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Genre: modern melodic metal

Spheric Universe Experience are slated as a progressive metal band but, to be honest, I have had a hard time hearing exactly what is so progressive about this album.

Fortunately, adg211288's review of the same album pins down exactly what the progressive aspect of this album is, so allow me to quote from his review:

"On The New Eve Spheric Universe Experience plays the kind of progressive metal that is more song based without excessively long drawn out instrumental breaks and is made most progressive due to the multi-faceted approach to creating their music, drawing on a number of styles both within and outside of the spectrum of metal music, but keeping it formed around the traditional concept of how to make a song."

That is exactly the thing here. Not only are the songs on this album, well, song-based, they are also incredibly straightforward, building on grooves and melodies rather than technical intricacies and other typical progressive metal elements. Just take the opening track "Shut Up", which is a melodic and groovy straight forward modern metal rocker and very much a statement of sorts cementing that this is very accessible music.

As adg211288 points out, the progressive aspect of this album lies in Spheric Universe Experience's eclectic approach, as they draw on a variety of modern metal genres as well as non-metal genres, most prominently electronica and pop music. The interesting thing here is that what causes this album to ultimately be non-progressive to my ears is the progressive and exploratory mindset of the musicians. On this album Spheric Universe Experience have more in common with bands like Amaranthe, Raintime, Engel and Sonic Syndicate, because, like these bands, Spheric Universe Experience take the Gothenburg-sound, normally associated with melodeath, and redress it in more melodic and pop-oriented music. That being said, there are instances of more complex song structuring as well as rhythmic ambiguities and the more typical prog metal keyboard solos.

Anyway, while I really do enjoy the many very strong groovy and metallic riffs on this album, the electronica-oriented elements as well as the slightly formulaic melodic choruses do not sit well with me. The album is, overall, very enjoyable to me, though, and there is no denying that we are dealing with top notch musicianship.

If you are into accessible modern metal with a twist of pop - such as Amaranthe and Engel - then, by all means, give Spheric Universe Experience's latest album a listen. It is accessible and melodic, and the songs it features are very solid and well put together.
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more than 2 years ago
I think the similarity lies in the guitar sound and the inclusion of electronica/pop elements. I mean, I don't really like Sonic Syndicate but I like Amaranthe and I like this album, too.
adg211288 wrote:
more than 2 years ago
hmm, I don't like any of the band's you name-dropped as comparisons (with the exception of Raintime whom I haven't heard), but I love this album (though by my usual taste I probably shouldn't). Weird, that, because I don't think you're wrong in making those comparisons.


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