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Album · 2014


1. Brand New Sleep (5:54)
2. Elphyn (4:58)
3. Denmark Vesey (2:07)
4. The Nectar (4:15)
5. Interlude (0:56) (instrumental)
6. On Your Way (3:40)
7. Trucker (5:30)
8. The Hanged Man (4:18)
9. Tarquinius Superbus (5:33)
10. Who You Need to Blame (3:47)
11. The Nectar Reprised (1:20)

Total Time 42:18


- Mike Dean / Bass, Vocals
- Reed Mullin / Drums, Vocals
- Woody Weatherman Guitars, Vocals

About this release

Candlelight Records, July 1st, 2014

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

With long-time frontman Pepper Keenan busy in the supergroup Down for so much time, the older trio line-up of Corrosion Of Conformity decided to reunite rather than simply wait for Pepper to be free and available. This started off with a nostalgia tour, playing material from their early 80s albums and EPs like Animosity and Technocracy. In 2012, they released a self-titled brand new studio album.

To the surprise of many, the music on this album was not in the original Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash style, but rather something new. It was a mixture of the slow, Doomy, Sabbathy leanings of the band’s then most recent album (2005’s In The Arms Of God) with a raw, powerful edge of Hardcore spirit, and occasional bursts of speed. This style was continued on their brilliant 2012 EP Meglodon, which was given away for free online.

In 2014; a full 30 years after their debut record Eye For An Eye, it came time to release more material, and the band, still in modernized trio mode released IX, their ninth-full length studio album.

Stylistically, IX carries on very much in the same vein as Meglodon and the self-titled album. There is a rawer, messier, noiser sound, attitude and performance style than on any of the Pepper-era albums, but also a slower, doomier, more stoner-rock influenced sound than on any of the early albums. The band mix the two styles seamlessly here. Its not even on a song by song basis, but within the songs themselves. Like the last two albums, there’s also a more somber interlude piece, this time actually called “Interlude.”

Highlights include the speedy “Denmark Vesey” and “The Nectar” as well “The Hanged Man” and indeed the absolutely phenomenal and catchy “Tarquinius Superbus” (about the Emperor of the same name, and not some sort of excellent tour bus).

The riffs are big, bendy and exciting. The mix of tempos keeps things exciting. The raw dirty production is incredibly charming, and there’s some genuinely great songs on here that should stay in the live setlist even when Pepper returns. Can you imagine how fun that riff from “On Your Way” would be live in concert?

The album is brief, to the point and filler free. There isn’t too much experimentation. This constantly shape-shifting band found yet another perfect new identity on their self-titled album, and this album is an even more focused realization of everything good about it. Don’t overlook it because its not in the 80s style or because its not got Pepper on it, this is one bad-ass C.O.C album that is absolutely worth your time!
"IX" is as the title suggests the 9th full-length studio album by US metal/hardcore act Corrosion of Conformity. The album was released through Candlelight Records in July 2014. After making a comeback with the self-titled album in 2012 and then later in the year with the release of the "Megalodon" EP, Corrosion of Conformity announced that their new three-piece lineup of Mike Dean (Bass, Vocals), Reed Mullin (Drums, Vocals), and Woody Weatherman (Guitars, Vocals) was just one of the lineup constellations that Corrosion of Conformity would continue with. They also plan to record and release albums in the future with Pepper Keenan (vocals, guitars). "IX" was recorded by the three-peice lineup though.

Stylistically the music on "IX" varies from hard rocking stoner metal to faster-paced hardcore punk and at times the transitions between those two styles are a bit confusing. Of course if you´re familiar with the back catalogue of the band and their hardcore punk past, it´s no surprise, but I can see the more inexperienced listener being a bit surprised after listening to the two stoner metal opening tracks "Brand New Sleep" and "Elphyn" and then suddenly being exposed to the hardcore punk track "Denmark Vesey" and a track like "The Nectar" which opens with a punk section but then settles into a stoner metal sound. That´s quite a change in musical style. The hardcore punk sections are relatively few on the album though and the main musical style on the album is Black Sabbath influenced stoner metal.

Corrosion of Conformity manage both musical styles with conviction and as always the musicianship are organic and tight. The vocals are decent and delivered with passion, but none of the three guys singing here are on the level of Pepper Keenan, and it´s hard not to wonder how much the extra dimension of Keenan´s vocals could have added to the music.

"IX" is a well produced album featuring an earthy, raw, and organic sound. It´s a playful album and while it predominantly stays rooted in Black Sabbath influenced stoner metal territory with the odd excursion into hardcore punk territory, Corrosion of Conformity don´t seem to have set any boundaries. They don´t follow a strict songwriting formula and if they feel the need to play a solo, they play one, and if they don´t, they don´t. It´s an album that oozes a laid back and relaxed atmosphere (which by no means results in a powerless show). Corrosion of Conformity are comfortable with what they do and that´s one of the greatest assets of "IX". A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

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