LAWNMOWER DETH — Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth (review)

LAWNMOWER DETH — Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth album cover Album · 1990 · Crossover Thrash Buy this album from MMA partners
4/5 ·
"Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth" is the debut full-length studio album by UK crossover thrash metal act Lawnmower Deth. The album was released through Earache Records in September 1990. Lawnmower Deth formed in 1987 as a project for drummer Mr. Flymo (then drummer for Scrawm). On this album he is assisted by Mightymow Destructimow (bass), Concorde Face Ripper (guitars), Schizo Rotary Sprintmaster (guitars), and Qualcast Mutilator (lead vocals).

Stylistically the material is crossover thrash metal with silly/humourous lyrics which song titles like "Can I Cultivate Your Groinal Garden", "Flying Killer Cobs From the Planet Bob", and "Got No Legs? Don't Come Crawling to Me" are a testament to. Sometimes the band touch grindcore territory with some blast beats and fast riffs, but the music is predominantly hardcore punk mixed with thrash metal riffs and a vast amount of odd and adventurous musical ideas (which includes a ska section and a robotic vocoder section). Qualcast Mutilator has a raw voice and an aggressive delivery. His voice is similar to the voice (although with a British accent) of the late Oderus Urungus from Gwar (real name Dave Brockie) and there are other features (like the vulgar humour) which are shared by the two acts, but Lawnmower Deth are ultimately quite original and have a sound of their own.

Having a unique sound is of course always a plus, but Lawnmower Deth also have another advantage...they can play. They are very skilled musicians delivering their music with great power and precision. Tempo changes and effectful stylistic changes between and within tracks are performed with ease, so while "Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth" may at first come off as a silly humour crossover thrash metal release, it´s a bit more sophisticated than what initial listens reveal...and yeah I know songtitles like the ones mentioned above and others like "Sumo Rabbit and His Inescapeable Trap of Doom" and "Spook Perv Happenings in the Snooker Hall" are in almost direct violation of the rules of sophistication, but this really is both sharp and clever (and yeah...very silly too).

"Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth" features a powerful and detailed sound production, which suits the material well. Not too raw but not too polished either. Upon conclusion it´s a high quality crossover thrash metal album, which is actually really hard to label correctly because of the many different musical influences floating around the album. Whatever it is, it´s a very entertaining release throughout and a 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
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Vim Fuego wrote:
54 days ago
My favourite album! Most people either love them or hate them. Glad you came out on the positive side.


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