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Album · 2001

Filed under US Power Metal


1. Wolf (5:19)
2. Damien (9:11)
3. Jack (4:14)
4. Ghost of Freedom (5:11)
5. Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh's Curse) (4:45)
6. Jekyll & Hyde (4:39)
7. Dragon's Child (4:19)
8. Transylvania (4:23)
9. Frankenstein (3:50)
10. Dracula (5:53)
11. The Phantom Opera Ghost (8:41)

Total Time: 60:33


- Jon Schaffer / guitars, vocals, mandolin, keyboards
- Matthew Barlow / vocals
- Larry Tarnowski / guitars
- Richard Christy / drums


- Steve DiGiorgio / bass guitar
- Yunhui Percifield / female vocals
- Richie Wilkison / backing vocals
- Rafaela Farias / backing vocals
- Sam King / backing vocals
- Jim Morris / backing vocals, keyboards, guitar
- Howard Helm / keys (pipe organ)

About this release

Released by Century Media.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

American power metal band Iced Earth had managed to carve a bit of a niche for themselves at this point in their career. Having established themselves as one of the more notable and prominent bands of the subgenre, it’s surprising that their discography has been drastically hit-or-miss. Unable to truly capture any momentum over a string of consecutive releases, one album could be amazing, while the next could be pretty average. There really was no predicting how each release could be received, and 2001’s ‘Horror Show’ follows on with that trend.

After a bit of a lull had been rectified with 1998’s critically acclaimed ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, the band followed this up with, uh, a pretty mundane themed release focusing on horror characters and stories. While one or two tracks could be acceptable, an entire album seems a bit uninspiring and not overwhelmingly promising.

And so here we have it, another pretty average release. Iced Earth’s sound by this point is what it is, and while they aren’t looking to branch out and explore new styles, the quality of songwriting could still benefit from a bit more focus and enthusiasm. This feels slightly by-the-numbers. An abundance of the usual speed metal trappings and powerful, operatic vocals, this is undeniably Iced Earth, but the songs just don’t have the same exuberance and determination that the band have shown with past releases.

Still, it’s not all terrible, as there are a couple of decent tracks on here. ‘Wolf’, ‘Damien’ and ‘Jack’ are alright, though mostly forgettable compared to the bands stronger material. Admittedly however, a cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Transylvania’ is actually fantastic and the true highlight of this album. The band truly stamp their identity all over this instrumental track, and, most notably for me, it’s the song that served as my introduction to the band (how ironic that it was a cover, a fact I didn’t find out until years later).

Overall, ‘Horror Show’ isn’t by any stretch a terrible album, it’s just not overly memorable, and considering that Iced Earth have shown the ability to put out some incredibly strong releases, it just fails to truly stand out in any way other than being “that horror album”.
Horror Show finds Iced Earth doing a power metal runthrough of songs inspried by various horror movie monsters and villains. This is hardly unfamiliar territory when it comes to metal treatments, and by and large the standard Iced Earth sound is in play so the material doesn't really sound as dark or as spooky as it needs to be to support the supposed concept. There's a decent Iron Maiden cover in the form of Transylvania, though Iced Earth's style is just close enough to Maiden's that whilst on the one hand it sounds like a natural fit in their style, but on the other hand the cover feels faintly pointless.

Members reviews

this was the first Iced Earth album i heard! so its apt that its the first one i review...

actually, i only heard 4 songs off it - Damien, Ghost of Freedom, Dracula and The Phantom Opera Ghost. these 4 alone are enough to justify the 4 stars that i've given the album overall.

Damien, with its intriguing chorus intro takes you back to the days of "The Omen" with perfect, uncanny ease...the slow, almost prog-like interlude ends with a haunting narration from the "Dark One"'s perspective and the final 4-5 minutes is up there amongst the best pieces of metal music i've heard. Ghost of Freedom is my other favourite song on this album. in spite of its almost ballad-like feel, it fits the Iced Earth style quite well with the soft, inviting intro leading to a strong verse and topped off with an incredible chorus with everyone chanting...i love the way the last couple of minutes is a repeat of the words:

Don't tread on free or die!!! To our fallen brothers You died to keep us free To our fallen brothers Who gave us liberty!!!

...and i'll leave it at that for you to discover the rest.

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