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4.25 | 20 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1999

Filed under Power Metal


1. The Healing Vision (1:13)
2. Babylon (6:11)
3. The Headless Game (5:33)
4. Land of the Miracle (6:34)
5. Wake Up the King (5:44)
6. Falling Down (4:37)
7. Arrows Fly (5:05)
8. Holy Shadows (4:32)
9. Another Time (4:09)
10. The Unbeliever (5:49)
11. Theater of Salvation (14:10)

Total Time: 63:41


- Tobias Sammet / Vocals, Keyboards
- Jens Ludwig / Guitars, Vocals (Choirs)
- Dirk Sauer / Guitars, Vocals (Choirs)
- Tobias Exxel / Bass
- Felix Bohnke / Drums

- Norman Meiritz / Vocals (Choirs, Track 11)
- Timo Ruppel / Vocals (Choirs, Tracks 6 and 7)
- Uwe Ruppel / Vocals (Choirs, Tracks 5, 6 and 7)
- Marl Laukel / Vocals (Choirs, Tracks 2, 3, 7 and 11)
- Ralf Zdiarstek / Vocals (Choirs, Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 and 11)
- Markus Schmitt / Vocals (Choirs, Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11)
- Daniel Gallmarini / Piano (Track 9)
- Frank Tischer / Piano (Tracks 1-4), Keyboards (Tracks 1 and 11)

About this release

Released by AFM Records, February 5th, 1999

Thanks to DippoMagoo, adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Ask me what either the best or my favourite album by Edguy is and nine times out of ten I’ll tell you its Theater Of Salvation (the other one time its the 2000 remake version of The Savage Poetry). Ask me what my favourite Edguy song is and one hundred out of one hundred times I’ll tell you its ‘Babylon.’ Heck, I’ll probably tell you that uninvited most days because I’m just that enthusiastic about it.

Something magical was in the air in 1999 when the German Power Metal band burst out of Rhoen Studios in their homeland of Fulda. Their first two albums showed potential. Vain Glory Opera saw them truly find themselves. Then they absolutely cemented their legacy with this magnificent release. Talk about knocking it out of the park. It was their first record with the famous rhythm section of Tobias Exxel and Felix Bohnke on bass and drums respectively, who’ve been there ever since.

The album begins strongly with the aforementioned ‘Babylon’ and ends on a high with the 12-minute diverse mini-epic Title Track. There’s some nice speedy heavy Power Metal tunes in ‘Arrows Fly,’ ‘The Headless Game’ and the excellent ‘Falling Down’ (another of the must-hear tracks here). There’s some slower quieter moments too with ballad ‘Another Time’ and power ballad ‘Land Of The Miracle.’ If you only like Power Metal at its most pounding and chest beating, these two might be a bit wet for your tastes, but they add variety.

As you can see from a lot of those titles, there’s a sort of religious theme going on here. It doesn’t just show up lyrically but also in the keyboards and vocals a lot. You know how ‘Suite Sister Mary’ by Queensryche has a sort of religious sound to it? That sort of thing, but if that was dark, this is very very bright and colourful and shiny. You may think, “well how the heck does that fit into Power Metal? I can’t imagine a mixture between the background music in The Borgias and the galloping of Iron Maiden” but I assure you it gels really well with these particualr songs and how the band have constructed them.

Speaking of vocals, these would have to be in the running for a career best from mainman Tobias Sammet. Its a very different style to whats used in their later more hard rock albums like Rocket Ride and Tinnitus Sanctus, and slightly less adventourous than his work in his other project Avantasia, but it is really one of the finest recorded examples of the pinnacle of him/the band doing this style of music.

There are other Edguy albums that show off raw charm, that show off adventure, or that go down fun and silly routes. If you want them at their absolute perfect core, with their absolute best set of brilliantly made and catchy, memorable and musically impressive songs, then go for Theater Of Salvation every time. This album for me is up there in the pantheon of absolute Power Metal greats. When I’m thinking of Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Nightfall In Middle Earth, Land Of The Free, Glory To The Brave and their likes, I’m definitely thinking of Theater Of Salvation too.

Members reviews

Grand !

Like melodic metal but think some of the stuff might be a little too cheesy for your tastes? Looking for a band that sounds like Iron Maiden without being a rip-off? Edguy probably fits the bill - fast, bombastic metal with melody (no screaming either) and great musicianship but they don't quite stray into the over-the-top territory that make some bands uncomfortable for the average listener. So if you're not a Mighty Warrior of Steel Fighting For Metal Glory, but like metal, check this band out. (If you are the aforementioned type, you probably already like this band!)

My one gripe with Edguy, (and by association, Avantasia) is that they tend to overexaggerate the transitions - there are a number of places where they hold chords for easily twice as long as good tastes mandates and as a result, a musical idea that would have been great as a subtlety is crammed down the listener's throat. That's it - my only gripe. And it's not all over the album, it's just in a few spots.

On the positive side, Tobias Sammet is an AMAZING singer. I can't stress this enough. He rules behind the microphone. Seriously. His vibrato is to die for. And, if the writings in the booklets are any indication, he is a great guy to meet in person. The guitar solos stay more in the hummable-melody area than the show-off shred stuff, although there is plenty of exciting leadwork to be found here. Very symphonic, and the last track is epic. Lyrically this, like most Edguy material, is a questioning of religious conventions and the issue remains mostly unresolved at the end, despite the title track's "positive" sounding final section. And for those who complain that power metal bands take themselves too seriously, let the last track play on after the song ends for a taste of Tobias's goofy sense of humor!

Bottom line, this is great German metal and truly deserves to be compared to the old-time greats. Great music, no ego, great fun, no pretention.

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