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EP · 2023


1. The Curse (01:15)
2. Bestial Devastation (03:04)
3. Antichrist (03:49)
4. Necromancer (04:15)
5. Warriors of Death (04:36)
6. Sexta Feira 13 (03:26)

Total Time 20:25


- Iggor Cavalera / drums, percussion
- Max Cavalera / guitars, vocals

Guest musicians:
- Daniel Gonzalez / Guitars (lead)
- Igor Amadeus Cavalera / Bass

About this release

Nuclear Blast Records, 14 July 2023

Released as Cavalera rather than Cavalera Conspiracy.

This EP is a new recording of the EP of the same name by SEPULTURA, released by Cogumelo Records, in 1985.

All songs written and originally recorded and released by SEPULTURA (Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera, and Jairo Guedz) for their 1985 EP 'BESTIAL DEVASTATION.'

Thanks to the t 666 for the addition and Vim Fuego for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Bestial Devastation" is an EP release by Brazilian death/thrash metal act Cavalera. The EP was released through Nuclear Blast in July 2023. It´s a full re-recording of Sepultura´s December 1985 "Bestial Devastation" EP (or more correctly Sepultura´s part of the "Bestial Devastation / Século XX" split with Overdose) plus the new original track "Sexta Feira 13", which closes the album. Normally when the Cavalera brothers work together, they work under the Cavalera Conspiracy monicker (who have released four full-length studio albums up until 2023), but they opted to release the re-recorded version of "Bestial Devastation" under the shortened Cavalera name. The Cavalera brothers also opted to re-record Sepultura´s November 1986 "Morbid Visions" debut full-length studio album. The re-recorded album was released on the same day the the re-recorded "Bestial Devastation" EP.

There´s always danger when you re-recorded iconic releases, and it´s no less controversial just because you were the ones who recorded the original release. To my ears the Cavalera brothers has however done a pretty great job here, and the re-recorded death/thrashy tracks sound a little sharper and of course features a more well defined sound production. They´ve managed to still maintain an organic edge and they haven´t opted for a clean and sterile sound production, so there´s still authenticity left in these recordings. "Sexta Feira 13" makes a good addition to the original material as it´s much in the same style.

So upon conclusion I´m pleasantly surprised that this re-recording works well and is worth a listen. Of course nothing beats the savagery and youthful aggression of the original recordings, but this is in all ways a respectful re-recording. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.
Vim Fuego
So Cavalera Conspiracy is now Cavalera and has re-recorded “Bestial Devastation”, the famous first Sepultura EP originally released as a split with Overdose in 1985.

First thought: Why?

OK, the Cavalera brothers wrote these songs, and they reckon these old recordings don’t do them credit. Fair enough, do what you will with your own songs, but realise these have been around for a very long time, and fans are attached to the original versions, having invested a lot of time and memory to them. It doesn’t seem like fans were crying out for re-recordings. And music from this era and style is still being made - Jairo Guedz (Tormentor, and lead guitar/bass player on the original) is still doing this with The Troops of Doom.

So let’s start listening.

Second thought: Fuck!

Yeah, there’s an update to the sound, and it’s still heavy and bestial, but it’s too fucking clean! A big part of Bestial Devastation’s charm is the original recording’s sound. It has warmth and character because it’s not quite right. There’s a fuzz around the edges because the guitars are too loud. The drums are a bit out of time. The re-recorded “Antichrist” is played a lot faster by a far more accomplished 50-something Iggor than the original teen Iggor. All perfectly timed, all the fills in the right place, and all the personality is leeched from it.

Third thought: No!

You can’t rewrite history. Example: the solo near the end of the title track. It’s too slick. It’s played by Daniel Gonzalez, Cavalera Conspiracy’s live guitarist, and also a member of Possessed and Gruesome. Gonzalez is just too good and too technically proficient, and the sound too clean. There’s none of the amateurishness of a teenage guitarist laying down his first solo on tape. The new solos throughout are somewhat clinical and surgically precise, where a few idiosyncratic bum notes would have made things more interesting.

Fourth thought: Wait…

And just when you think it’s all a sterile, cynical cash-in, along comes “Sexta Fiera 13” (Friday the 13th), a turbo-charged take on the atmospheric theme song from the movie franchise of the same name. There’s little info on where or when this was written, but suddenly things are transformed. There’s no more shitting on history. It’s chaotic and brutal, and exactly what the brothers Cavalera were first famous for. And it’s a fucking great song.

Final thought: Fair enough.

Yeah, fuck it. This isn’t amazing, but it’s pretty good. These are modern reinterpretations of songs first recorded 38 years ago. The people re-recording them own them and can do what they like with them – at least these aren’t dubstep remixes. No one is forcing the rest of us to listen. And the originals still exist if you don’t like the re-recordings.

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