CHTHONIC — Seediq Bale (review)

CHTHONIC — Seediq Bale album cover Album · 2005 · Symphonic Black Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
5/5 ·
Chthonic inticed me, mainly cause of they were from Taiwan, and to be honest, you don't hear alot of music from their.

I remember reading about them in Metal Hammer and thinking...ooh interesting. Then I saw the video for Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing...and I thought...yea I need to get this album, so I did.

One of the main attractions of this album is the sound. The sounds they create on this album are very unique and to be honest, your never really going to find a band as unique as these guys in my opinion. The album is draped in this dark symphonic atmosphere throughout, with Oriental elements colouring it's already tastefu palette. Now alot of people will compare these guys to Emperor, and to be honest the Emperor influence is noticable, but their is one thing that these guys share with Emperor...whenever it says their symphonic black metal...they actually are symphonic. Now the label symphonic is passed around alot in today's society, but what it actually really means is how it has "symphonic" textures...instead of just using an orchestra (sadly their is no orchestra in this album). I mean it, the guitar work in this album really is like listening to a string section of an orchestra, with the keyboards providing other symphonic elements.

The atmosphere is always dark and twisted at times, with the uhru and chanting adding an added beauty to the album. Their is a concept present about another war that happened in Taiwan about 80 years ago, but the band add an added dark fanatical twist, and its expected from these guys, because they are highly political in their quest for drawing attention to the tyrannical government of Taiwan, and to be honest, who cares when the music is this good.

Again the vocals are top notch, and slightly lower in the mix providing a dark texture to the lyrics. The artwork is also evry cool and eye catching. In my opinion, this is their best album, and theirs no real major flaws.

1. Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing - I remember seeing the video for this song, and it alone will make you fall in love with these guys. Epic black metal at its best. Such a powerful song with crazy instrumentation and amazing arrangement. 10/10

2. Indigenous Laceration - Such a kick ass riff. The crazy organ parts are pretty killer too. Freddie's frantic gabb;es are also amazing. 10/10

3. Enthrone - Pretty crazy, almost an interlude like moment. But pretty cool and crazy nontheless. 10/10

4. Bloody Gaya Fullfilled - Beautiful chanting in the intro. The most epic song on the album. The instrumentation is amazing and the arrangement is just spectacular. 10/10

5. The Gods Weep - Amazing chaotic keyboard intro. Great use of vocals. Great instrumentation. 9/10

6. Where The Utux Ancestors Wait - The most Emperor like song on the album. Their is great use of discord in the song. 9/10

7. Exultant Suicide - Kick ass riff. Great mixture of metal with oriental channting. Nice melodic moments. The ending is pretty epic. 10/10

8. Banished Into Death - Some really amazing riffs in this song. Some interesting chord changes using close minors. 9/10

9. Quasi Putrefaction - Love the fast punky feel to the song. It's just a constant powerhouse throughout. A great epic ending to the song and the album.

CONCLUSION: It's a modern black metal masterpiece in my opinion, cause it's so different, yet so interesting. I reccomend you buy it, and believe me, if you don't like it first time round, it will grow on you, LIKE A CANCER!!!
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