterns, some odd time signatures cropping up here and there, and also offers some complex almost jazzy bass patterns. At the same time, it also seems to draw on the groovy brutality of the almost percussive-like guitar rhythm patterns introduced into modern metal by Pantera.

Invocator blends all of these influences together into a very original type of groovy/brutal/progressive thrash metal album, which rivals Death's "Symbolic" in complexity, musical prowess and brutality and is highly recommended to any metal aficionado.

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