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Boxset / Compilation · 2007

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Disc One: Cd

1. Ouroboros Is Broken (8:17)
2. Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor (6:51)
3. Miami Morning Coming Down (5:15)
4. A Plague Of Angels (16:21)

Total Time 36:44

Disc Two: DVD

1. Within The Drone (documentary) (52:27)

Total Time 52:27


- Dylan Carlson / guitar
- Adrienne Davies / drums, percussion
- Don McGreevy / bass, upright bass
- Greg Anderson / Korg ms-20 bass
- Steve Moore / trombone, , keyboards
- Randall Dunn / low drone

About this release

March 20th, 2007
Southern Lord Recordings


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This is the start of my review of the Earth album Hibernaculum. I thought I heard a cellphone ring, maybe not. The slow mulling cloth of sound is softly rubbing the skin of my ears. The droning beat pushes your body through a rhythmic pulse as it would be having a massage. I almost feel as though I'm in the American south.. In a vast dead ghost town. The notes, the cries, call to you as bringer of hopeful news of things that can be achieved. And with that the song fades onto the back of my skull and the next song takes my attention. Pointy fangs of a large wolf emerge from my wall. The poster on the wall hangs as a skull, a token to those lost. I increase the volume to increase the sensation and pump more experience into my head. But country Western has come to save the day. But he has been infected with the virus too. A card flickers on the wall but the wall itself vibrates on its own. And the surprise? It has started. About halfway now, I'll make this journey yet. In the tree is a friendly monster waving at me, desperately vying for my attention. My eyelids fly off like flaps. My face is playing racecar while my hand melts into my thighs. I can't believe this isn't a cure for something already, it's so pure and raw. The barbarians prepare for an epic battle and I remember that as a kid I used to call a lot of things reinforcements. But whats he going to do, cats already got the second floor, nothing he can do about it now. So long as it stays over there and we say over here, we will be fine. The windows open their wings to hope and the forking if hopeful escape. And then I fell asleep.

I Reviewed this in the same way that i set out to review other drone albums, because i think that drone is more about the experience of listening to the music than musicianship or technical prowess.

I really enjoyed this album and would recommend it to anyone interested in some great drone.

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