SUNN O))) — White2 (review)

SUNN O))) — White2 album cover Album · 2004 · Drone Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
4.5/5 ·
I'm sitting in my car listening to sunn o))), and I think I have actually gotten to the point where I can FEEL sunn o))). Like sunn is pushing again me, feeling me, like a blanket. I feel like sunn is infiltrating my every pore and orifice, seeping into my very being, coating my very soal in a thick layer of music. It is though sunn is rubbing against my ribbs under my skin, and warming them up as a mother would do to an infant in the wintertime. Sound is seeping into my skull and pushing out all the blood in my head and replacing it with sunn. The pipes above my head seep into the cement ceiling as if the cement of the ceiling is being pushed through a playdoh former, and the space in the room continuously becomes more and more vast. My skin is peeling back across my face, starting at the nose, until all that is left is my bare skull. The car in the forepicture become a dark man before I look at him. He is shaking my car, on top of it I'm sure. He's stopped, for now. There seems to be hundreds of cables depending from the ceiling. The light to my left becomes a ghastly white woman, again in the forepicture, and and she proceeds to hide behind a car. I fear there may be mice coating the floor, and that they may pick up and carry my parked car. The black space behind my eye has transformed into some massively toothed monster, and I will try not to fall into its massive mouth. A security camera just appeared out of the ceiling. What is it doing there? Where did it come from? The light is being pulled downward by the sound as if sunn is forcing out all other matter from the space with the strums of their guitars. A crinkled crackled crickled crack is in my windshield, can you believe it? The nerve of some people! The light is casting its sunn rays upon the ground. I fear there may be someone else here, and but know that to be impossible. Steam pours from my wingmirrors as I contemplate the meaning of the word wingmirror. The engine has finally stopped, for and it feels like I have been sitting here for an eternity. I will leave when the cd is over, but the the tracks keep coming, the number on the sterio gets bigger and better, and I fear it will never end. The wingmirrors have stopped steaming, but now a spot dripping red Kool Aid out of the ceiling onto the floor. I fear the song may be over, but it continues. My Hair is flowing over my shoulders like a waterfall. I realize in hungry, and decided I might be best to abandon my musical experience and go get some food. But I muster on, realizing a quest like this cannot be abandoned, but must be seen to completion, regardless of my condition. I swear I can hear elves rustling behind my head, and as trains pass through the soundwaves. I think about realizing that I have been sitting here for a long time but dismissed that thought, just as the album comes to a completion.

I wrote this whilst sitting in my car for over an hour and a half listening to Sunn. I think Sunn should be more about the experience that the music is.
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Doomster wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Play your gloom axe!


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